Letter(s) from Ludmila Eryomenko to Tony (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my prince Tony!

How your mood my angel?

At me thanks to you all is simply excellent, you help me to keep with a tone.
Also that to me would not occur, your letters will always cheer me up, And during such moments I understand not all so badly, After all I have you!! And all grieves leave away, heart is filled not with conceivable warmth from your words.

I think that our meeting with you is close. Anyway I hope for it and I look forward it.
It would be desirable to embrace more soon you, to lean against your shoulder and gently to whisper:
The love, my angel as I is glad that we have met you!!!
And I am assured that the moment of our meeting, will be most not forgotten for all our life, I would like it above all.
I ask God that it has passed as it is possible more soon, after all I cannot constrain the feelings any more.
The soul and is torn to you on wings of our love, passing big distance and Meeting on what way of barriers!

I think that we will be with you the happiest people on the Earth!!!
I trust in it, and I think not to whom in this world have not carried more than to me!!!
I want it!!!
We will be the happiest pair, and around though on thousand miles, not to find people more happily than we.
I hope for the reciprocal feelings impregnated with warmth and huge desire.

My mother always trusts me and understands me, and observing of me from outside, Understands that to me on the present has carried.
She wants to transfer you ardent and sincere greetings, And all parent heart wishes, that our relations proceeded still many long years, She on the present trusts in our light future!!!
Mother from the bottom of the heart thanks you for that that you have made her daughter happy, Also wants to embrace you in the strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses, And also my most passionate embraces!!!

I so dream, that two loving hearts which fight together, to continue in the same continuation for ever!!!
And these two loving hearts are our hearts!!!

Your sincerely loving Lyudmila!!!

Letter 2

Hello my love Tony.
Your letter has again brought light in my life.
How you? I hope, what at you all is good?
I think that life not so bad if there are such people as you my Love.
Many thanks to you for this purpose.
You have kind heart, and it can make our relations warmer.
Now, when I have you, I think that our life will change.
The world becomes kind, bright and warm for us.
If I had itself money I would not ask from you 1 euro, you understand me?
I will have a part of money for my tickets, I will have a salary next week, but at first I should make my papers, What not to waste time, you agree with me? Tickets will cost about 400 euros.
I will have also a part of money for my tickets. I again was today in travel company.
I have paid yesterday at once 65 euros for the medical insurance because I do not have more money And now it is necessary to me 277 euros more for my documents, I have concluded the contract with travel company Also sent you a copy of the contract which has concluded yesterday with travel company and also sent you a medical insurance copy.
It is necessary to me 277 euros on documents?
But I cannot pay itself to myself a trip, at me was not present so many money for my trip.
You are ready to help me with a trip?
I am ready to fly to you and to have a rest from Russia, my vacation already will be since December, 12th, I cannot meet later, Then I will not have vacation.
And also I want to start to make my papers not to waste time, you agree with me?
I send you a photo in hands a copy of the Russian document, for trust that I with you am sincerely fair and true with you.
I have no bank account since 1998,
When in Russia there was a big crisis,
I will go to bank and I will learn, how you can do to my pass, ok?
I am grateful to you for your care and the help to me, you true The man who is ready to help the girl a difficult minute.
I think that everyone demands this world filled with the big love and warmth of hearts.
I would like to establish a strong
and friendly family where would reign atmosphere of mutual understanding, happiness and love.
I would like that you smiled to me every morning and every evening.
And I will give a smile to you,
I think that it will bring to us a lot of pleasure and love.
I am ready to give all with that end in view.
To find true love is very difficult thing. But I have made it!!!
I love you my prince.
I kiss you.
Yours for ever Lyudmila.

Letter 3

Hello my love Tony.
I am very glad to see your letter.
You, love of all my life.
At you all is good? How your mood?
Thanks you also for the information
About tickets, I have understood you that tickets Will cost more expensive, than I thought, I now do not have on documents 277 euros on mine the document Also it is necessary to pay already them in travel company, To have time to receive by December, 27th And to fly to you without problems, you agree with me?
And then if tickets cost about 680 euros, That at me will be the salary and will be about 320 euros on tickets, Means there will be no 360 euros on tickets, you agree with me?
In a total sum it is necessary 277 euros on documents and 360 euros,
637 euros on all trip and I can
Then to fly to you at once from December, 27th till January, 7th without problems, ok?
I am grateful to you for your help to me, You the true man who is ready to help the girl a difficult minute.
I want to start to make my papers now.
I went to bank now and have learnt as you can send money!
As I do not have bank account.

I to be in bank and to learn rather system sending money between the country.
In bank to me to say what to be many system sending money between the country.
I to ask about system more safe, reliable and popular.
The manager to tell bank to me about system "MoneyGram".
You the nobility this system? In yours a city to be such system sending money?

The manager bank to say to me that it to be not difficult and very simple.
He to say that operation will occupy about 15 minutes and no more.
To you to be necessary to come to bank about money and to fill my information in the form sending money.
My information, for sending money:

My address.
Lyudmila Eryomenko
ST. Zaozernay 3. Appartement 15.
Russia 184640

And also me a distance of 5 addresses of bank "MoneyGram" in your region BOGNOR REGIS, you can send money In any of these banks, ok?






The manager to say that I will come to bank and to receive yours money.
To me to be necessary I documents and the nobility the information sending money:

- Yours full a name
- A city with which you to have sending money
- The exact sum sending money
- A confidential code sending money

With this information I will receive yours money without a problem.
Mine Tony when you to be going to make sending money?
I should know date to go to bank and to receive yours money, for my trip to you in the country.
I to hope that you will cope it and you will not have any problem.
I will wait your letter and yours for news.
I love you very strongly.
Yours for ever Lyudmila.