Scam letter(s) from Irina Shulzhenko to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Good day, my friend Frank! I am pleased to get your attention, and I'm happy to start our acquaintance. My name is Albina. I was born on January 28, 1985. I live in Ukraine. I work as a fitness trainer. I have no children and I have never been married. I dream to meet a man who will be my trusted friend, a good husband and a passionate lover.
I'm not trying to find the perfect man or Prince - I really look at this world, I'm looking ordinary person who can be happy and sad, have a smile and want to love. I believe that the relationship of lovers - this is their little world in which they are happy: delight your soul mate every day, realize their ****** fantasies and desires, for them there is nothing forbidden. I hope to get your answer, and I want to know about your position in life and your view of the world: What are the main qualities must have your partner? What are you looking for on the site?
What is the main motto of your life? I'll tell you more about my life and hobbies in my next letter, and now I'll wait for your answer.) Albina.
Letter 2
Good day Frank! I wish you good mood). I will not dissemble - your letter was for me a welcome. I am very interested to continue our acquaintance and get to know each other. As I told you in my last letter - I work for a fitness trainer, so the sport is my life. I love swimming, my morning starts with a jog, and I like my weekends to spend active. I have a little free time, because every day I try to spend for the benefit of themselves and their health. "Love + Passion + Respect" is a reliable formula to create a relationship. I want to give my love and tenderness for my man. I am a **** girl, so if you think *** is one of the main parts of the relationship, and you're ready to spend the night without sleep - in my passionate embrace - we have a future and the opportunity to develop a relationship. As I told you earlier, I am not looking for Ideal man (my beloved man will be perfect for me in every respect), because each person has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, I do not speak English (which is why I am communicating with you through a translator - translation agency that provides such services).I do not want to have secrets from you, so I just say to you about it. I think that you do not consider this a global problem (after all, it can be solved with time), and you can accept me for who I am. I think that my dignity is more valuable than lack of knowledge of English). What do you think about this? I end my letter, and I will hope for your fast reply. Maybe today I will come to you in a dream?)
And I will hope that in my dreams I see you). Have a wonderful day. My kiss and hug.
Letter 3
Hello, Dear Frank! I was waiting for the opportunity to write a letter to you and to receive your letter.) And that time has come). I am happy to know that our relationship is strengthened, and we are getting closer to each other. We are adults and modern humans, so I do not see anything bad to share with you my secret thoughts and desires (I think it's time to talk about it). I felt within himself the strength and confidence because your words gave me that feeling. I'm glad you let me talk about myself without reserve, to be gentle and frank with you. Maybe you came into my life that I experienced the passion to the fullest, because physical attraction is growing inside me. I dream of a real meeting, and these thoughts lead me excited, because I can imagine what we can do for each other ... I want to feel your touch, your kiss ... I hope that these moments will remain in our memories and become a part of our history ... Nice to know that your life is congenial man, to whom I shall ... and morally and sexually ... I hope that my writing is not too frankly - I just wanted to tell you about my feelings and desires ... I want you to tell me about their secret thoughts and desires), I wish you a good day), my kisses and hugs
Letter 4

WELCOME TO TRANSLATION BUREAU "CONTACT" Dear Mr. Frank! Lady Albina, with her you may have fellowship for some time, came to our Company in the hope of obtaining information to you. Lady Albina waiting for your answer. Thank you for your attention. Best regards,
administration of
Translation Bureau "Contact"
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