Romance scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to Jim (USA)
Letter 1
i hope to hear from you and is too late here and i want go and sleep so chat later and try ur best and send me the money okay
Letter 2
Hello dear here is the pics and here is mine bank inform ... NAME:FAUSTINA DUFIE
NUMBER : +233234784449 and when u send me the money mail me with the information that the bank will give bye for now and i hope to hear from you ..
Letter 3
Dear Jim have wait for you online for so long where are you and i think everything is going on good and how are you doing and work my dear
Letter 4

Okay dear when you come online text me and tell me what is the time there now and here is later here is 10:41pm so i think we can chat tomorrow and am going home so chat later i love you so much
Letter 5
will look for you a little later when have time to chat :)
Letter 6
okay have got it now and thank you very much i love you so much
Letter 7
okay dear can u give me the infrom to rechange on my modem now ... and have am with my friend chating with u
Letter 8
I was able to get your credits
Letter 9
than you and can u try and change the number and try and me and here is the information again and my network is Glo and my number is +233234784449 and i hope to hear from you
Letter 10
pay pal says that a ghanaairtime is requiring a phone number. It has my number listed. Tried to change it to your number and it wouldn't accept it
If I pay using my number will it ask for your number or put the credits on my phone
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