Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Willem (South Africa)

Letter 1

Hello my favorite Willem! I am very glad to get your letter! Today after work, I go to a travel agency! I'll try to find out all the information about the trip to your country! I really want to be with you! We look forward to seeing you! I am writing to you from work! Today at work I was talking with my director! I told the director that I may soon stop working. The director asked me why I want to get away from work. I said that I want to be with you! It turns out my director did not know that I correspond with you! I told the director of our story with you! My Director of the woman! She listened to me and wished us luck to you! It turns out her daughter also lives abroad with a man! They also met through the Internet! She went up to him and they were married! I did not know this before! I do not know what city they live! The director said, but I do not remember! A very difficult city! She said her daughter is going to a lot of paperwork to get a visa! She advised me to go to a travel agency! She wrote me the address! After work and go to a travel agency and find all necessary information! I love you! I will write to you tonight!
With your love for the ages yours Darya!!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Willem! I'm glad your letter and thank you for you support me!! My dear, my pictures, it's not a studio. My friend Ekaterina has a good camera, and most of my photos did it. I do not want to deceive anyone. As I know, I'm gonna do a tourist visa, and it is not necessary nor any invitation. I know your name Willem Prins, you live in South Africa, I also know that you live in a small town of Port Elizabeth. Why you've got it all you ask? Just maybe when you have asked me this the first time I did not understand what this. I'm sorry that I did not answer immediately. You're the one I can always understand! How was your day? I hope you are fine! I have some news for you. Today I went to a travel agency. They told me to get a tourist visa in your country is very difficult, but they can help me with this! The travel agent would be busy, and we scheduled an appointment tonight. Tonight I will continue to meet with them to discuss the issue with my visa. I hope, dear, that all will be well! I have some concerns about all of this, but also have the determination to come to you! Therefore, no difficulties and costs money will not stop me! Email me! Your messages give me a lot of happiness, strength and energy. I look forward to wait for your letter.
With love your Darya!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Willem! I am pleased to speak to you again! I have good news for you. Today I met with my travel agent to find out more about my visa. He explained to me how I can get a visa. Because of terrorism, your government has made more strict control in order to come to the country. So I will not be easy to get a visa. But the agency will be able to do everything for me! The travel agent said that they have recently made a few tourist visa in your country. I am very glad that we will not have this much difficulty. I initially had concerns that the agency can not do this or this will take a long time. But the agent said that they will issue a visa within 2 weeks. Tomorrow I will need to go back to the office travel agency to sign a contract with them and as we tackle the issue of payment. After meeting with a travel agent, I went to take photos for visas and fill out forms for the embassy. The travel agent said it should be prepared tomorrow when I come to their office. I am very pleased that the issue will soon begin my paperwork and after a short time we will be together! Write your thoughts my dear, I'm waiting for your messages! I'm about to go to bed! I want to tell you good night!
I look forward to seeing you! Now I'm going to bed!
Your Darya!!

Letter 4

Hello my love Willem! I'm sorry I'm so late to write you a letter, I had problems with the Internet. My love, I want to congratulate you on the New Year. I still do not know exactly how much it will cost you to my trip, I learn in the coming days. Now I'm home! Today I went to a travel agency! I learned all the necessary information! It turned out that I need to collect a lot of paperwork to get a visa! I need to get a passport, insurance, visa and other documents! I wrote down on paper what I need documents! Tomorrow I will start to collect all the necessary documents! I even have to show proof of employment! I was advised to go to you on a tourist visa! This visa will be valid 90 days!
I can be with you as much as 90 days! If you want, we can even get married! This is wonderful! I'm so happy that I can go to you! Today I was told that I started to collect documents for the visa! As soon as I gather all the documents, I would have to go to a travel agent! There will check all of my documents and will do the visa! I was told that I should come to him with a passport! I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I'm so excited! I do not when I do not think I could go to another country to meet the man! I forgot to tell you that a visa will be doing about 2 weeks. If all goes well, after 2 weeks I can come to you! I'm happy! Are you happy? Email me your thoughts. I love you! Now I want to sleep! I'll write to you tomorrow!
Good night! Your Darya!!!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Willem! I'm glad you wrote to me my darling. My dear friend will be much safer if I do come to you. I'm going on in the country mess around looting and killing. I'll worry about you if you come to me. In our country we do not like foreigners they robbed and beaten. Now I have to go to a travel agency! I just want to write to you, I always think of you! Willem I have a lot of ideas as to how we can spend our time together. So I'll give you a few surprises and I think you'll like it. I will tell you about some of my thoughts in the following messages. But you must know that when you're in my arms, that will not soon be able to free out of my arms! I am not going to write about things that I do with you, but you will remember it for a long time! Now I finish my letter! I will write to you after I get back from the travel agency!
I love you!
With your love for the ages Darya!!!

Letter 6

Good evening my dear Willem! I am pleased to welcome you, and I look forward to being able to tell you HELLO MY LOVE - in person. My day was very busy and I'm very tired. I get to the office travel agency and signed a contract with them. According to the agreement, the agency will prepare me all documents for travel. My agent needs some information about you. Informs me your mailing address, where you live and the real name and surname! Today, I paid them the first part of the money for the visa and other travel documents. It was several times more than I thought. I did not plan what us need so much money to get all the documents and go to you! It appears on all the documents I need about
507 euro. This includes the cost of a passport, health insurance and other documents! A passport costs 150 euro, health insurance 97 euro,
220 euro visa, passport photos and visa 40 euro! Today, I paid 200 euro!
I've now left with very little money. The rest of the amount I have to pay in the near future. As soon as my international passport is ready, I will immediately and visa. The visa should be ready in 2 weeks. I am not able to pay the cost of the remaining documents, and so I will ask for help from my uncle, who now lives in Moscow. He works for a computer company, which is engaged in the development of various computer programs. I hope he can help me! I hope I did not scare you with my letter! I will try to borrow money from my uncle! I told you all the news about the progress of our meeting and now going to rest! I am very tired today. I hope that soon I could hug you! I'm waiting for your messages my favorite. My kisses and hugs to you!
Your love Darya!!