Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Frank) How are you? This is me, Svetlana! I took your email address on the dating site and I like you a lot! I'm looking for a good man to create a happy family together, and I hope to know you much better, so if you're interested, answer me soon) Will wait for your letter impatiently!!
Letter 2
Hello Frank! How are you?? Did you have a good day? I hope so! Because my day became wonderful after hearing from you! Thank you) Frankly speaking you already now seem to be very serious and loyal man) I love your manner of writing, your words. We speak with you as if we knew each other for a very long time...I like your openness) So, can you tell me about your family?? Do you live alone? I live together with my parents. My mom will be 54 this October, my step father will be 59 in December. I love them very much and always try to help them as much as I can. They brought me up as a good person and I'm grateful to them) I have a sister, she lives close to our house and very often she comes to us) She will be 35 in February. She works as a hairdresser, and that's why my hair is so nice))) You can see her and her daughter (my neice) on the photo:) (so cute!) I love her very much and I spend so much time with her...This way i also help my sister, because she is working and sometimes has no one to help her.
Yes, children are tiring sometimes, but I love to spend time with her:) I have a dream, that is very hard to make come true nowadays. I want my own family with good husband and cute kids) It's a normal wish for a woman and i hope I can have it one day, hopefully soon) And also I dream of...travelling. I've never been abroad and never seen any beautiful country( I dream to visit some cities like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin or Tokio...or any other. I saw a lot of photos and read a lot about other countries and cultures, but never saw in reality( Do you have any dreams? What are they, if not a secret?) > Can you drive a car? No, I can't. > Do you have an international passport? No, I don't :-(((. > What is your telephone number I don't have a mobile phone unfortunately :-(((. I'm sorry, can't stop writing, my hand is like crazy))) I hope you're not bored with my letter?) Have a nice day)
Svetlana :*
Letter 3
My dear Frank! Hello) How are you and how was your day? I already miss your letters! You are a good writer and I've got used to you even in such a small period if time) I like the way you express your attitude to life, your opinions. That's why, may be, I'm not afraid to talk with you on any topic) So, don't be afraid to ask me about something you would like to know, ok? Cause sometimes it's difficult to understand hints. I need you to be straight and honest with me, and I will answer you with the same) I don't have many people I can trust to, only my parents, you and my best friend. Inna is always there for me at bad times and she never betrayed me! I love her as a sister. We spend a lot of time together and I thank God that he gave her to me as a close person. Good friends are rare nowadays, isn't it? We usually walk in the park, talking about different things, asking for advices) Sometimes we go to the cinema or theatre, sometimes we help me sister with her son together or help her mom with kids at kindergarten) Honey, what is your favourite activity that you do in your spare time?
Any interests? My best activity is reading! I like foreign literature starting from the first books written, and till nowadays. I don't have a favourite book, because I read so many wonderful masterpieces that it's too hard to choose) And what style of books do you like to read? But now I read an English book, that I've bought with hope to learn some English. I feel pity that I didn't learn it at school when it was for free( Now its very hard for me, very! There are so many things, words, rules that I cannot understand at all. I understand how important it is for our communication and i wish I could go to the English classes. But the job of a waitress allows not much of things( I can continue to talk to you endlessly! But I don't want to bore you) I hope to hear more from you soon) Have a wonderful day, darling)
Kiss you!
Yours Svetlana!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Frank) I hope you're fine and you had a wonderful day) Thank you for the nice letter, honey) You know, I saw such a cute kitten on the street now when I was on my way to the cafe) It was black with white paws...) I didn't tell you, but animals is my weakness) I love them very much and if i see a homeless cat or dog, i feel so sorry that I can't pass it by. If I could I would take them all with me to feed them and give them home) But my mom is allergic to their hair and it would be not fair) Do you like animals? I start to tell you everything, even little insignificant things that happen to me...It seems that I've got used to you and your letters so much, that I won't be able to live without you any more!) I don't know what you think of this, but I was dreaming to fall in love and why not to try with you?! I hope you feel the same... You know, from the very beginning of our communication i felt something close to me in your soul, i felt some hope looking at you and now i understand that I was right and you're exactly the person I would love to be with and to make happy. I'm also happy here, of course, with my family. And though we have a lot of problems to solve and overcome, we stay friendly and love each other very much) Me and my mom are the only people who bring money to our family. My step dad is very ill, he doesn't work and we have to care about him. He is a good person and always feel sad to understand that he cannot help his wife and his kids. And we all and try to give him as much love as we can. It is difficult for us, of course, and especially for me, because i have to pay a lot to finish studying. And frankly speaking I could never imagine that it will be too expensive for me to translate our letters( And I have the only way out - to start another work. Inna's mom offered me a flexible schedule in the Kindergarten and tomorrow is my first day there. I know that it will be very difficult, but to get something you have to pay for it and I'm sure that you will appreciate my efforts. I really hope that my efforts will not be useless and that in future we can become a good couple) I hope to hear from you tomorrow) Have a nice day!
Your Ukrainian girlfriend Svetlana)
Letter 5
Good evening, my dear Frank) How are you? Thank you for your interesting letter! You always write such a nice words that I can't not to smile! I like it so much!) You're wonderful! I'm so happy that we met!! :) Darling, tell me how was your day? What did you do? I would like to know all the habits you have) What is your favourite dish? I love cooking, especially for someone dear to me) I would also love to make something pleasant and tasty for you! So, what would you like??) Have you ever tasted Ukrainian Borcsh? Pelmeni? Vareniki?)) I hope you remember I told you about my second job and today was my first day there) It's very interesting to work with kids, they are so cute and funny. I love children a lot) And I love this work very much!
But I understand that i don't have even one free minute for some rest or to eat. I will change the time of writing to you, I hope it will not bother you a lot. I will write to you in late evening, after my two works, ok? My mom says that I won't be able to live this way, but I want to write to you, to read your letters, to be with you! And I'm ready to work that hard to make our relations possible!
Do you support me in this? I have to go now, I think. The cafe works only to 6 p.m.( They will not have a time to translate the letter( Oh, how much it could be easier if I knew Enlgish and could write by myself!( I could write to you anytime and wouldn't have to pay for it( Well, I won't end my letter this way)
Want you to be happy after reading my letter, not
sad!) I miss you and kiss you! I hope to hear from you very soon) With love) yours Svetlana!
Letter 6
Hello, my sun Frank ) How are you, dear? Thank you for your wonderful fascinating letter! You know, even though I'm very tired and really sad, reading your letter brings me back to life and good mood) Are you a sorcerer?) So, how did you pass your day? How is your work? I hope you're in a good mood) I'm too tired to write a long letter to you, I'm sorry( I wish I was stronger, but I'm a simple human and my powers are over. I need some rest and i guess I will not be able to earn much money in the kindergarten if i don't work there each day( But i have my studying too and today I was in university. I will spend my night writing a report and I'm not sure if I will be able to work in the kindergarten tomorrow. Working without sleeping...not good, right? I start to think that my mom was right, I have to stop killing myself and think about my health. As they say you never understand things until you don't experience them. I'm really sad with this situation. I know that now our relations are on the verge of break, but we can think of other ways out. I'm not alone, right? You are with me, and we can support each other.
We have to think what to do further together, because I cannot pay for our letters anymore( I just need your support now, I need to hear from you and to know your thoughts, because i worry a lot and feel not good about it all( But I hope you're fine, as I want you to be happy always.
You're my dear dream and I want it to come you want it? I will stop the letter here) I will miss you a lot! Have a nice day and sweet dreams! I hope to see your letter soon...
Kiss you!
Letter 7
Good evening, my lovely Frank!) Thank you for your wonderful letter) Honey, I have such a warm feelings to you and it's so wonderful to have a man you can give all your care and warmth) I really can't live without your letters and you? I hope you also need me? You know, I have never thought I will be with a foreigner) But it's so! My mom supports me in my choice! She says you're a good man, as it seems to her. I told her almost everything you wrote to me and she likes you) So, you will have no problems with my parents if everything will be fine between us) I think you're my fate and I really believe it! My heart feels that we're meant to be together and my soul wants to be near you! I want to meet you very soon. Do you want this? I see that you have these feelings also! I don't know how couldn't we meet earlier?! Even though I have such a wonderful feeling to you, it doesn't save me from the problems( As you know, i pay for the Internet and for the translation of our letters and for the photos. To say the truth it's really hard for me to pay for all these things and I don't know for how many letters I will be able to pay( But I'm trying, really. Sure, it would be much easier for me if my salary was 500 dollars, not 200.
But I can't find a better job while I didn't finish my diploma. You asked me to say the truth, and I tell you. I really can't afford to pay for our correspondence the whole month( If you have any ideas, let me know, please. My dearest man in the world! I love you so much! I can't live without you already and hope I will not have to!) Kiss you! Yours Svetlana!
Letter 8
Honey Frank, thank you for your letter, but I have no money to translate it :-(((, missing you terribly, Sveta
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