Scam letter(s) from Julia Nemushkina to Philipp (France)

Letter 1
Hello my new dear friend!
I was very glad with you will get acquainted on a site of acquaintances I Juliya!
I hope you me have learnt?
Write if it really your e-mail address...
With the best regards for you
Yours Juliay...
Letter 2
Hello Hello …….! To me it is very pleasant that you have written to me!
I hope that ours with you acquaintance will bring to us only positive emotions!
In general that I the usual girl. But all my girlfriends and friends speak that I very bright and incendiary person - soul of any company!
It is very pleasant to me to receive such compliments!
There can be you will ask a question why I have written to you from such quantity of men...
- It is simple to me to give on it to you the answer...
I have decided to choose your questionnaire at random simply! One of several thousand questionnaires!
In a life to me always carried and on it in basic me it is necessary to be guided by intuition in a choice of men. I as do not wish to speak big words such as for example Oh I is lonely, I search to myself unique, I wish to love till the end of the life and so on... There is I no it will not speak because in a life it as it is not reflected on the further future of the person.
Generally at present I would like to get acquainted simply with you, to learn that you for the person, than you are engaged, what formation at you, whether sociable you, whether positive you the person well and all that you would like to tell that itself first of all to me...
I as wish to tell that to me of race absolutely not important what you, nationalities what growth at you what weight at you, young you or already at essential age all these biological factors are absolutely not interesting to me, as to me absolutely not important what financial position at you, is married you or is single, there are children at you or not as I would like to understand and study first of all your private world, to understand your desires, to understand that that you love in a life most of all. To see your principles and to understand in general that you stimulates to live.
All is possible it a little strange for you to hear and in general to perceive as that more properly, but all people different and I first of all the person and in a life at me are the questions the priorities.
If I not so like to write fairly that much because my life very various and I when I do not sit on a place.
I very strongly like to travel all over the world! I much where was! Since the big set of the Russian cities, large capitals, continuing the nearest countries Evroppy and each time moved ahead all further and further.
In the past I was engaged in modelling business, participated in fashion parades, was photographed for covers of magazines, I had a large quantity of contracts Across all Russia! Thanks to it I have earned many money, then I have opened school on preparation of young models all it year after year brought to me the big capitals and the funds, all it has forced me to open some bank accounts in Switzerland and Finland as this more reliable storage of money resources! Now I live for percent from the earned money resources and it is very convenient. My revenue makes approximately in 80.000 USD and I would tell that it is a life average level in Russia, but entertainment suffices me on all absolutely, for a life, travel, I have bought for a long time already good apartment, the good car, I have 2 Small dogs but I will acquaint you with them hardly later in the following letter I think)
At present I have ceased to be engaged in modelling business as I feel that it takes away many forces.
And now I wish to spend the remained life easy in a prosperity and with the good person. My native city where I live and where I was born Nizhni Novgorod it is called is approximately in 400 kilometres from Moscow! It is very beautiful city and you can look it on a card in Google! As I will attach the text document with the historical information of my city. Look read it very interestingly! I as very well know English! I finished special courses on studying of this language in 2009 as modelling business obliged me the nobility and to study this language! I was born on November, 8th, 1982! My name is Juliya. To me 31 year. I Was brought up in children's home at a monastery as parents at a birth as to me told have left me in a children's shelter! I badly remember my childhood and I would not like to discuss in general in the future this theme. I as devote myself to sports in a life and it is obligatory...!
I like to run in the mornings, to ski, skate, on rollers, very much I like to float, be engaged in easy aerobics, I love campaigns in wood in mountains... Strangely enough but I like to Fish, sit ashore with a fishing tackle in hands - all it as I have noticed positively influences a brain relaxation. I eat only natural and fresh food, my favourite dish is beaters and a land, yes really I love Asian and East kitchen, I eat as only dietary meat in addition with salad leaves!
Always I watch a figure! My favourite colour, allow to think) Probably colour of the sun and tropical greens - same paradise)
As my favourite flowers it is field camomiles, I as would will attach some photo of these colours that you could see them! Always positive sociable, always all I speak directly! I do not love conflicts always I try to smooth if they appear. The responsible, sociable, brought up girl.
I have no what complexes and you can be frank with me and speak as is! At me 2 higher educations which was very useful for me, and I do not regret at all for it. And if it is interesting to you, that my first formation - the teacher and the second, - the economist. I have no children and when was not married, Concerning children that if will be the worthy person that I will dare at that what to get the child! As I do not smoke in general! I can drink in the company of girls of exclusively some drinks of good wine!
I deny all drugs and I regret those who we depend on them it it is simply awful!!!!! My nationality Russian! At me light hair, My growth of 176 centimetres and my weight are made by 54 kgs. As I have piercing on a stomach) but he easily acts in film...) Now that I do not love that: I do not love importunity, I do not love when speak behind the back, I do not love when impudently say lies! I do not love when in the first day of acquaintance invite to appointment!
I do not love when in the first day of acquaintance ask telephone number! It not cultural and irresponsibly in relation to the girl! I do not love when the person wastes the words!
I do not love when the person does not carry out that about what spoke or promised! From all from this it is possible to draw only one conclusion: I love clearness, an openness, accuracy, and sincerity! Well now I will put some my photos with me.
I as hope that you will send to me and the photos more! It would be very obligatory, because I once again repeat that to me important that I would see you, understood you and represented you! I hope you you will be the interesting interlocutor) And I would like to hear about you all that about what I have written to you! I hope you has attentively read my letter and you can reflect in the answer all necessary moments about you. The whole
Juliya P.S.
Photo with me on a skating rink, in a land - a bar, and behind fishing =)
Letter 3
Hello……! Thanks for your answer!
I am very glad to receive from you your letter and I am glad to read that that you in it have written!
How today your affairs?
I'm fine! Today as I also promised I shall acquaint you with my house pets!
With a pink bant on a seat of my machine it Toma)
And with blue bant is Tima)
It is my 2 most favourite dear and unique pets! Toma - the girl, Tima - the boy! I very much love them!
These Yorkshire Terriers I have got approximately one year ago I have taken them from nursery for dogs, very much a rarity when such dogs appear in the street but it seems destiny to me is.
And now we are unseparable!
When I where be I leave that behind them my servant Anastasiya looks.
In general that I seldom use its services exclusively only in those cases when necessary. Today I would like to tell to you about my full daily routine!
In 6:00 mornings I wake up, I take a cool shower.
Then at 6:30 I take my small pupils and we go to walk in our favourite park)
After walk we at once go to shop and we buy necessary products on all the day.
Thus at home we already approximately by 8:00. Then my day begins to move under the schedule of my notebook.
I meet influential people and I give advice concerning last brands of clothes, as as it will be better to be in harmony how to organize better display of a fashion. After all it I go to my modelling studio and I look as there there are business. I for a long time any more do not operate it as I would appoint the responsible person for that that duties executed all I and my direct head so I need to check only work but no more... Before a dinner I arrange to myself easy reception peep and in an hour I go to fitness the center where I am engaged in fitness and then about 30 minutes I float in pool. After all it I have 1 rest-hour and then I go home to have dinner or dinner in cafe - all depends on mood. After a dinner and rest I as take my small dogs and we go already to walk on street in a court yard of our house, dogs require regular walks and fresh air and on it I try to allow to receive it the maximal opportunity all this. As soon as we shall take a walk I call to my girlfriends and we can meet for that what simply communicate will share than be) To talk about female secrets) Or to go to a beauty salon. In general that I at once wish to tell that I do not spend many money because I know as how many costs.
To me very difficultly was it is achieved in all it but I have sustained all and now I shake fruits of my
success in a life. In the evening we with mine Toma and Tima go to walk, then we have supper and we prepare for a dream. Here and passes my day. Tell to me and how passes your day?
It would be very interesting nobility to me is.) I hope tomorrow to receive your letter! Because it brings in my life many paints from which becomes much more warmly)
I have painted over number of the machine because we for the present badly know each other and I would not like to show this information. It seems to me that you would make in the same way.
On one of a photo we with the girlfriend)
Letter 4

Hi my dear ……! Thanks for your letter) I am very glad to see it again!
Today to me it was a little sad as my day passed as usually and that new did not occur.
Though if fairly that at me a little that occurs in a life of the new.
How today your affairs?
Than you are engaged now?
Can that that at you is new in your life?)
Tell to me today and how you spend the days off when where it is not necessary and it is possible to sleep I and Marina for example in the days off we go to village to parents of my close girlfriend Marina and there we spend all days off! We help them in all with what they we require, communicate with them, we drink tea we talk also many other things they as a matter of fact to me replace parents and they name me the second daughter! Today I would like to show you some my photos with my travel) Pay attention to my first photo, it is made on Dignity Jetty Island, the North central province and if you attentively look my photos which I to you I send that you can notice that it is at my place in a framework and it is visible in one of mine to last photo which I sent to you where we at my place with the girlfriend)
Pay attention)
The second photo is made in in the same place it to me it is pleasant) more 3 Photos - I have spent 3 weeks and at me awful sunburn ((
I hope to you all these photos) like I as each time wait for your photos because I would like each time receiving your letter to represent you. By the way recently I have thought that nevertheless I should go in what be the country where I was not before)
But not to look any more at beaches and simply to visit for example capital of that country) Especially I for a long time already where did not leave (
Usually I go with my girlfriend but this time I would like to fly nevertheless one because it is necessary for me will vanish, to type positive emotions, to make new photos)
And still I awfully do not have relations but I am assured that all it soon will dare also I at last that I will meet which person I will grow fond for example of you =)
What you will tell? =)
And only do not laugh - I seriously)
Certainly all it the God operates and he solves with whom to me it is fated to be, but it is impossible to float simply on a current, it is necessary at times and to try to stick to coast for this purpose what to find rest and happiness... Unless I am not right Gerardo? By the way wished you to ask you for a long time there was a ***?
Personally at me it was not for a long time already...
I met earlier men but all it was why that in the end not seriously...
Who that wanted from me simply money in whom that I saw that it was not ready to relations.
Why that all so well developed...
I look now at my photos and I represent you near to me on a sandy beach as we with you gently touch to each other as ours with you lips merge in a passionate kiss as you strongly mass my body in literal sense touching me everywhere where only it is possible...
Then you move apart to me my feet and lay down on me all body... Waves cover us, warm sea water washes our bodies, you remove from me my shorts and you see as mine pusy in the juicy juice would wish that your member has entered into me...
I lay under you all helpless and you **** me as it is possible increase the rate more strongly...
Then you overturn me faced to the sea and put me on knees and start to **** me in an ***...
Oh my hand already in shorts and I hardly write you these words...
Now I would will go to a shower that really it to present....
I so want it.....
Letter 5
Hello ……….!
Excuse me for the last letter that that I have written to you...
Probably I should such write because it not much not decently...
But nevertheless the only thing that comes to me mind this real desire to be engaged in it with you...
I here all think, me earlier when it would not be desirable so any man...
And I why that have wanted you...
It is not much strange for me...
I see you as the friend most expensively for me...
But at times it would be desirable to tell more. If it is fair and as you likely have already understood I the realist in a life.
That is virtual dialogue it certainly is good but it a little that means in real Love...
If people love each other that they there should be together, and we with you on very big distance from each other. Whether also we do not know precisely we love each other.
It is a little sad, but it is a life.
And most that insulting that I at all do not know you what you actually the person.
Only think that I think that that bad but if so to think well you do not know who I, and I do not know who you... We know not much about each other but we not when did not meet, people happen very different who that who is able to hide the emotions that is able to say lies well who that speaks the truth and who that to it do not trust...
All it is too difficult...
Whether and for this purpose what really to understand our hearts for each other that I are created I think that all it the meeting will solve only us with you in real time! It is absolutely not difficult to me to arrive to you at any moment absolutely! The visa, payment of papers, payment of return tickets, the medical insurance and so on - all it without problems!
I will mourn over all expenses for all flight, official registration of papers, I will mourn over expenses as in your country as without what or problems...
That is to tell the truth that distance which between us now is for me at all distance)
I can easily understand that you nearby and I at any moment can arrive to you... But for this purpose that I could arrive to you I
Should know the exact information concerning you: 1. Write me the Exact name of your nearest airport. 2. Your Exact name of a city and the country.

3. Write me your home address. 4. Also write me your phone number with a code of your country. 5. And as I would would like that you have specified your full name and a surname. I ask you about this information only because I should have all these data, for the big guarantee and safety concerning me! And to all I should give it some information in travel agency where will be engaged in my flight, that is I should specify them your country where I will fly also your Nearest airport for this purpose that they would lay and have offered me the way closest and convenient for me to you. As I would like to leave all my data for you as we already know each other some time and I think that you as should have it. Here my data: first name: Yuliya
last name: Nemushkina full home address:
Country: Russia,
Zip Code: 603069,
Nizhny Novgorod region.
City: Nizhniy Novgorod,
Pervomayskaya 43, apartment 87. Also give we will consider all this exchange of ours with you data as ours with you a fast meeting and as trust and sincerity before each other! If you leave all these data concerning you that tomorrow I without problems I can leave to you mine Skype and my telephone number! I all it has decided to give to you only because one of these days I talked with mum at my girlfriend Marina and she would advise to me that I did not play for time and built my happiness with you!
She as has told that I should trust you... She has not explained why so. Also did not speak believe more that, she has simply told. But as though there there were no facts remain the facts. As a matter of fact not important how many we with you will communicate and in what it will result all... On the Internet it is a lot of swindlers and I well very much know about it as For me awfully to hear that some people use the Internet as a way of a deceit, illegal earnings of money, are awful people and my opinion - such people need to be punished on all severity of the law...!
But I as was a victim of a deceit of the man... The Young guy asked money for operation of his mother, I have sent to it 2000 usd, and then he has asked 3000 usd to me all it it seemed strange and I have made inquiry in hospital where there should be his mother - it has appeared that there when there was no such person... I have understood that he has deceived me! It was a shock for me...
Now I am very cautious in dialogue with such people, I do not mean that you such...
Simply when the person wishes to deceive that it it is visible... Now I will wait your letter... I have much written to you and I think that your answer should be same volume... I wish you good day...! Kisses ***
Julia!!! P.S.
I attach as photos in my bedroom where Marina has arranged to me photosession)
Letter 6
Hello mine dear......
I have visited travelling agency and now I wish to write you decent e-mail, thus you could To receive the best idea concerning all measures of travel, which I should make here to meet you
At last. Actually I have much to write, but I will be specific and to write only the main thing while.
Well? Well, in general look. From all research I could make these days, I found out that standard term
Document registrations for Italy occupies till 15 days. And Gerardo, unique type of documents which I can
To try to receive, - the tourist time visa. But its consideration is frequent can be compressed till 3 weeks,
Especially if the embassy is insistently loaded or the statement is given by not married woman aged
Till 30 years, intending to visit territory of your country without support of the brother or the father. In travelling agency to me
Said, that in this case immigration services constantly have suspicion about the improper purposes, or the purposes
Movings of such visiting and taking into account the statement can deny, in general if to mismatch any
To requirements. Therefore I should give to all information in advance time and correctly let out questionnaires,
To have possibility to visit you during mine
Free time from my school of young models.
The unique near future for work of a free time of a vacation which I will give itself Officially from January, 7th till February, 7th. From it I am ready to spend 3 weeks with you for certain as some free days from it,
I wish to spend here with my dogs and as it will be necessary to visit parents at Marina just as
To put in order house things after returning from Italy and as I will need to check up
Work of my assistant which it is necessary to operate my school instead of me. It will execute mine
Direct duties at that time while I will spend these magic days of my rest with you in your country …
Gerardo, the visa originally valid for term of 90 days and I should pay in advance completely all
Package of documents for a substantiation in embassy of my visiting. First of all, all my papers, the information and
Certificates should be translated with skill on an official foreign language and the certified notary,
This service will cost almost 3.000 roubles. Further there is a minimum consular gathering for
Visas of 3.570 roubles and the tax of service of the courier "the Express train of the Pony, Moscow" the company is 1.050 roubles.
Also it is necessary to have tickets in both ways with motionless date of returning back to Russia.
To me offered two variants of the flight provided Alitalia and KLM of Airline, Valuable 22.051 roubles, also it is the best way for Italy. Secondly the agency should prepare the invitation of the voucher of placing in hotel for me at least in
Current of half of time of all term of the planned stay. Officials have offered some branches
Hotels, and on my arrival in Italy I should be registered there and live there at least
Some nights. In case I could remain in your house then I could leave to it for
You and also could be able receive compensation. Actually, it - only necessary formality,
Which is paid to the full and will make nearby 16.000 roubles (considering, that average cost
1.600 roubles in day of hotel) are. Nevertheless I should update the passport and a payment 3.800 for this purpose.
In addition to all it is necessary to be ready to two trips to Moscow, for the first time to deliver the biometric
Data and to pass through personal interview if it is required, and in second time already for the international flight for
Border. From here I should pass to the local railway
To station in our main city of Nizhni Novgorod and
Therefrom already to go by train to Moscow. Expenses of tickets of travel there and back make in
Average of 5.400 roubles. If I have counted up all expenses correctly then, I should be are ready to involve all 54.870 roubles or 1300 euros
Still the agency accepts payment by cash in day of giving of all documents, or to do it
By means of a credit card only citizens of Russia. Today I as was called by mum at Marina and she has asked as me and at you business? I have answered it that at me all
Well and in the near future I am going to visit you.
She as has told that she would like to talk over with me concerning my trip...
I have agreed tomorrow with it to meet.
Interestingly about what she wishes to talk to me - in any case I will be glad it to see!) I as attach a photo in the plane when we with girlfriends flied on a carnival and as
Photo on the carnival))
Letter 7
My dear excuse that I could not write you yesterday my letter but I had some affairs concerning the contract.
I have come very much late home and I simply not in forces was to you to write (
But now I can make to you it.
I see that you know that you could suit cheaper trip for me, but I wish to tell to you
That business in money and in my mum.
She would speak that you would send half of cost of my trip only for this purpose that she could be convinced of your reliability then I can back send you your money...
You understand my dear?
Today I as would would like that you have added me in skype here it
I hope that there we with you can soon talk.
Now I will wait for your answer!
Yours Juliya!
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