Letter(s) from Ekaterina Volkova to Leon (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Leon!!!
At last I get to the Internet cafe and can write you. How are you these days?
Hope everything is fine. As for me I am rather good. It is really excited that I met you.
I do not know you very well but I really find our connection very interesting and delightful.
I do not know what exactly made me contact your ad. Perhaps it was some kind of intuition.
I am really glad that I wrote you and I hope this intuition will not lie to me.
I think you want to know more things about my life here. You know that I have been living here for all my life.
I spend all my childhood in Penza city. I do not like to remember that time.
I explain you why. I am the orphan and I do not have family. I even do not know my mother and father.
I was brought up in the boarding school for children orphans. You know that it is not happy to live without parents.
I wanted to find my parents when I brought up but then I forgot about this idea.
That's why I decided to work in the boarding school and give all my love and care to children who do not have love from parents.
Now I live with two my girlfriends. We rent the room together. Their names are Tatyana and Nadezhda.
We know each other from the childhood. We were together in the boarding school and they like my sisters now.
They work on the textile plant. We spend a lot of time together.
I think any person can have only few real friends.
I have such friends and I know that I always can hope on their help and support.
I also have some friends from my work but we do not spend a lot of time together.
I think it is because everybody has her or his own life. But sometimes we gather together and go for picnics or cinema.
Most of all I like to watch comedies and romantic films.
What else I can tell you about me?
I believe in God. I am Christian but I think that the main faith is in the heart and not just in going to the church. v There are a lot of people who go to the church just for view or fashion.
I am against such faith. You know that I like romantic things. I like flowers.
I like all flowers but most of all I like roses. It is the flowers of love. My favorite color is blue.
I had one dream in childhood. I wanted to sea Blue Ocean. I have never seen ocean.
Hope I will be able to see it one day. Now I have more serious dreams.
You know that I want to have my own family, my own micro world.
I live with my girlfriends now but I want to have close person who will understand me in everything.
I want to share all moments of the life with him. I want to have beloved man who will love me and will care about me.
I dream about having a family and to have close friends, to gather together and to spend vacations, to have picnics, to go out together.
It is dreams again. I hope that they will come true one day. I think I should let you go now.
I have written you a lot of information about me in my letters.
I spend a lot of time writing letters because I type very slowly. Hope my typing skills will be better in some time.
If you want to know anything you can always ask me about it, ok.
Maybe it is strange but I thought about you. You know that I am very interested in you and our connection.
Hope everything will be fine with it.
Well, I need to close here.
I need to go but I will think about you. I already think about you a lot.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Your friend Ekaterina.

Letter 2

Hello dearest Leon!!!
I am very happy to read your words. You know that I wait for your letters with so big impatience.
My life here is so usual. I wake up and go to work.
I like my work and children are the only good I have here and I give them all my energy.
I work since 8:00 till 17:00 five days per week but sometimes I work more hours.
Then I go to sport hall to work out and home and just have a rest till next morning.
And so is every day. Only on weekends I have some free time to relax.
Sometimes I feel that I am alone and I want to have real close for me person.
I do not know what I would do without Tatyana and Nadezhda. It is my girlfriends I have written you about them.
Also my cat helps me to forget about loneliness. I do not remember if I wrote to you that we have a cat.
Her name is Murka. She is very kind and clever. But now I have met you and you like a new breathe in my life.
I begin to miss you when I cannot read you letters.
I usually go to the cafe during my lunch break or after work
By the way I have told my girlfriends about our correspondence.
They are a little skeptical about all of this.
They told me that there are so many lies in the Internet and you cannot believe anybody but I hope we will change their mind, will we? Oh, I have remembered that I need to cook supper. My girlfriends will come home rather late today and I need to feed them.
I do not remember if I have written to you that I like cooking.
My friends like my cooking. I like to cook something delicious and then invite my friends to taste.
I think you would like my cooking too. Maybe you will be able to taste it one day.
Everything can happen in this world. Am I right? I am really glad that we have met each other.
And I am not afraid of anything. Time will show to us everything we want to know I think. Am I right?
I have the feelings that we will have a lot of wonderful moments in the future.
Sorry dear, I need to go now. I need to get to home as quickly as possible to cook the supper.
I will try to write you more next time, ok.
As always I will wait for your letters with very big impatience and will think about you.
Your letters are becoming very important for me. Have a good day.
Your friend Ekaterina.