Scam letter(s) from Elena to Kip (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend. When I received your I understood that your intentions are serious.It is very good.
Wow! I can`t BELIEVE my eyes! You answered me, Kip.... You give me a chance!
I never used Internet, i have not trust on it but i see that It works!
Well, i want to say why i decided to chose Internet...You know, i had guy in my country, in Russia... All was ok.... I thought that he was my soulmate, but i known that he wanted only "one night relations" with me.... It was so terrible day in my life... I disappointed so much, and i understand now that the most men in Russsia want only it... But i want to do happy family, i want to be happy with kind serious man... I decided to choose Internet..
You know Kip I want our correspondence to be very productive.I mean that I would like to learn your inside world,to know all about you, your habbits, interests, hobbies, all what you like or dislike, what qualities you appreciate in people.By the way I have an offer. What do you think if we shall open something new in us in some order.Certainly we can write thousands of questions in one letter. But what for?
Let`s not to load each other with a lot of questions.
Let`s do everything in order, step by step.OK, let`s begin.... As you have already understood my name is Elena.. I am 25 years old. I was born in Nishnii Novgorod, on the 22 of May 1979.
It is situated in the central part of Russia.
I graduated from the University and now I am workking on my speciality. I have never been married, and I have no children. All my friends say that I am a very cheerful and sociable girl.I like to read different love stories and novels. I like to have long walks in the parks. I am also fond of cinema and music of different directions.
I always dream to find a good man and to have a good, friendly and happy family.
And now is your turn. Tell me about yourself.It will suffice for the beginning.
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