Romance scam letter(s) from Vetta Novak to TarcIsio (Portugal)
Letter 1
Hello, my name is Vetta and i want to meet you. I'm 27, not married and have no children. I live alone in a small apartment in city called Warsaw, in Poland, working as a manager in the courier company, involved with the delivery of goods worldwide. I'm looking for a serious relationship with an interesting decent man. I would be pleased to know more about you. Where do you live? what is your place of work? what do you do in your free time? I send you some of my photos, hope you'll like them. If you have a desire to meet me, please contact me, I'll be glad to answer you. Best wishes. Vetta
Letter 2
Thank you for your letter Tarcisio. I was pleased to get it! My girlfriends say that I am interesting, sociable girl with a good sense of humor. I like to spend my free time meeting my girlfriends. I like listening to music, reading books and watching movies on DVD and in the cinema. Besides I like to watch detectives, but also love comedies, drama, romance. It depends on my mood! I love cooking. I have specially trained in this and I know a lot of different recipes:)
I have an older sister. She lives with my parents in Riga, Latvia. In 2001 I came from Latvia to Poland and decided to stay here to live and to work. Please do not worry, I understand your letters very well. I know English a bit, so I can promise we will not have difficulties in communicating each other. I am a simple woman and want to meet a simple man. It is important for me to meet an attentive, kind and careful man with whom I could build a serious relationship and a family. I love children and if my husband wants, we will be able to have a baby one day. Write me more about yourself. Do you have a lot of friends? Tell me about your last relationships, why do you broke up? My relationships ended six months ago when I noticed that my friend cheated on me. I look forward to your next letter, please do not hesitate to write me more about yourself, your friend Vetta
Letter 3
Hello dear Tarcisio . Is pleased to have the opportunity to write to you one more time. I really like you, and I hope our correspondence will be a good start in our relations. I feel that I can talk to you to any theme. Until I knew you I had a boring life, but now everything is changing. I like to receive and respond to your letters and I wait for every letter with impatience. I understand that we can write different in letters. But I hope that we will be honest to each other.
It is very important for me. I am a very open woman and I don't like lies and deceit, as any person. I'm sure you agree with me. I believe that any relationship - friendship or love - is based on trust and candid to each other. The truth is always better, and it brings people closeness and understanding, because they can trust each other. I am a romantic woman, I like getting compliments, attention, spend free evenings with my favorite person. I don't think that a large distance between us can stop us in our meeting. We live in a modern world so if one day we want to meet, it will be simple for us. I'll be glad to invite you or come to meet with you. As I said, we can talk on any themes with me and you will find support and understanding on my part.
I will wait for your next letter with impatience, your friend Vetta
Letter 4

My dear Tarcisio. Thank you very much for your answer, as always pleased to receive your letter. I realize we know each other not for a long time,but our conversations became very important for me. I am glad that we met with you. I really like you and I am glad that I can talk to you on any topics. Already I can tell you that you become part of my boring life. I think I was very lucky when I found you. As you know I went for my girlfriend's birthday. She has a very cheerful and sociable family. We talked, danced and had a great evening. I'll send you new pictures! I think you might be interested in them. I already said that had difficulty with the choice of gift so I decided to give flowers and a beautiful brooch. I'm sure she was pleased! I spent a good time and had a wonderful atmosphere but even in those moments I thought about you. I really wanted you to be with me that evening...
What do you think if I'll call you one day? I really want to hear your voice. Email me your mobile phone? I'll also try to write you an SMS message if you don't mind? My dear Tarcisio, I really want to do something nice for you. I I want to send a small gift from me personally. I am sure you will be pleased to get it. Please write me your full name and an address. You can give me your work address if you want. The courier from company in which I work will delivery it as soon as possible to the address that you give. Please do not refuse me in this. I want to do something nice for you and my gift will remind about me on days when I couldn't write to you. Here is my address so that you knew it: Vetta Novak, Smocza 86-17, Warsaw, Poland. Gently kiss you, your Vetta p.s. i send you my video, hope you will like it!
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