Letter(s) from Anastasia Gorelova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello, how are you doing??

My name is Nastasia! I am a nice simple girl from the sunny Crimea, Ukraine (have you heard about it?:) I am looking for a husband in Internet! I made a decision to look for a good man abroad because men here had disappointed me much. I am shocked with their behavior and their attitude to women. They have no desire to get married and have kids! They just want change women every night and drink a lot of vodka! So you see the situation with men is not very nice here that is why I am writing to you now! May be you are the man I was looking for???:)) Everything is possible!!! I am sure many of us are looking for love online, and despite of the bad reputation of Internet I am sure there are many honest people who seek happiness like myself, they want to enjoy love no matter the distance, race, culture or religion, just want to be happy... I am sure it is possible to find a soul mate in Internet!

So if incidentally now you are available can I ask you to write me more about yourself??? Lets establish a good correspondence and meet in person in the nearest future!! What do you think about my plans???
If you like them do not waste time and write me immediately! Hope also to receive some photos from you ok?:) I will be waiting for your positive answer! But if the answer will be negative I ask you to inform me about it too, ok??? I need to know if you are interested in me or now!! As for me I am very interested in you, hope you feel the same to me!!:) I send you several photos today, hope you like them! If you want to receive more be sure that I will send a lot photos more to you!! I have the cutest puppy chau chau his name is Chucky!!!!! Hope you like my pet!!! What about you? Do you have pets? Do you like animals and kids? I am a nice cheerful girl with a good sense of humor, I am 100% positive person!! I am a kitten in the living room and a tigress in the bedroom:)) I am ready to tell you more about me and my family and also to hear your story too!
Kiss your cheeks!!!
Wait for your answer at this address mandarinka@greatconnectlist.com Nastasia

Letter 2

Hello, Frank!!!!!

I am so happy to receive your reply!! Thank you for your letter!!! I like your photos a lot you are such a nice man!!! I will be happy if you will send me more of them!! It is good that you told me something about your life, it is so interesting for me!!! And I will be waiting for you to tell me even more in your next letter ok??? My address is 96162, Ukraine, Crimea, Mysovoye village, Pobednaya street, 12. My full name is Gorelova Anastasia. I can not drive but I want to learn!
I do not have the passport but I will make it soon. I will give you my number when we will get to know each other better ok? You live in Germany??? I have never been there and will be happy if you will tell me more about it!!! I am sure it is no less beautiful than Ukraine! It is nice that you like to travel, may be we can travel together someday?? I have never been abroad yet... It is nice that you was in Yalta in August!

I am Nastasia as you know:)) My date of Birth is 26 of January, 1986!!! Hope my age is ok for you?? I live in Crimea, Ukraine! I believe it is the most blessed place on this Earth!! The nature is more than beautiful! We have the blue blue sea and the blue blue sky!!!!! The climate is very warm here, almost tropical, but winters can be very severe. I live on the North East of Crimea in Misovoye village Jankoy region, you can try to find it on the map! The village is really small but there is a lot of to do here!!

You can see all of my family on the photos!!! I have my dear mother, my dear grand mother, my younger brother and two years older sister. I send you some photos of them!!! And surely you can see once again my favorite puppy Chucky!!! He is so funny and so sweet!!!! My mom and granny are pensioners. My older sister is married and she lives not far from us. My brother is still a student he studies to be a tractor driver! Also on my photos you can see that I have different hair color. My hair is natural blond. About two years ago I used to color my hair in light brunette, not I am a blond. Please tell me which color of my hair do you like more?:))I like to be blond and how do you like me to be???

You may wonder about my job. I have a higher education of paramedic.
If I continued my education for two years I could become a doctor but education in my country is very expensive and my mother could not afford to pay for it any more, she had two more kids to feed! My father passed away 15 years ago and my mom raised us alone with our grand mother. I am very grateful to them for all their love and care.
Now when I am grown up I understand how was it difficult to raise three small kids. So now me and my siblings do our best to help our mom and granny with everything we can! I work at the local medical center as a paramedic, it is a small rural center but we have a lot of work every day to do. We responsible for 25 villages in our region and have a lot of calls from different villages every day where we have to drive and give the first aid to people. The level of medical help in Ukraine is very low, we have an old car to drive, we have only 7 employers who can give the first aid, there are not enough medicines, the salaries are very low unfortunately but everyone of our workers loves this job very much! I love my job very much too!!! I work only for two years here and I dream may be to continue my education in future and become a doctor to get a better paid job but now it is impossible. May be in future I can continue I do not know. And also now I think not about my career but about how to find a good reliable man and create a family with him!!! Family will always be on the fist place for me! I hope may be this man can be you!

I do not have bad habits and I live a healthy life! I never smoke or use drugs and drink only socially! I also do a lot of sport trains. I have no opportunity to go to the gym because in my small village there are no gyms but I use simple means of hands to do sport. Like to rock the press, to squat, to jog several times per week, and surely a lot of swimming every morning in summers, thanks God I live near the sea!!
I do these things to keep my shape for my future husband!!! And surely I do not eat too much sweets although I adore chocolate and ice cream!!! I am also very good in house keeping! Our house is always very clean, the floors are always shining and from the kitchen you can always feel a nice smell of the home made food!

I eat only home made food. My mom and granny taught me how to cook. I cook since 6 years old and my first dish was an omelette:)))) Then after the first dish came the second and the third ones!!! I started to cook potatoes, spaghetti, then more serious dishes like soups, Ukrainian borsch, vereniki, pirozhki, pizza and finally when I learnt how to cook Italian lasagna which I consider not an easy dish to cook I started to consider myself as a good cook:))) Surely I can cook all types of meat, fish and also desserts! Do you like desserts?:) Or may be you prefer a beefsteaks with blood?:)) What are your favorite dishes? I want to be the best cook for you if we will get married!

I am a very romantic and sensual girl. I have a question to you: do you like kissing?:) As for me I am a fun of kissing!! Do you like kissing too? What about French kiss?:) I can imagine already what a deep passionate kiss shall I give to you when we will meet for the first time at the airport.... It will be the most passionate kiss which the airports had ever seen!!!!

You know I do not speak English unfortunately:( And I do not know how could I be able to start my search in Internet as I did not speak English and had not a computer at home but thanks God in our village a translational firm was opened three months ago!!!! And a lot of my girl friends rushed there to try to find husbands abroad! I was skeptical about it at first but after one of my girlfriends had met a serious man from Canada, and he even came to Ukraine two weeks ago to meet her and they have serious plans for marriage now, so after my friend's experience I decided to try this way to find the man of my life too! It is time for me to get married already and
I believe we have to do what we can do today and not wait until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised to anyone! I do not want to wait any longer!
I am sure now that Internet is a very convenient place to find each other! Of course it would be much more convenient if I had Internet at home and also spoke English but for now I can use the translational firm service to talk to you, I have started learning English already and I plan to make a good progress in the nearest future!

So my letter is getting to become too long already, I have to finish I think for today, hope to continue writing you tomorrow??? If you will answer me of course:) I hope you will! Kiss your warm cheeks!!!
Nastasia with hot kisses!

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Frank!!!!!

How are you doing today???? I am ok here and do you know that I am thinking about you a lot????:)) It is so nice to see your photos! I like them a lot thank you very much for them!!! It is good that you told me more about yourself, I enjoyed what I have read! And I will be waiting for another letter from you with more information ok??? I wish you to have a nice trip tomorrow!
Please write me more as soon as you can! It is nice that you studied in such a good cinema school! I like George Lucas very much! I am glad you found Mysovoye on the map! You have a very nice garden near your house! Yes I will gladly cook your favorite dishes for you!

I had a lot of work today as usually. We had about 10 calls today, several flues, one pneumonia, two gastritis and one broken leg! I am not sure if it is interesting for you but this is my daily routine:) Also there is one old woman in our village, I visit every day in the afternoon, do some injections and give medicines to her. She is very old and there is nobody to take care of her, she has no kids, and I am as a paramedic take care of her. So you can se I am a pretty busy woman:))

I send you more photos today!!! And will also tell you more about myself and my family!!! Have I told you that I had also an uncle who is handicapped, he has no legs because of the operation many years ago. He is a very nice guy, he lives with us and I take care of him! I often take him in his wheel chair for a walk in the streets or in the forest, we also take my Chucky with us always.
We enjoy such a trips very much, we talk about different things, my uncle Gena is a very interesting and wise person, he teaches me a lot of things in this life.

Also we have a family tradition to have a supper every evening together. All our family (me, my sister, brother, my mom, granny and uncle) gather near the family kitchen table every evening and have a nice supper which is cooked by me or my mom or by us together! Also sometimes some of my friends join us and we have nice evenings talking to each other and just getting rest... I like those minutes very much because it let you feel safe and loved. It is a wonderful feeling when you see all the family together and you feel how big and united your family is. After the supper me and my brother always wash the dishes and make everything clean in the kitchen. We do not want to bother our mother with washing dishes so we always do it with my brother together. Do you want to join us some day?:) May I tell my family about you this evening while we will have our supper??

I promise you to learn English soon!! I also promise to teach you some Russian language:)) What do you think about it??? So here is the first lesson:

privet - hello

pocelui - a kiss

lubov - love

gubi - lips

Which more words do you want to know?:)) If we will get married then I promise that in the evenings I will put on a short skirt (may be even without panties:), sexy white blouse, glasses, I will take a pointer and will start teach you Russian words... Umm, do you want me to be your private teacher of Russian?:))

I go to bed usually at about 22 p.m. and you?? Do you know that I like to sleep naked in my bed?:)) And what about you??? It is time to go home already, I enjoy writing you letters and reading yours very much!! Hope to hear from you soon again!!!! Kiss your warm cheeks!!
Yours Nastasia

Letter 4

Hello, the man I was looking for all my life Frank!!!! Hope I am not rushing too fast?? I really start feeling something special to you!!!
I told you I was not here for games and I want to devote our friendship to another level already! I am happy to see how much have you written me in this letter!! I appreciate your efforts a lot. It seems that I know you very good already! Thanks a lot for your photos, honey!!! I adore them!!! The kid with mustache is so funny:)) I am sorry that you work so hard in the house yesterday, I wish I could be there to help you! I wish you to have a nice trip to Munchen!! Thank you for your warm words about my family! It is nice that you like our tradition to have family dinners every evening! I want you to join us at a family supper some day!

I hope you like my photos??? I hope you do not mind that I send you my topless photos?? You have become a special man to me and I feel that I can trust you sending my intimate photos!! I want to assure you that my breasts are very natural!! No implants or something like that!!! So I hope you enjoy my photos!

My days are going good here and I have noticed that since we have started our correspondence all my days are passing in waiting for your letters with anticipation!!!!! I believe that all good things come to those who wait! I am a very patient girl and I am ready to wait for us to be together!
I hope you are serious about me too. I do not want to be hurt.

I will come home now, have a dinner with my family and will take my uncle for a walk around our garden. We both need to breath some fresh air, talk about different things and relax! You know such a walks when I roll my uncle in his wheel chair and my Chucky is running near us always make me feel calm and pacified no matter what a hard day I had at work!

By the way I told all of my family about you already!! They support my decision to relocate to you if we will decide to be together!! My family wants me to be happy and they are ready to let me go to my future husband.

Almost forgot to put on a short skirt with sex blouse and continue our Russian studies!! So another lesson is coming!!!!

glaza - eyes

devushka - girl

krasivaya - beautiful

strast - passion

svadba - wedding

I definitely have a pedagogical talent I think!:)))) Promise me to be a good pupil!!!!

I have to finish my another letter for you again... I am so sad always to finish my letters for you...
I wish I could write and write and write you about my life and my feelings! But I have to stop now and rush home to my family. Kiss you tenderly in your lips... Yours with passion Nastasia.

Letter 5

My love Frank, hello!!!

Thank you so very much for another letter from you!!! Honey, please tell me, do you know how much I am serious about you???? Do you realize that you are the man I was looking for for all my life??? Do you realize that I am ready to leave everything here and relocate to you to marry you and live with you happily till the end of my life???
I am VERY serious in my intentions, honey, I truly hope you are as mush serious about me as I am serious about you and our future together!

Frank, this letter will be a short one and I am afraid my last one until uncertain time. The things is that I can not pay for the translational service any more:(( I use the translational firm service to communicate with you because honestly it is the only way for me now to keep contact with you. Believe me if there was any other way to continue writing to you I would immediately use it!! I tried writing through several translational programmes but the translations were miserably weak, all the Automatic translations from Russian or Ukrainian to European languages do not go through. But even if the automatic translation was good the only access to Internet for me is at the translational agency, there is no Internet cafe in my small village and to go every day by bus to Jankoy I can not afford as well.
I do not have a computer at home. So it is the situation which I am in now and I am at a loss what to do!!!! Everything was ok recently when I was able to pay 5 usd per one letter to be translated but now my savings are spent for the translations and from my 130 usd per month salary I can not afford paying for the translational fees:(( Frank, darling, what shall we do?????? Please advice!!!! Please tell me may be you have an opportunity to help me a little bit with the translational fees???? If yes it would be really wonderful!!! May be you can help me to pay for several letters?? I pray you to think about it deeply and tell me your thoughts about it! It would be such a relief for me if you could help!! I can not bare with the translations now, it is not my fault that I earn such a small money for my responsible job, it is the rules in the country which I was born in and I can not change it:( The paramedics, nurses and doctor from the social hospitals never earned good money in Ukraine:( If we got married and I relocated to you it would be great to work as a paramedic or may be even a doctor in future in your place, I am sure the salaries in Germany are much higher than in Ukraine! But we will discuss it later I think ok????
Now I truly hope you will help me not to lose our contact!!!! Please tell me about your decision!!!!
I am very serious about you, honey. Kiss you tenderly.... I am waiting for the news from you with anticipation!! Please call me if you can!!
+380661179243 Yours truly Nastasia.

Letter 6

Dear sir,

thank you for your letter. Miss Nastasia is eager to continue your correspondence but she has not money to pay for our translational service unfortunately. She truly hopes for your help with this matter.

Sincerely yours
executive manager
Irina Fedotova,
"Girlyanda" translational bureau
Mysovoye Village, Crimea, Ukraine.