Scam Letter(s) from Arina Umerenkova to Hutfield (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

dear my …..! i am so happy today see your big wish to be with me , see me and plan our meeting in real! it's a very pleased ,, we go with you on one road!!!! My dear , i want to see you as soon as we can and plan our future! want to be sure in you , and you also will see me in

My sweety , of course i can give you this information for transfer...
but why my passport? everybody tell that it's not safe send passport by internet, it's not because i don't trust you , it's because that many people who can stole it and after it i will know about some big credit on the bank , i hear many story about it. I look in the internet that i will have possibility to receive your money with my passport here in the bank , and you will need just my name , address and yes, maybe phone. Of course i can write you it like in the passport . If you want to see my foreign passport , of course i can show you but now in the letter ( scan) you can see it in the skype , when see me ;) i am right? i hope

i am glad that for you 15 $ not bug amount and you can be sure in me.
I don't need this money for my needs , just want to have cam and see you. it's possible?

I will be wait for your letter and help! oohh yes, my information
my name Arina Umerenkova ,
address Ukraine, Luganska obl. - Stanitsa - Luganska, Lesovaya street 22, 93600.

Letter 2

My dear…..! i am so happy today read your sweet letter! and dear , i am agree with every your word! you make me happy , because now you in my life and i want live for you! for me important to know that you serious , that you ready for real woman , who can bring nice moments in your life! i am slo tired to met bad men ,..and i am glad that now i can be sure in you!
please be honest with me, be opne in every subject! i am here for you , i like what we have now and don't want to lose it.

my dear sorry for short letter , but i think that i have some problems with mail address. and now for safety i want to change it. it's ok for you? please try to start write me in this new mail address.

i will be wait for your swet letter ;) kiss your lips! your Arina

my dear i wrote and old you by phone, that something wrong with safety mail. I tried many times come in to my mail and they told, please change your password for safety ..and i thought that will be better to change all mail address, i did not think that it's can be problem for you .... what wrong?

Letter 3

hello dear! what happened? what you do mean? i am here




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