Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Frank! ! !
You know if it is honest, I didn't think that you will write to me, but I had hope.
I am glad that you after all wrote me your mail.
I want to find the man who will be honest, careful, and certainly with which I will be able to create the fine relations!
So, now we can get acquainted! :) I think that our acquaintance needs to be begun with a name, my name Olesya.
I am 29 years old, my birthday on July 24. I am a lion on zodiac sign, and you?
I have no addictions. I don't drink alcohol and I am able to afford to drink that be (wine, champagne) and that only on holidays, I don't smoke in general.
I prefer a healthy lifestyle.
I Love pets.
Also I like to listen to music, generally style of music depends on my mood.
To be pleasant to me sports to support a healthy lifestyle.
My growth makes 173 cm, and my weight - 53 kg.
why you decided to get acquainted through Internet? you have any complexes to meet women in real life?
probably you will badly understand my language if for you it isn't clear, don't hesitate to ask, ok? ?
I as have to you questions: where do you live? you have a family?
you in search of Love?
YOU look for sex or the serious relations? what is important for you?
it will be very pleasant to me if you answer me these questions and you will ask interesting questions for me.
in this email I send you the photos and I will expect your answer with your photos.
Your new girlfriend of Olesya

Letter 2

Hello my friend of Frank!
For me to see this also great pleasure that you showed interest for me. I am very glad to read your e-mail.
It is very pleasant to me that we continue with you dialogue.
I want to know about you everything directly. as I ask you to answer always my questions as I consider that between the man and the woman there should be no secrets if they want to get acquainted more.
the relations are under construction on trust. you agree with me?
Tell me about itself, the life, about a family and your desires, entertainments, all that is interesting to you. to me it is very curious.
My mood today good because I read your mail.
and then my fine day became finer!
I hope that, it is pleasant to you to communicate with me?
You know even can call me by Olesya or Olesechka so more to be pleasant to me, I am called so mine by girlfriends!
my place residence, Almetyevsk city! My city is in 150 kilometers from Kazan city.
I had an unsuccessful experience with the man from Russia because I don't want to hurt again the heart and I more never met the man from Russia.
you know, I don't think that external beauty - the most important thing. I think that the real beauty of the person is in heart.
The person has to be beautiful from within, in my opinion.
I think, what you agree with me? !
My purpose in life: to find the person who will love me and to respect which will surprise me and to give me love, it is simple to be happy with him.
In free time I love cinema, reading books, sports, to go out with the friends.
I like to spend time in kitchen and to spend time with my parents.
I hope that I didn't tire you and didn't force to read my mail hardly! ?
I will be very glad if you set me as questions to learn about me much more.
now I finish the mail and I go to drink tea =) .
I wait your answer.
your girlfriend of Olesya.

Letter 3

Hello my Friend of Frank! ! !
I with huge pleasure read your Email and Acquaintance to you))) is very pleasant to me how you today? what are you doing?
I attentively read your Email which you wrote to me, and it is very interesting to me when you tell about the interests.
to what you present the woman? you it is pleasant to what appearance of the woman? ?
whether you are ready on what act for the sake of Love?
in what sport you Like to be engaged?
I very much like to run in the morning every weekend.
as I very much Like to ski, by bicycle and to float, I want love, I want the serious relations! ! ! !
I graduated Moscow from the State university as an economist.
But I couldn't find work on this specialty, and now I work as the manager on to sell in perfumery "Al Soles" shop. My work pleasant to me though sometimes it happens tiresome and same. Certainly, my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces.
I was very tired of loneliness. And I one more!
All my life passes at work. Now I am lonely. It is heavy to me to be in such state. Now I am completely ready what to establish a family. I can offer much for the sake of good family life.
I have some questions for you. What your purposes and dreams? And what - your intentions? It very interestingly for me will know. If this not is difficult, please, answer these questions for me. Also don't hesitate to ask me something, I will answer you with great pleasure.
I didn't tire you? ? ?
my Friend of Frank what countries you visited for the life?
you could tell about the family? about the vital problems?
about the childhood and about education!
please send me the photos
it will be really very interesting to me
on it I Want to finish the Email and I send you a kiss

Letter 4

Hello my FRIEND of Frank! ! !
Thanks for your next mail. it is very pleasant to me to receive your mail.
how is the weather at you?
how do you feel?
At acquaintance to you I understand that you are that person who won't deceive me and won't use my body the mercenary purposes.
I very much hope that you seriously treat me and my mails.
I had bad experience. Those old relations, are even not worthy to mention it. Now I really understand many things after my last relations and the most valuable traits of character, for me in any person - honesty, sincerity and devotion.
And I have desire to develop ours with you the relations from friendly in more serious.
Frank, for me is very pleasant to carry on dialogue with you.
Now, when I carry on dialogue with you, my mood happy and joyful.
With you my days are more joyful and become more interesting.
Now, I think, and I hope that development of our relations will have very fine character!
In your letters I feel kindness.
My impressions about my childhood are very fine, my parents very much loved me and gave me big care and love!
When I was small, I was happy my family, my father and mother. I - respected, and I will always thank my parents, for it they gave me life on this a planet, in this city. Earlier we with parents did walks in the wood by the nature to have rest. It was pleasant for me, because we were together! I will never forget about these happy days of my childhood!
I ask that you told me about How you spend a free time, than you are engaged how you carry out weeksend's? Tell me about the friends and relatives?
For me it is very interesting to learn about those people with whom you carry out the life every day.
I wait your mail and your photos.
as I send you the photos.
you like to look at my photos? what do you think?
Now I finish the mail.
your girlfriend of Olesya

Letter 5

Hello Frank! ! ! ! ! !
You don't represent as I is happy to receive your mail.
I waited for your mail with big impatience!
For me happiness to receive from you mail and when I read your mail, my mood, improves.
my sympathy for you becomes stronger and my heart rejoices that we got acquainted with you, I didn't expect and not when didn't feel these feelings through Internet.
Internet - Excellent chance in 21 centuries to meet the friends, new Acquaintances!
you agree with me?
I am the lonely woman, which in search of Love.
my dream is a family Happiness, love, Respect and support from the beloved!
I Don't want to develop ours with you the relation very quickly because I very much am afraid again a heartache.
the previous love made me cleverer and that naivety which was disappeared, often I want to be weak needing the help, warmth of gentle words! but near me there is no that Only man who is capable to melt my heart!
I Want to be a darling and I will make happy that man who will Love me The love is a pleasant feeling which does as also pain!
for many years I didn't admit men to myself.
it is a pity that we are far apart.
Know that it is very pleasant to me to get acquainted and Communicate with you, I not when didn't feel such strong sympathy sympathy through Internet!
Today my day passed as usual.
In general, my day passed without interesting events, the most important event for me today - your mail.
You like to travel?
Tell me please in what countries of the world you was?
I had no great opportunity to travel.
I travel only on Russia.
Probably you know interesting and beautiful places in which we could have together walk in such places! Tell me about fine and beautiful places of your country?
Now I finish the mail and I wait your answer.
I hope, you will write to me tomorrow. I wish you remarkable day! ! ! !
Your girlfriend of Olesya.

: ) kiss kiss

Letter 6

Hello my dear Frank!
very pleasant to read your gentle words again.
how is the weather at you today?
I trust you and I can speak with you about any things, I can trust you all my ideas which aren't known by anybody.
In the relations first of all I estimate trust and honesty.
I want to be frank with you and to tell you everything that you interests in me. if you have questions that I ask you to set them in time our correspondence.
I think that we have to trust to each other because without trust it it is impossible to live. I want to be frank to you and to tell everything that you have to know. I don't want to hide anything from you. prior to our dialogue with you I carried on dialogue with the person, I thought that this person sees our relations very serious, but he wasn't interested in me as the person! it approached to our relations not seriously! I understood that he wanted to see only my naked photo where I without clothes. I answered at once, I am the decent girl, and I didn't take never such pornographic picture. But, he insisted to receive from me the photo. I understood that it not seriously interested to me and then I immediately stopped dialogue with it.
I hope that you not such and I hope that you really know that you want from our dialogue. I don't doubt you and our dialogue.
you write still to somebody? be with me as it is frank.
I write to you in hope that I shouldn't look for still someone. at present I don't write to any other man and I am not going to make it as I see on your mails that you are adjusted seriously to our relations.
I don't think in general to lie to you!
I think, we start trusting more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me?
I want to continue, develop with you our relations, and I believe that everything can be very good for us. I wish you good mood, and don't forget me :) !
I with impatience will wait for your mail, to miss you! ! !
As I send you my photos.
Your Olesya
p.s: probably today my letter seemed to you long and boring if it so that tell me about it that I didn't tire you with such mails. tell me the truth please. I won't be offended on you

Letter 7

Hello my lovely Frank! ! ! ! ! ! !
Many thanks for yours as always fine a mail, for your sensitive words and care words.
Your Mails are so pleasant to read for me when I close the eyes, I can imagine that you speak with me, it compels me to feel very well. This big miracle! ! ! I am grateful to destiny that I got acquainted with you. Even that we are far from each other actually, in my dreams we - together, we go together in some good place, in paradise garden, we hold each other by hands, we tell sensitive and warm words each other.
I feel that you are very special for me, I need reading your mails, it is like breath under water. I couldn't even think that the such can happens to me.
and it happened! ! ! you made with me something not clear, I as the little girl who fell in love for the first time.
I am very glad that we found each other and now we have dialogue. it is pleasant to you?
My intentions are serious.
I thank you that you appeared in my life. I am very happy with you.
I can trust you and speak to you about everything.
My parents are very glad that I found you and I am lucky enough with you.
my parents say hello to you.
If we could meet it in reality would be very much and very perfectly.
I will wait for this moment, but to our meeting we have to learn about each other much more that we could trust completely each other.
I think that, everything depends only on us and on our desire! what do you think therefore to an occasion?
My lovely Frank, I would like to tell that I don't want any misunderstanding in our future relations, thus I will be frank with you and I think, it needs to be told you that you for me only one person with whom I have relations.
I will wait for your mutual mail.
Yours faithfully to you.
Your Olesya

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Frank! ! ! ! ! !
it is very pleasant to me to receive from you mail.
when I read your mail, my day, became fine. It is pleasant to know that there is on a planet of people to whom my destiny is very excellent, the person for whom it is important to know that with me and that I I do!
how at you mood today? How are you doing?
I want to write to you about that as I see the future with the darling.
I want a normal family in which my husband won't drink many alcohol.
I didn't triple scandals and I didn't raise a hand against the beloved.
I want to live in kindness, love, happiness with the loved man. If I find such person whom I will love and trust, I will leave Russia to his house.
I am 29 years old, I wish to have a family. whether you want to have children? I want to tell you that I would agree to have children if my beloved wanted it from me.
whether you understand about what I ask you?
whether well you understand my mails?
I very much hope that you are which that person I looked for all the life. now you in my dreams.
You have a dream which you can tell me?
it would be very pleasant to me to learn of what you dream.
On it today I will finish my mail. I look forward your answer.
I see in our dialogue that you are the kind person and for me it is very pleasant to communicate with you!
It seems to me that our friendship grew in something stronger, so it doesn't seem to you?
what do you feel to me?
We start trusting more each other, we become more frank in our dialogue!
It is my opinion, I hope that your opinion doesn't differ from mine!
Now I will wait your mail!
Your Olesya

And my modest I will kiss..... :))))

Letter 9

Hello my lovely Frank! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I am very glad to receive your mail today.
you know that for me it is always pleasant to receive your mails.
when I receive your mail that my heart starts fighting much more often.
who would know because of what my heart starts fighting more often? maybe you know on it the answer?
what do you test when you receive my mails?
How you today? than you were engaged today?
how is the weather at you?
I hope that at you today everything is good!
My mother and the father ask me as at us with you our relations and dialogue proceed.
I say that everything is good, we began to trust much more each other!
you there is nothing I speak to the parents about ours with you the relations? don't worry, I don't tell them all details, I speak only very shortly.
I already told to the parents that you as you look for the serious relations and you treat me very kindly, but my mother reminded me of my last relations with the man and she warned me that everything can repeat again, but I overpersuaded her and told that you are very honest and good man.
I am very glad that my family approves my choice.
what speak your native or your loved ones? you in general told somebody about ours with you dialogue?
Also today in my letter, I want to tell you about my character. First of all, I am very romantic person. I like to walk under the moon, I like to come in summer evening for walk in park.
And nevertheless I am hardworking.
In life I very frank, honest and open for all close people for me.
I very easy for an insult.
I like to help people. I don't stand aside when there are any problems at my relatives or friends. I very cheerful, with me it will be never boring.
as I consider that the woman has to look after a place where she lives. The woman - the Keeper of the house.
For me there is no difference, whether there will be it the big house or the small apartment, the most important for me it when the beloved will be near me and for me it will be to feel love and happiness enough.
what do you think therefore to an occasion?
I very much want to know your opinion.
now I finish the mail.
I will wait very much for your mutual Mail.
friendly kiss on the cheek.
Your Olesya

Letter 10

Hello my lovely Frank! ! ! !
I with a great interest read your mail. i'm ok. I hope that at you too everything is good?
With each your mail it seems to me more and more that you are that person whom I looked for all the life.
Tonight I dreamed me are remarkable a dream. We walked with you in park holding hands and had kisses and embraces. we told each other pleasant words and talked much.
my dream was unfortunately short but when I woke up in the morning, I had good mood and I hope it for the whole whole day.
It seems to me that you are that ideal of the person whom I would like to see about myself every day. To wake up with you in one bed and to rise early in the morning from gentle and pleasant love caresses.
now I have to you very serious and big feelings, but I can't tell yet as they are called, but I precisely know that it more than friendship. there can be it love?
I feel that we become closer also closer. Our feelings to each other, become much more gentle, finer and more pleasant for us.
Between us there is a spark which can create fire.
you are very sensitive, clever, kind, interesting and decent person.
I am grateful to destiny that got acquainted with such beautiful person as you.
I very much want that our relations weren't only virtual.
I think that our relations will have development actually.
I see in you the person with whom I can easily speak.
you are interesting to me. you the one who does me happy are more increasing.
I see that you don't play with my feelings.
I see that I can smile with you.
I can speak with you concerning any subject, it is very easy for me as though I you already know a large number of time.
When I was young, Mother advised me to find such person with whom I can live all further life, without knowing any a grief. And in my opinion you are that person.
I wait your mail, and I grieve without you! ! !
Your Olesya

Letter 11

Hello my love Frank! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
you will allow me to write now so? "my love Frank"
I looked forward your mail to read it and to see your reaction to that that I wrote to you. And I read your mail. I very much missed you and I couldn't fall asleep during the night thinking of that that I wrote to you and as you will react to my mail.
I think of you every minute, every second. your mails are necessary for me, as oxygen.
I don't hide from you my feelings and I think that if you write me still that you have the same serious feelings to me as well as I to you! it is the truth?
These feelings very warm, it as the moon in summer nights in the dark sky.
if you look in free time at the moon, you will understand that all depth of my feelings is similar to the moon. One half of the moon - YOU. It is very expensive half for me.
Other half - I. These two half of the moon are close to each other as well as I wish to be close to you. you understand about what I write you?
I think that I found the person with whom I would like to divide all I wash the remained life and this person you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
with you to me it is very good and cozy, I feel the maximum comfort.
I very much hope that to you as it is good with me! ? I am right?
I understand that you are that person who doesn't play with feelings. I hope that I made a right choice.
I very much hope that we will be able sometime to have fine chance to meet in reality!
what do you think? I think that in mail I can express you not all feelings and the love and it demands a real meeting that you could understand as strongly I love you actually.
To our meeting I will always read your mails and to reciprocate to you on them.
now I finish the mail and I will look forward yours.
I want to tell again you. I love you Frank.
I like to tell it. my heart becomes at once hot and I receive very large number of a positive when I write you about that that I love you.
I send you with this mail gentle kiss on your mouth.
you felt my kiss?
your Olesya which is in love with you! ! ! ! !

Letter 12

Hello my love Frank! ! !
I am very glad to receive your mail. how you feel?
how do you feel?
today I feel very well, my mood at height because I found your mail.
Today I with my friends went to a gym.
I want that my body for you looked for 10000%, I want that I always was pleasant to you.
I want to be for you that which only woman at you wasn't. I very much hope that I changed your views of this guilty world. it's so?
you changed a lot of things in my life for this short time.
I very much love you and I want to be forever your woman.
I think that in my life the new stage begins.
It is a stage of our relations and love to each other.
I think that love this best feeling which is given to people. And we shouldn't lose such chance which is presented for us by destiny. I speak to the parents that our relations develop very much and very well and my parents very much hope for ours with you love and a long-awaited meeting.
We are united by warm and really close relations.
I constantly think of you, yours health, of your life. But I am tormented very much by a sadness because you is very far from me. I very much hope that we will meet you soon, but it only dream which I am not able to carry out independently. forgive me that I don't earn now enough of money and I am not able to afford such expensive trip to you.
You want that I learned trip cost?
Tomorrow I will go to travel agency and I learn cost.
I love you both my feelings and love to you overcomes thousands kilometers. I hope you feel my love and how it heats you?
it is a pity that we are far apart and between us barriers.
but know that to me is very pleasant to get acquainted and Communicate with you, I not when didn't feel such strong love through Internet!
I don't know as to explain these feelings with words, but I have such feeling, I am attracted to you.
now I finish the mail and I look forward yours.
your Olesya which loves you.