Scam letter(s) from Alena Stolyarova to Espen (Norway)

Letter 1
Espen, hello ;)) I am Olena ;) Do you remember me? ;) Sincerely hope you remember because I remember you very well!!! I am still remember your profile and I am so happy that I met you!!! The reason is I was on Dating site only some days but I get a lot of mails from a men who interesting only in a fun...
*** and alcohol!!! It is really terrible!!! And when I read your profile - I had a feeling that you are serious man and you will not play with me!!! Finally I found a man about whom I dreamed ;)) That is why I deleted my profile and...
writing directly on your e-mail! ;)) If I understood your profile right - you are trying find your soul-mate with help of Internet! Am I right? I am trying do it too ;)) And yes... I heard a lot of stories about bad people in Internet and my granny tells me that I am naive girl but I still trust people and I am sincerely belive that I'll find my man and... the Internet helps me! MMM ;)) I'll not write you a long letter ;)) Just to know that I put a little part of my heart in this letter and...
if after you read it you'll have irresistible urge to tell me - it mean: Our hearts are on the same wavelength - they wish the same!!! I am sending to you some my photos and... hope to see your answer soon!
Letter 2
Oh, Espen, hello!!! Before I didn't know that one letter can breath away and make your heart beat faster!!! And that is what happened to me after I read your letter ;))) Espen, I can't describe with a words what I feel with your letter but belive me: It is amazing! I like to hear complements really so much, Espen!!! You know what to say to a woman, make her feel special! ;)) And I want to tell you that I feel special!!! Thank you!!! And...
I wish tell some complements to you!!! I like your photos really so much!!! You look amazing, Espen! You have really so appetizing lips!!! Did you know about this? ;) Age? ;) Yes, I know that you are older then me but why do you think that it can be a problem for me? ;))) I think that the age make the men really so handsome and charming ;)))
And... Espen, I am looking not for age!!! I am looking for a heart!!! I want to know your heart... Mmm ;)) I am sure that you have really so good and kind one!!! ;))) Espen, are you interesting to know about my work? ;)) It is really so beautiful one!!! I working in local Palace of Culture as choreographer ;)) And my job is to teach young children dance! I like my work really so much because I spend all my time with children and... every day I receive as strong charge of positive emotions as I can not get anywhere else ;) And you know: This summer when my two best students and me visited Regional competition for dance in Crimea! My students took first places!!! ;)) You can to see my photo with them! And another one was made on the beach!;)) I the sea really so much!!! And you? Do you like sun, sea, beach? ;))) MMMM ;))) Espen, and tell me: Do you like sweets? ;)) As for me I like it really so much!!! And cakes are my great my weakness! But I like not only eat cakes!!! Also, I like cook cakes really so much and today I found a new cherry cake recipe!!! I'll cook it today and I am sure it should be so tasty!!! Also... I want to tell you that all my friend and children from work like my cakes!!! ;))) And... if you are sweet-tooth - I am sure you'll like my cakes so much too!!!
And if you are not sweet-tooth - you'll be a sweet tooth after you try one of my cakes! ;) So... I am finishing my letter and ;))) waiting for your answer ;))) Write to me soon... I miss you!!! Espen, I miss you so much!!! Many kisses for you
Your Olena :)
Letter 3
Espen, hello, my sweet!!! Espen, I read your letter and my heart beat faster and I have make a smile on my face!!! Maybe it sounds funny but your letter like magic pill which uplifting and makes me forget about all the problems!!! Your letters are really so important for me and I am sincerely hope you feel the same!!! My sweet ;))) you have no idea what your complements make with me!!! ;))) Thank you!!! Thank you, very much, Espen!!!
It is really so pleasant!!! Also... you can't even imagine what I feel every time when I am receiving your photos!!! I am looking on your photos today and I have a great wish hug you strongly-strongly... kiss you and whisper in your ear three words ;)) Yes... my work is really beautiful!!! And you know ;)) I'll tell you a secret - on my work I feel like a fairy!!!
Because... I am present to a children little fairy-tale ;)
little happy!!! I see like their eyes burn with a happy...
And it make me happy too!!! I am glad that you like sun... beach!!! And you know: I would be so happy be with you on the beach now ;))) spread your hot body sunscreen oil... to give you a relaxing massage and enjoy the sun bath!!! How do you think: Is this possible? ;)) MMM ;))) and are you interesting what comes out of my attempt to bake new cherry cake? ;)) OH!!! It is impossible describe with a words - you should to try it, Espen!!! I took this cake today at work and I treated children who visiting my lessons - they were delighted and asked me bake the same cake! ;))) I am sure that you would like it as a little child and you would have asked supplements ;)) Espen, and I want to ask you about something!!! Can I do it?
;)) Espen, I am so interesting: What do you think about sexuality? ;)) I think it is really so important aspect of relationships!!! Do you agree with me? ;)) And that is why I think that the woman should me **** for her man at any age... at any time of the day or night! And nothing makes a woman more **** and desirable as underwear!!! That is why I made photos for you in my favorite underwear!!! And... I am so interesting: What do you think about them? Am I **** woman for you? ;)) Also, I made a photo for you this morning before work ;))) I think you are interesting to see it!!! Am I right? ;) Darling, also, I should to tell you something and I am sure you'll be sad with my news... I am sorry but as you know - I use translation service for communicate with you but...
Espen, it is so expansive for me... especially now because this morning boss said to me that he would cut the salary of all employees! In this way I'll not have money to pay for our correspondence!!! So, if you'll not receive an answer from me - please, don't think that I left you - IT IS NOT TRUE!!! Espen, I am really so interesting in you!!! After your letters I am sure that you are exactly man I need!!!
And I promise to you that I'll make everything in my power for find the money and renew correspondence with you!!! You just a little wait!!! Please, don't leave me... Yours...
Yours Olena with heart full of you!
Letter 4

Welcome translation services
"Professional Service" Good day, dear Mr. Espen! Thank you for your answer! As you showed your interest to stay in contact with lady Olena, we inform you about prices for our services: ~ One translated letter of any size 5 USD
~ Printing/scanning of a photo 3 USD ~ Interpretation of a phone conversation (10 minutes) 7 USD
~ Web-cam session (10 minutes) 51 USD ~ One month of unlimited correspondence (this is tariff package includes any number of letters, any number of photos and one phone call in a week during a month) 239 USD
~ Two months of unlimited correspondence this is tariff package includes any number of letters, any number of photos and one phone call in a week during two months) 389 USD Here are the ways of payment for the translation service: ~ Western Union;
~ MoneyGram;
~ Anelik;
~ Unistream. The necessary information about your lady Olena for making the payment: ~ the name of receiver Olena Stolyarova
~ the city v. Zoltoe
~ the address Lenina str. 21
~ zip code 93734
~ country Ukraine After You make the payment, please send us the following details at the soonest convenience to be passed to Ms. Olena: ~ your full name;
~ country you live in;
~ the sum of payment;
~ Money Transfer Control Number. If you have any questions we will gladly help you. Thank You for your time. With best wishes
"Professional Service" Welcome translation services
"Professional Service" Good day, dear Mr. Espen! We are a "Professional Service" translation company fully licensed and profiled for this kind of service: ~ translation from Ukrainian/Russian into English;
~ translation from English into Russian/Ukrainian;
~ unlimited correspondence;
~ bushiness and personal translation;
~ translation of phone conversations between our clients. We have been working since 2001 on the territory of Ukraine. We translated Your correspondence with Ms. Olena: She paid for our translation service herself some time but her account is empty at the moment and she is not able pay herself for translation service any longer. Lady is so serious about you and she would be so happy renew correspondence with you. Also, lady sure that you serious about her too and you'll not lose her. If you you are serious about your lady Olena and you would like to continue your correspondence with Olena, we can suggest you to help lady Olena paying for translation. If you are interested - answer to us and we'll send to you details about conditions of our collaboration. With best wishes
"Professional Service"
Letter 5
Welcome translation services
"Professional Service" Good day, dear Sir! Sorry for disturb: We are writing to you behalf of your lady Olena. The reasons is lady so worry about you because there are no any news from you for a long time. Lady said that you know about her problem with a payment for translation service and is sincerely hope that soon you'll be able to help her and renew correspondence with you. Olena sure that you are serious about her and you are interesting in continue correspondence with her. Lady said that she'll be in our office tomorrow again and she'll hope get some news from you. Also, Olena asked to retell you that she love you, miss you and she would be so happy renew correspondence with you as soon as possible. With best wishes
"Professional Service"
Letter 6
Welcome translation services
"Professional Service" Good day, dear Sir! We are so sorry for disturbing you, but your lady Olena doesn't have possibility to pay for our translation service and write you letter personally - that is why she asked us write to you this "information letter". We would like to inform you that your lady Olena comes to our office every day and asks about news from you. Lady so worry because she doesn't have any news from you and Olena afraid that you can forget about her. Lady misses you and sincerely hopes that you are remember her and interesting in renew correspondence. As you know: Olena not able to pay for our translation service. If you are interesting in future relationship with lady Olena - you can help her and pay for our translation service for renew correspondence. Answer to use - and we'll send to you all the necessary information about our services. Lady said that she'll be in our office this evening again and will hope get some news from you. With best wishes
"Professional Service"
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