Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Tsymbal to Vaughn (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Vaughn!!!! Honey, i don't understand what is going on, but i am shocked! First my mom wasn't able to receive your transfer and than the agency contacted me and told me, that it was actually sent to my name!!! I visited ALL the banks in Lugansk, but in every bank i was told, that the transfer was sent back to the sender and there is no such transfer on my name!!! I went to all possible banks and places where i was able to receive the transfer but everywhere the answer was the same - the transfer was sent back to the sender!!! Honey, what is going on??? This money i needed to pay for the box with letters! And now i cannot take it with me on plane, but without this box we cannot prove to the governments that we are really couple and that all this years we had correspondence :((((( We simply cannot prove it without this box with letters!! This box is extremely important for you and me :((( What we are going to do now??? :(((( I don't know!!! I simple don't have this sum of money and i have nowhere to take it ;((( Love you!!! You are my everything!!! Your Tanya!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Vaughn!!! Why always when something go wrong you blame me??? Let's put everything on it's shelves my love, so we will have the right complete picture, but not only your blames! Ok? In your letter from the 19 of December there were no anger for your side! Everything was more than ok with you also when i told you, that i decided to spend that 250$ for the fitness center!! It was more than ok with you! And in your previous letters like in the letter from 7 of December you wrote me the following: "I will be more willing to add a little bit extra so that you can train at the fitness center and feel healthy so when you get here always need to do is concentrate on finding you a job and more!!!" And in that letter you also wrote me: "I can and additional funds for the fitness center if you're willing to eat nutritiously unless you want to wait until you are here???" And: "Please tell me the full amount for what you need so I know exactly what my father and I are done as I am willing to put extra for the fitness center if you're willing to eat nutritious way!" So why you say, that going back to the fitness center was only my desire and my choice???? We always decided everything together!!! If you was against me to go to the fitness center why you didn't tell me about it???? And now when everything went wrong the only one way you found is to blame me!!!! As always!! You do the same again and again and again!!! You never blame yourself or somebody else! For you the only one person who is guilty in all the world's problems is ME!!! Even if i wouldn't come to you because of the Global earthquake you would blame me anyway!
Even if the Sun would die and it would be the reason of my not coming to you, i would be guilty in it anyway!!! Everything was great for you even when you was sending me additional 250$ for the box with letters!!! It was ok with you and there is were no indication in your letter, that you was angry or something like this! Everything was good and ok! And i was told about the prices just the day before i told you about it, in the evening! So how the **** i could tell you about it earlier???? Your write me: "I have done everything perfectly to make all happen for us once again!!" Didn't i do everything perfect as teammate from me side for
us to be together??? In your letter to the translation office you wrote: "My ****** *** friend Karen put the MONEYGRM in Tanya full name not in her mothers" And also you wrote me: "I never thought Karen would make a mistake so I had to rely on you to make the best decision for us without no doubt, getting on the plane because that was top priority!!!!!! I am mad at Karen because she was sloppy not looking at the money gram but once the translation agency told me there was a problem and ask Karen immediately, I saw the mistake in your name instead of your mother's!!! I received your letter the day of your coming ( 20th) and was ****** because yes the letters were important but I felt that you had more common sense and intelligence to get on that plane after everything that has been done between us and we would worry about it once you are here!!! What I did not know since the money gram office wasn't going to tell you was that you are a high risk and they decided for whatever reason not to allow your transfer in your name to go through as there is a problem with your name and reasons for it!!! They told you that the money gram was sent back which I would never know until I heard exactly this from you but what they are indicating by saying that is that the money is held up so that you will not receive it for the person name Tanya Tsymbal!!! I don't know the reasons but having a money gram through your mother's name the first time worked! Since Karen made the mistake in names it was held up without myself even knowing nothing about as I sent the entire 250 USD to you as you wanted because I NEEDED NO MORE PROBLEMS!!!!" In this part of your letter you wrote me by YOURSELF, that KAREN MADE THE MISTAKE!!! So why you blame me??? Everything was ok with you, that you needed to send me funds for the box with letters! You was happy and happy, that i was coming to you! So please don't blame me, that i didn't come! You should blame Karen, because it was her fault and her mistake!!! Not mine! You always told me, that the letters are EXTREMELY important for us and they ARE PROVES, that we are couple!!! You always told me, that without these letters the government would never late me stay with you! You always told me, that without them we will not be able to be together forever!!!
So how you saw our future if i would come to you without the box with letters???? I wasn't making any decisions by myself! It was made by the mistake of Karen!!! If you think, that i played with you or something like this, tell me why would i just organize all this with selling of my family house, with going everywhere with paying lots of money???? Honey, just understand one simple thing - I LOVE YOU and if i would have all the necessary money i wouldn't even ask you for them! When i had money i paid for everything without asking you about help! Didn't i??? I did!!! Like you i lost a lot of money now! We both lost a lot of money honey!!! But can you tell me, that you don't love me??? Can you? Can you put your hand on your heart and tell me, that you don't love me??? It wasn't my fault or mistake!!! I am not going to beg you to be with me!!! I proved you my love, when i decided to sell my family's house and invest money in coming to you! I proved you my seriousness and that i need you, but not your money!!! I proved it to you and you know it!!! If you don't want us to be together just tell me about it and i will not bother you again! But before making the decision think about it 100 times! I love you and you love me and we are real couple who did a lot of things to be together, but there is a saying: "Until i breath, i will not give up" I am ready to fight for our love and happiness and i still have valid visa for 5,5 months, but if you quit and give up just let me know and i will not bother you again! Love you!! Your Tanya!!!
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