Scam letter(s) from Nina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank!! Thank you very much for your response. I would be happy to know you better.
As for me,I am a simple woman, which is in a search of her soul mate. I am 39 years old. I was born on the 13th of December in a small town Rubezhnoye. My parents live there, but I live and work in Lugansk, which is situated on the East of Ukraine.
I am a devoted person and I can appreciate love and friendship. My life motto is: “I do not have all that I love, but I love all that I have”.
I am divorced and I do not have my own children. I was with my ex husband for ten years and I abandoned him because I didn't feel his strong and reliable shoulder. I had to work hard for both of us to be able to survive and to feed our family. So, I decided to stop such kind of relationship. He killed my love and respect to him with his indifference.
Now I want to feel myself as a woman. I can cook and take care about the house very well. I like to work in the garden and I like nature. I like traveling and it is my passion. I am very optimistic person and my friends say that I deserve my happiness.
Also I would like my man to be responsible for our family and I want to be proud of him.
I started to work as a plasterer when I was eighteen years old and it was a very hard work. I tried to work and to study in the university at the same time. So, now I have a high education and I work as an interior designer. I adore my work because I am a creative person.
Also I am very romantic. I like to make surprises for my dearest people.
I adore *** and I think that my **** body should belong to the man, who could love my **** soul.
That is why I am here. I do hope that our letters will help us to become closer.
Unfortunately I have only a basic English and I use the help of translator, but I will be happy to hear your voice on the phone. If you are interested in me, I will send to you my phone number in my next e-mail.
Unfortunately I should finish my letter now. I will be happy to answer your questions. I wish you to have a nice day and I do hope to get your letter soon.

Letter 2
Hello Frank!! I am glad to get your letter today and I like to know you closer. There are a lot of swindlers and bad men in the Internet, but I hope you are serious and honest with me.
You are a very interesting person for me and I would like to continue our communication.
I think we should meet each other one day, but I would like to know you better before our meeting.
You know, it is very hard to win my love, but if I love, it is forever. I will never betray my beloved man and I will be with him in joys and misfortunes.
My parents live together for 45 years and I have a feeling they met each other yesterday, because their relationship are very touching and romantic. So, I have a good example of a family life. My mom is 72 and my dad is 75. I have my elder sister.
She is 45 and she is married. Her family lives with my parents. Also I have one niece and one nephew and I love them very much. So, my family is not big, but we are very friendly and we always support each other.
I try to visit my family as I can,but my work makes my days very busy. As you know, I work as a interior designer and very often I go to different cities, where my clients live. I like my work very much, because I like to create something new.
But I do not forget about my health and body. I like sport and I attend gym and swimming pool. I like to take care of my body and I do not smoke.
As for my measurements,they are 102-64-93. My ******* are natural!! :):) My height is 165 cm, my weight is 56 kg.
I adore reading, cooking and traveling. I like sea and mountains. I like music and dancing.
I will be happy to make a cozy and comfortable nest for my beloved man.:) Also I am ready to relocate to another country for the sake of my beloved man. My family knows about it and they respect my choice.
It will be not a problem for me to learn your native language, if we decide to build our future together. So, the time will tell.
I would be happy to hear your voice. My English is not good, but I will try to understand you.
My phone number is +38-063-81-04-113. I should finish my letter and I will be happy to get your response. I wish you to have a nice day!!!! With the warmest regards, Nina.
Letter 3
Dear Frank, I was waiting for your response very much. I am grateful to you for your letter. I like our communication, because we have a lot of common things between us. You are a very positive man and my day becomes brighter after our connection. It seems to me you are a reliable man.
How are you today? As for me, I am Ok. I have a romantic mood today. My favorite season is autumn. A golden autumn. It is wonderful in Ukraine. I adore walking around the park, thinking about our life and dreaming. I would like to sit in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee next to my beloved man, feeling his kisses and warmth. :)
Kisses... Coffee... Chocolate...:):)I would like to talk to my man, laughing and discussing our plans for the future. After that I would like to come with him to our house,to lie under warm blanket and to listen to the music of the rain, which drums on the roof.:):)
You know, when I talk about my beloved man, I have your image in my mind.:):) Why?? I do not know. You became too close to me after several letters and I am very happy you are in my life.
Please, forgive me for my short letter today. I have a very busy day. I finished the project of the house interior and I have a meeting with my client today. She is a very nice woman and I tried to create something special for her. I do hope she will like my ideas.:)
You know,it is a pleasure for me to come here, to read your letter and to write my letter to you. Unfortunately I do not have my computer and it is the main problem for me now. I try to save the money for it, but it is not easy. Unfortunately it is my dream only.
So, I wish you to have a nice day and I will be waiting for your response very much!! Sincerely, your Nina. P.S. I am sending to you the photos and I do hope you will like them. One photo was created by my friend Svetlana in a cafe. Another photo was made in a house of my client, where I worked form several months as a designer.
Letter 4

Dear Frank, it is a pleasure for me to get your letter today. I should confess that I miss you very much. I understand that I think about you very often and I can feel that my life becomes brighter thanks to our communication.
Thank you so much for your funny photo!
How are you today?? As for me, my day is very busy and I have several minutes for my letter to you. I start my new project now and it is very exciting. I like my work very much. My new client has a small house in the countryside and she needs something cozy and special for her interior. I was thinking a lot about it. So, I have some ideas and I am going to work hard during this week and to show to her the results of my work by the end of the weekend.
I was very tired yesterday evening very much, because I had a meeting with some of my colleagues and we discussed some new technologies in our sphere. When I cam home, I took a shower and I decided to watch TV for a couple of minutes. There was a TV program about Bulgarian prophetess Vanga. Have you ever heard about her? It was very interesting for me to know some new facts about her life. What do you think about her? What is your attitude to the people, which can see our future?
As for my religion, I am an Orthodox Christian and I believe in God. Many people turn to our God only when they are in a trouble. It is not very good.I try to be grateful to Him for all that I have and I pray every day. I have my faith thanks to my parents.
You know,I should finish my letter now, but I am sure I will not stop to think about you when I continue my work. :)
I saw a wonderful dream tonight and I want to tell you about it. I saw us together in a boat. We were swimming across the lake by boat and the water was crystal clear there. A wonderful wood was around that lake. You were looking at me... I will never forget your look. It was a mix of tenderness and passion. We were talking and laughing and I had a feeling of a calmness and reliability next to you. It was a fantastic dream!!! :)
You know, I am lack of a strong and reliable shoulder next to me. I would like to give to my beloved man all my love and to make him happy. I would like to create our happy union. I want to fall asleep in the hugs of my man and to wake up, looking at his face.
As for me, a barbed cheek next to me is much better of any soft toy. :):):)
Please, tell me more about your life. I would be happy to see more photos of you.
What do you think about our nearest future?
I am sending to you my sweet kisses and I wish you to have a nice day! Please, write to me soon!! Sincerely, your Nina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Frank!! It is a good ritual for me to get your letters and to write my e-mail to you. I imagine how I talk to you, looking into your eyes, and it is a real pleasure for me.
I can touch any topic with you and I like it.
I adore one phrase:" The wife and husband should become as lovers and friends for each other before marriage not be in a search of them after marriage". It is the truth! I should confess that I have a mix of these necessary feelings to you and it is great.:)
I can feel myself as a real woman with you and I am ready to blossom as a flower next to you.:) I think you will be a good "gardener" for the "flower" Nina.:)
You know,I imagine our evenings with a tasty supper, which was prepared for you by me with love. I will light the candles,I will turn on calm music and we will have our intimate conversation.
I will be a good listener for you and I am ready to support you always. I am a very devoted person. I will be happy to give to you a pleasure in our bedroom. I do not understand those women, which do not try to surprise their beloved men. I will be always seductive for my man. :)
So,can you accept my feelings? Can you accept me such as I am?
I know I am not ideal woman and I am not a model, but I have sincere feelings to you and.... it seems to me I start to fall in love with you.
I should be honest with you. I am afraid of this feeling, because I am afraid of being deceived or refused.
There are a lot of players in the Internet, but you are a special man for me and I trust you.
So, what do you think about all that I wrote to you today?
Honey, I am very sad now, because our correspondence can be interrupted soon. I should go to another city after several days because of my work and I do not know when I can come back. There is not any Internet cafe in the village, where I go. As you know, I do not have my laptop and my phone is very simple for the Internet. I can't buy them right now because of my finances and I understand that I am impotent in this situation! I have never felt such deep desperation before. I do not imagine even one day without our communication. My honey, I am sending to you my sweet kisses. Catch them!!! :):) I will be waiting for your next letter very much!!!! Please, write to me soon!!!!!!!!

Your Nina with love.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Frank! Thank you very much for your response. I was waiting for it very much, because all my thoughts are about you. I always want to know your opinion about something; I want to be next to you, drinking my coffee; I want to watch TV in your hugs and so on. :)
I am grateful to you for your warm words and I appreciate your attitude to me, but you know, I lost my trust to people for a long time ago and it is not easy for me to trust again.
You write to me a lot of wonderful words, but I can't tell you about my problems because it is risk to lose you. I do not know why. I write to you what I feel. Frank, I understand your position about money.
You know, I am a simple woman with my joys and troubles. I am not only a "woman-holiday". Sometimes I have my problems or sorrows and I need a man, who can understand me and support me.
Sorry, but I would like to hear such simple phrases from my man as:"Aren't you hungry??", "Please, put on a warm coat today to avoid getting cold". It is simply, but it is very important!
I need a sincerity in relationships. When my dearest and nearest people are in a trouble, my first question is: "What can I do for you? How can I help you?"
Sorry, but during all my life I didn't hear such kind of question from any men and I felt a deep desperation. :) All of them were interested only in a healthy, happy and financially independent Nina. It is the truth.
As for us, your letters are wonderful and I can feel you are a very good man, but I am afraid of the same situation.
Now I tell you about my problem. As you know, I am going to the countryside because of my job and I am afraid to lose our connection for a long time, because my feelings to you are true and sincere.
You know well I am not able to buy my laptop or modern phone to have Internet connection because of my financial situation now, but I can call to my translator from that village by phone. She will tell me about your messages and I will tell to her what to write to you. So, in this way we will not lose our connection, which is very important for ME.
Unfortunately the village, where I should go, is situated in Russia, next to the border with Ukraine and my phone will be in a roaming zone. So, a phone connection will be very expensive for me to keep my contact with a translator.As I know, there is not any Internet cafe, because it is a place for "dachas". I should work there as a designer and it will take me some time and money, but I do hope when I finish my work and get my wage, but financial situation will become better.
Now I ask you about financial support to keep in touch with you. I ado not ask you for help as a beggar. I am a lady, which has a hope for a support from her beloved man, which has serious intentions about me and our future. If you decide to help me, please, do not ask me how much I need. It must be only YOUR decision.
I want to forget about my doubts and distrust. Sorry, but I am such as I am and I do hope for your understanding. Sincerely your Nina with love.
Letter 7
Dear Frank, let me introduce myself. My name is Anna and I work as a private translator.
Your lady Nina is my client because she doesn't speak English well and she doesn't have an access to the Internet.
Here is the following list of my service:
- translation letters for my clients from Russian into English and from English into Russian,
- **** translation, while phone conversation,
- arrangement of the meeting between my clients,
- providing translation while meeting,
- business letters,
- business conversations,
- skype connection. Unfortunately your lady has financial difficulties now and it is the reason of her inability to continue her correspondence with you. She is interested in you very much and she has a hope for the help from your side because she doesn't want to interrupt your connection. The cost of one letter translation is $8. As a rule, I translate your letter for your lady from English into Russian and her letter to you from Russian into English.
The cost of unlimited correspondence per one month is $250.
It means that you can write an unlimited number of your letters to each other, to send an unlimited number of photos and to use a service of Skype.
The cost of unlimited correspondence per two months is $400, which is cheaper. Please, inform your lady Nina about your intentions and decision. Are you going to help to her with the payment for your correspondence or should I interrupt my contract with her?
She is waiting for your response very much. Warm regards, Anna.
Letter 8
Dear Frank, your lady Nina is interested in your connection very much.
She is waiting for your response and decision.
Would you like to help to her and to stay with her in touch?
If you are not going to do it, just inform Nina about it and my contract with her will be interrupted, because she is not able to pay for your correspondence. Warm regards, Anna.
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