Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Fidchuck to Bailey (UK)
Letter 1

My baby Bailey, my love and my darling... My sweet!!!! I am so happy to be here with you again... Yes:) Yes, i am definitely very happy honey...)))) WOW... As usually, it feels soo good being here together with you my love, it makes me feel just incredibly good:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Tell me please how are you feeling yourself today??? How if your mood??? Are you as much happy as i am honey??? I do sincerely hope so...))) How is the weather honey??? I have to admit that the weather in Ukraine was not good at all yesterday in the evening, and tonight too... It was just... Just constant pouring rain, non stop rain i have to admit honey!!! And it finally stopped only this morning, when i was actually getting ready to go out! Can you imagine that honey????? It is beginning of January, actually - middle of winter time here, when we supposedly have to have frosts down to -15-20 and snowy weather outside - but we have temperatures above zero, rainy weather instead... What is this honey?????? Weather this year is a bit of crazy i think, because with all the honesty i may say to you that during my whole life - i can't remember when we had rains and +2+5 temperature during the January time... It is absolutely unusual honey, just absolutely exceptional weather... By the way i was watching News on TV yesterday, and i noticed that weather is getting crazy not only here, in Ukraine, but in UK too, and the most terrible things are going on right now in USA. Have you heard about incredibly cold and frosty weather there honey??? It is top news of the world, i guess... Even in California, where summer stays 12 month in a year, temperature has fallen down and it is snowing a little... What is going on with this world honey??? I don't know...
From the first sight, looking at Ukraine and east of Europe in general - you may say that this is global warming effect, but... from the other sight - looking at USA and weather there, you understand that what is going on over there is actually very far from what we call - global warming... World is going crazy, i think honey, and weather too... all over the world! I guess enough of talking about weather honey... let us talk about US better;)) Don't you agree honey???? > Your poem was amazing! Thank you for such beautiful words, written
> from the bottom of your heart with all your thoughts and emotions.
> It was a joy to read my dear I am very glad to hear that you liked my poem honey... Thank you soo much my dear, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...)))) Your words inspire me to write one more poem for you honey... I hope i will manage to do it for you my dear;))) I do sincerely hope so!!!!! > I hope your working week has started off well and you are In a good
> mood? My mood is perfect my dear, thankfully to you and to your presence in my life;)) And what about you????????????????????????????? Honey, i thank to you for sending me your picture... I like it:)) I like you very much my dearest!!!!! > I know you will make a good friend, lover, partner and wife for me? I will do my best to be a good friend, lover, partner and wife for you my dearest Bailey! > My dear are you a good cook? Are you a tidy and clean person about
> the house? I believe in traditional woman is better than modern day
> woman! In one of my previous letters, in the beginning, i mentioned to you that i like to cook and i think i am a good cook honey:))))) And yes, i am tidy and clean person... i like when in my apartment everything is clean and in the right order! > My mum and grandmother are great traditional woman and also taught
> me that a good woman should be able to do theses duties without
> difficulty. I am a tidy and clean man so won't be a problem. We both are tidy and clean people, so it will not be a problem you are right honey:))))) > Today is my day off work and I feel so lonely and miss you so much.
> I wish you was here with me right now! I want to feel your warmth
> and feel, touch and smell you. Mmmmmmmmmmmm honey... Sounds sooo good i would say... Sounds incredibly good... I wish you and me could be together right now, and i could feel your touches... OMG... it will be just really amazing...
your touches kisses and soo much more:) I love you honey... Loving you gives me such a feeling of fulfillment that I feel close to heaven, or probably, i am already in the heaven!
And that is why I feel this huge emptiness when i am not with you. I wish I could have you right now, now that a strong desire takes over me and reveals itself through the most sensitive parts of my body... I just want to be with you honey, so much! This feeling... This desire, it burns me from inside, giving me goose bumps, nearly making my hair stand on end, making my nipples hard and giving me an incredible lust... a lust for you and the way you will touch me and take me with your strong, manly arms. Ohhh honey... I don’t know if I should print these feelings in a letter, but i have no other chance to let you know what do i feel, to let you know the fire which is inside of me... Honey, i have found a very good language studio here, in my town, yesterday... I have decided to visit in person the language studio - newtone school it is called... I was told it is a good studio, with very good qualification of teachers and quality of studying... And, what is more, i even attended the first lesson yesterday honey!
YES)))) I did that honey))) Yes, they have very special proposition for a new visitors. They allow to attend three lessons for free, and then, if you like it, you have to pay for the at least month of studies! So i have decided, why not to try?? If it is for free for now, and then only, if i like, i will pay for it! It was rather interesting for me! Very interesting way of studying, actually of teaching, fluently English speaking teachers, and small groups of students - just 5-6 in one group with the same level of English! I really liked it, and i even have got home task;) Yes;) Like in school, i have got a home task! As for the prices honey - 5 days per week 2 hours per day has a price of 2000 hryvna per month (about 250 dollars). And another variant honey, 6 days per week, 5 from which are similar to written above, and the sixth one is different - 3 hours of studying every Saturday, with some extra exercises and so on... The price for this is 300 dollars, and unfortunately, it is too big amount of money for me, and i can't afford myself to pay for it a month honey, even if i wish to study English very very much, i just can't do pay this big money(((( They say - distance is so little when someone means so much for you!!!
And i have to admit, i am fully agree with this saying honey... I know there are kilometers and kilometers between us right now, but sometimes (to be honest with you, quite often) i feel as if there is no distance between us at all! It feels as if you and me are together... Living together, laughing together, loving together, walking together, laying together and doing so much more together.
This is a great feeling, i have to admit honey! This is the feeling which warms me when we are apart from each other physically... And yes, for now we are apart from each other physically, but mentally, emotionally, in our thoughts and dreams, we are linked... And i think this is better to say - we are not just linked, we are together honey! I have a very big desire just to hold you in my arms and tell you that 'I LOVE YOU'. I also wish i could be near, beside you when you need me honey - when you are feeling sick or not good, or just to hold you if you are sad and not in a good mood, and when you are feeling yourself good and you are healthy - i just wish i could share every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year together with you honey:) I want to give you some comfort and love to show you that I care. I want to show you that i really care honey!!!! You have given me this great feeling of completeness and comfortableness, and i want to give you very the same... And even more:) Have a wonderful continuation of your day! I will start to miss you already . . . I kiss you sweet . . everywhere and often!! See you tomorrow and please write soon!! Forever yours!! Your baby Elena!
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