Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kourt to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear !!!! Yes I completely agree with you, that you have written to me to me!!!!!
My Skype fullmoonkatya_1983
Your Ekaterina
Letter 2
Good morning!!!! Thanks for kiss!!!! and for you
Your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 3
Hello !!!!
I have written to you the letter and sent pics!!!!
I hope that you have received my letter and photos???
Thanks that has added me in Skype!!!! But I still was not there, had no free time!!!
My day today was very much busy (((
weekends plans a life as very much busy (((
I shall wait for your letter and our chat!!!!
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello my dear !! I send you letter!!!! You get my letter????
Your Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my !!!! I get you letter!!! Thanks!!!!
Your Ekaterina!!!!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my !!!!! I will be answer when I free from work!!!!!
I at work now!!!! How are you????
Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello my dear !!!!! Thanks for letter!!!! I will be answer later!!!!
Your Ekaterina!!!!
Letter 8
Hi my !
I am very happy to receive the letter from you again!
I was thinking and trying to guess of what you will write me today!!!
probably this is a bit silly of me, but I read you answers several times before starting to answer. I think that you can write me everything you want, because I feel friendly sympathy to you and I am happy with every passing day I discover something new in you!
I didn't have much work today, and this is good, because I could come earlier to the internet to write you a letter and now I have time to cook something delicious for me and Mum! I think I will make a cake, a magnificent cake! I wish I could treat you to it!
what are you favorite dishes??? tell me, please, I will try to find the recipes and will learn how to prepare it! it will be a nice piece in my collection, I suppose!
and I will probably invite my best girlfriend to tea, she is working in my hospital too. I don't have a lot of friends, but those I have are true and I am sure that I can rely on it. by the way what is your attitude to friendship? I hear that in other countries such term as friendship is not popular, all people are living their own lives and they don't have such friends who are ready to help them in difficult life situations. But I appreciate friendship very much and I am sure that every person must have friends... do you have friends?
I feel that you and me have very much in common and though we know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you... but ok, it is too early to talk about something after some letters that we have wrote each other. let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok? So pity, but all our family photos are printed on a paper!!!!
And in an electronic format, I have no family a photo. As digital cameras have appeared with all recently!
Each country in the world, beautiful!!! I at all do not know, where I would like to go!!! Maybe once to visit New Zealand, I dream to visit USA, many beautiful places!
so, I am finishing and will go now, with my best regards,
Your Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hi, darling !
Today is 15 years since my Father's death. and we had the small day of memory.
Yes, it changed very much since he is not with us... everything was very different when dad was alive. We never had such difficult time as we have now, he was the real man and could find the way of any situation. and now, when we are alone, I feel sometimes that I can't find the right decision... the first years after his death we were running the greatest moral and financial difficulties, because I was a student and Mum was keeping the house while he was alive. But after that she had to go back to work and with the miserable salaries in your schools were were having very hard times. I don't know how we managed to survive, but now the situation is a bit better, at least I am not a student any more and I can earn a bit for our living but since that I never felt safe. This is very hard to lose people whom you love.
Darling, I wish you had such terrible occasions not often... better never.
ok, I will go back to my Mum, She was crying and I am afraid that she will fall into deep depression again, so it will be better if i am with her all the day round. but she says herself that it is necessary to start new life and she want me to do it for her. she wants me to be happier then she is. she is a great WOMAN, my Mum.
ok, and I am sorry for the sad letter, I hope that I haven't made you sad...
I will come here tomorrow and I hope to find your answer.
bye bye,
Letter 10
Hi, my darling !
I was very glad to find the letters from you with your kind words of support. It touched my heart and I feel that you became much closer to me then you were before... at least, I feel now that I can trust you on the whole and that you are a very reliable man. I don't know why but it seems to me that i would feel very easy with you if we could talk face to face... because through the letters I realise that we have much to talk about and the subjects are ennumerouse. I think that this is very good when people have much to talk about with each other!
and I also see that you are very caring and that you can make happy any woman! oh, I would envy that lucky girl! :)
by the way, I see that you have a good sence of humour and I hear one day on the radio that the sence of humour is the first sign of the intellect! this is absolutely true, i think! I have never felp at ease with the gloomy person, and you are very bright, you are like the ray of the sun in my life! oh, that'l do to pay you compliments or you will decide that I am flattering you! but to tell the truth I am not tired to telling you pleasant things, because I feel that worth all my compliments and even more!
please, send me a lot of pictures of you, because I want to have as many as possible, to show my girlfriend and probably Mum... ok? I will wait very much!
And write me please about your job, ok? is it good? are you satisfied? as for me, i told you already i there is nothing better for me then my profession, the only badness of it that it is not very good paid. For example my salary is $200 per month and sometimes it is even not regularly paid, but I am optimistic and I think that probably future will change and out government will understand that its people are worth paying them.
ok, I will finish the letter on this, and i will start waiting your answer, hope it will arrive soon!!!!!!! oh, God, why am I so much dependent on your letters?! is it good, do you think? ;)
bye bye for now, Ekaterina
Letter 11
Hi, my sweet ! WOW, thanks for send to me, your cute pics!
May I call you my sweet? it sounds so nice... I like all those tender pet-names, and when I feel sympathy to the person, I like to display my affection. as soon as I can display my affection to you only in words I want to tell you as many tender things as i will manage to compose! is it ok?
By the way, I had a serious talk with my Mum about you. And I told her that we are communicating with you through the Internet. At first she was very surprised because she can't imagine how it is possible to communicate through the computer. She can hardly imagine what the Internet is and how it works. oh, my Mum is so kind, but she is so naive and she is the person of older generation and it is difficult for her to belive that the world has changed so much! and that there are so many unknown events and electronics! but somehow I managed to persuade her that I am not joking and I showed her some of your letters (only a small part of the 1st one, don't worry, she didn't read it, my Mum never read the letters which are addressed not to her)
She asked where you are from and how old you are and where you work and if you are a good man. In a word, all the sorts of questions Mothers always asks!
so, I think you passed the test!
and only after I talked with Mum, a sudden thought occurred me... I asked myself: "probably I should have asked YOU..." probably you don't want me to talk about you with my Mum... probably for you I am just an Internet toy... I know that nowadays the Internet is full of bad people who are cheating each other. and all of a sudden you can realize that the person you are writing to is not that you think of him... I am so much afraid that this is going on with me... But I taking away this thought, because my heart is prompting me that I am wrong, that you are the man, that I have always wanted to meet. and that your intentions about me are absolutely pure... I hope I am right? please, tell me that I am... this is the last doubt that I have about you, all the rest is absolutely clear for me, darling... oh, I don't know what to do with my heart because it seems to think only of you every day... My God, this is incredible, that we are more than 1000000000 km apart from each other and we are connected somehow in our minds... if someone told me a month ago that I would be losing my head because of it, I would never belive! but it is going on with ME!!! and I have always considered myself being not that light-minded!
but things happen, as the English proverb says, right? :)
My best girlfriends name Oksana, she works together with me!
I send you today a photo, together with my girlfriend!
That I love: the Borshch!!!! And salad cesar!
I shall not write the recipe of a borshch! But I shall write the recipe cesar:
These are leaves of salad. To your taste!
Crackers, a desirable white loaf!
Cheese appetina, cubes!
The ****** of the smoked hen, is cut on cubes!
And sauce Cesar!!!
Fast and light salad! Simply fingers you will lick!!!!!
ok, on this idea I will finish the letter, and as usual will wait your quick reply.
Hope that you will like the picture that I am sending you this time!
bye bye,
Your Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hi, my Sweet !
How are you today?Thanks for all of the letter which you to send me!
oh, I feel as if I have wings to fly to the sky and to shout that I AM HAPPY, I AM ABSOLUTELY HAPPY!
my sweet man, what have you done with me? how did you manage surrender my heart? oh... what is going on with me??? is it the same with you or am I just a sentimental thing? no, I am definitely not, because when I am reading your letters I see that you are feeling very much similar and you give me the hope that everything will go on, my sweet.
by the way, did you tell me where you live? Probably I simply don't remember (I mean not the country, of cause I do know it!), but I want to know the place itself. as for me, I have a small one-room flat in one of those terrible blocks where there are 3 floors and the conditions are very bad. the only advantage of those flat is that they are available to pay for (and I suppose that this is because of the fact that more or less well-off people would never agree to live there, but this is just my idea).
when dad was alive we lived a better life, in our own house, to be more exact with a nice small garden and beautiful flower-beds. But when he died, we had to sell it to pay for my education. Because mum didn't earn that much to cover all the heavy expenses and i was too young to find a proper job. and besides, I studied at the Medical University where the students simply don't have time for anything but learning, to tell nothing of working. so, you see now how it happened that I had to leave the comfort for education. But they say that "money spent on the brain is never spent in vain", and I have never felt pity. at first Mum rented the flat, but when I came back, we decided that it will be better to ask for the credit in the bank and pay it partly. so, I did it and bought a one-room flat 4 years ago.
But we do not live here now though i did not pay the credit to the full yet.
A year ago my mum was given a flat from her work. It is a good flat and we live there together now. The conditions here are better and you know, it is always more comfortable to live with mum :) It is a very cozy and nice flat.
But Mum often remembers our old house, and she even made friends with the present hostess of it and sometimes she spends there weekends but I think that there is no much sense in looking back all the time, and I myself never go there. I prefer to live in present but not in the past. Am I right, sweety? and I hear that abroad people live in comfort and it is unbearable for the foreigner to live in Russia because of bad living conditions. Is it true?
sweety, I feel so much attached to you and I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't write you! darling, it can seem silly for you but if I come here tomorrow and won't find the letter from you, I can't imagine what I will think about the next day!!! I could never imagine that it is possible to feel to much to someone you know only by the letters. I am so great to this internet that it keeps the connection between us!
ok, I will go now, sweety and I will look forward to your next letter, I am sending you my first kiss and first embarrass...
bye bye for now,
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