Letter(s) from Marilyne Abarley to Charles (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Charles, Happy New Year! How are you today?..good to get in touch with you from the dating site. What are you looking for on the site? I'm sorry for my late response, ive been caught up helping my granny. Let me introduce myself, I'm Marilyne Abarley, 34 yrs old.Born and raised in Sarsfield, Ontario, Canada. I have a mixed heritage, My Dad was originally from Istanbul, Turkey before he passed away when i was 12 years old while my Mom was originally Canadian, Recently moved down here to stay with my Granny after i lost my Mom 2 years ago and I was so lonely and had no one to lean on, things didn't work out between me and my last boy friend, I was going to start a happy new life with my ex-boyfriend before i realized he wasn't faithful and honest, He would even hit me when he gets drunk with his friends, It wasn't a good experience for me, I didn't have anyone to turn to other than my granny down here in Istanbul, Turkey. I have lived all of my life in Sarsfield, Ontario, Canada, till last 2 years when i moved, So you know i am Canadian and wont have any problem relocating back if i find the right man for myself.

Not to bore you with my past, now i am currently living in Istanbul, Turkey with my granny and I work as a Secretary for a small business which is just growing with Hope. On some weekends i volunteer at an Orphanage Home, its a free-will job that i don't get paid, guess i know what it feels like, not having ones parents around, i feel the kids pain. I have just joined the site and looking for that loving and caring man to love me truthfully for the rest of my life and i'll love him back more, i believe he is out there, You? Maybe! Hon tell me more about yourself.

I'm not a bad cook, I like to eat pastas, rice, steaks, chicken, soups etc. I love cooking, interior designing, fashion, I like to go everywhere as long as I am accompanied by my special man, I am the kind of woman you'll find at any party..I will be lying to say I don't like to visit those places, but like I said I like to go with someone or worse case friends and family at least to have fun once in a while guess that is life, but not the night scene clubs or bars as i dont do those...!For the most part if I go out, I might go with my best friend or the fun-type of a person.I enjoy camping,hunting, going for walk at the beach. I like to think that I am really easy going, well mannered, I love challenges, I love to do things right and give my very best to anything I do, no matter the outcome, I like to have a positive attitude towards everything and everybody, I totally love people, can't take injustice, unfairness, definitely will stand out for any child that is in dis-pair, actually for anyone, but specially children...That is something that I am really strong about, later in time you'll know why, maybe when we meet in person if that is the case...I am very outspoken, savvy negotiator, very wise and will never forget whatever you say to me or do... I forgive and forget rather soon, highly sensitive,like to be special to someone and love to make the person I am with very special, I love from just laying by your side, to jumping up and down, playing soccer, baseball, tennis, volley ball...anything goes...love to go to games or invite friends over to see the games at home and have barbecue's just for the sake of fun, and having a good time, I will always greet you with a big smile and a hug, always have time to listen to you, no matter how busy I might be, I am a great friend, honest, and faithful...

I think thats enough for now, what will you like to know about me?. I hope you like my pictures, hope to read back from you soon.

Marilyne Abarley

Letter 2

Dear Charles, Glad to hear back from you, I thought i would have scared you away after emailing you more about myself and thoughts about life generally. I will like to imagine we have a chance of building something beautiful here if we are not bothered about other factors like age and distance. My birthday is on the 10th of January, Much closer than ever..Yes i do like animal, i used to have a cat back when i was in Canada. I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! I'm willing to give this a try,you have proven to me so far its worth a try. I liked your response to my email as it has given me an insight of who you are and i really appreciate your time taken in writing me more about your self, but would like to take this further as we get to know each other more.

Im glad you would like us to get to know each other better more, i like that you have an understanding mind. Your words are like music unto my heart and i feel so warm reading your words in the email. I want you know that i perfectly read your email and understand every bit of it. What matters most is how much love we have in our heart and ready to share with our new partner. I have a very big heart that is willing to love and be loved.. also i am not bothered about the distance neither I'm i bothered about the age. Its only a matter of time till everything fall into place as we both want it. I am willing to relocate at the long-run if things go smoothly between us, thats why i have a temporary job here. May I ask your thoughts about the age and distance if its a bother to you? Well, not with me. I am willing to put my all in this in search of the right man for me, and therefore i am willing and ready to meet him regardless of the distance.

With enough being said on that and to tell you more about what i seek online, I am looking for a caring, honest, trustworthy, loving, respectful and be faithful to me with all sincerity's, do you think you have these? They really matters to me, I've been through a lot and have had both bad and good sides of a relationship, I know what i want would want to be sure if we are on the outlook. I don't want get hurt anymore, I've been down that road already. Any way tell me what you really looking for? A Date, long term relationship, friendship, business partner?

I will keep this short again, I will like to know if there is anything else that you would like to know about me, just ask me and i'll answer your questions. I really would love to see things go fine for us and hopefully we meet sometime soon as that would be so necessary. You sound like that special man that I am looking for and waited for, Something tells me I am really close to my dream man. Is that you?...I want to assure you that I am not into playing games as I hate head games, Im so sincere in every words i say to you. I am searching for that man that would make me feel complete and sweep me off my feet, that loving and caring man,for a long lasting relationship, do you think you're that Man?

Will take a break now and look forward to hearing from you soon again, its my pleasure meeting you.