Scam Letter(s) from Anna to Thomas (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi Thomas! I want to thank you for the letter and for the picture, you are very handsome man! It's a pity that you have written so little about yourself. Hoping to know more in the next time. Tell me please about your life, your family, your passions and dreams for the future.
OK, I'll be the first who will start our communication.

Before I tell you anything I must write and say that I am a very optimistic person about my life and everyone and everything around me.
I maybe naive but I see everything through rose colored glasses!!!
I've lived around Ukraine and have seen both the good and bad sides of life. I now realize that I am a very lucky woman to be what I am today.

As you could read in my Profile, I'm 28 years young, was born on the 3 of January. I'm 170sm tall, 56in weight, brown hair. I don't smoke and drink alcohol in moderation. A glass of Merlot is wonderful! I live in Kremenchuk, it is small town in Polatava region. I finished medical university as a doctor pediatrician and now work in a government hospital. I am not married . i rent flat and live with a roommate . I enjoy traveling and love warm weather and beaches. I also like most music,different kinds from rock to pop. to be true i do not like hip hop and rap, and i hope so much that i do not hurt your music tastes:)
Adore jazz and one of my favourite is Nina Simon. Also like Lana del Ray, Adel, Rousin Murpy, Sting. Music surrounds me wherever I go.

I recently was introduced to Internet Dating by a good friend of mine.
I deccided to look for my beloved abtroad as i have some good examples of my friends how marry foreighner and now happily married. Now I am still looking for that dream Gentleman who will not only compliment me in life but become my partner, lover, confidant and best friend. Maybe that person is you? I desire a kind, mature person with whom I can share my life. I think we all want that!

I will stop now and wait for your response. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me everything and I will answer you truthfully as best that I can. Also tell me more about yourself,your work and what you like to do for fun and excitement. And send me more photos. I cannot promise anything about our future, but I want to get to know you. Let's see what happens between us now and in the future. In other words, I'm excited about having the chance to get to meet you.

Have a nice day! It is really nice to meet you:)

Letter 2

Hello my dearest Thomas!!! Well hello, how are you doing on this wonderful afternoon?:) I am very pleased this afternoon, as I have got your letter and it has made me very happy:))) You seem to have a way in making me happy. Tahnk you so much for your compimenst and i'm very glad that you like my photos and how i look. so i will try to send you some more photos of myself and i hope you will like them. Also thank you so much for telling me more about yourself and your life and of course for sending me such nice photos, i'm very glad that i have met such charming man as you:)

Ok, thank you for your explanation about your short message previous time. to be i just thought that you was busy to write long letters, and no i understand. yes, you are right i'm here interesting in serious relation only as i wish to find husband and i'm very glad that you are also do not want to play games and interested in long term relation. I'm very glad to hear to hear what you are doing life and it seems ot be very interesting, special when you told that you profession are "daddy":)Sure that you are really great and carrying father, i feel it from the photos with your kids which you have sent to me.

To be true i have never been abroad, but always wanted. I travel much by Ukraine but have never had an opportunity to visit abroad. As for your question about my moving, frankly speaking I was thinking about this topic. Of course I understand it will be difficult to leave my family here, but I'm ready to follow my beloved man. I know I'll be happy with him anywhere! so if everything go well with us and we decide to be together and spend life together i will relocate to you with out problems.

Thomas, I see you are very curious and I like that much, because it means that you are very interested in me like I'm in you! I agree with you, we have so much to talk with each other about. I want to be an opened book for you. I like nature and all its manifestations. I like flowers, particularly roses, my favorite colors are white, red and blue. There is only one thing, which could make me the unhappiest woman in this world - lie and treason! I like to cook, this is my favorite affair. I like to prepare something new, but most of all I like to prepare and eat too, borsch. Have you ever tasted it? To be true i even do not know exactly what to tell you about my work.
Actually both my parenst mother and father are doctors, so since childhood i knew that i also will be doctor too. As you already know i live in Kremenchuk but finished university in Poltava. after graduation come back to Kremenchuk. Here i work in the government hospital. You are totally my work keep me really busy, as you could understand how it is to work with kids:) I attend gym 2-3 times a weel as is not only keep myself in a good shape but also give me lot of energy for working week.

Recently, I have realized that what does not kill you only makes you stronger, so the things I have gone through in my life is a part of me, and is what has made me the person I am today. Working to live and to study. But all those times have made me independent and strong.
Now, I am qualified pediatrician. I really need to have a strong loving shoulder, as even being strong I am staying woman and want to be weak and cared about sometimes.

I really do love hearing from you, you have such a wonderful spirit. I really do hope that you liked the picture I sent you:)))If you have any question feel free to ask me and i will be happy to answer you.
Sorry i'm not used to talk much about myself as i have never had such correspondence before so it is quite new for me. so feel free to ask me question, and i'm very sorry if i may forget to mentioned something in my letter. i have just several free minutes and need again to come back to work. so busy friend from Ukraine you have:)

Have a nice day! I really glad to meet you:)Hope to hear from you soon:)))

Letter 3

Thomas, I am very delighted to see your message in my mailbox - it made my day sunny and nice:-) I am sorry if I may sound childish, but I like you as person and man and I feel very attracted to you and your attention makes me feel so good:-) I feel a little bit ashamed telling you it:-) Thomas, all photos that i have sent to you was made on simple photo camera and not professional. i have never actually do modeling but like all girls in childhood i was dreaming about me:) But instead of model i become doctor, which is also not bad.

I'm 29 years old. As for the age matter - for me it does not matter how old you are when you have a kind heart and an open soul and also I would love to have a man who is older and more experienced - I think that it is great that you older. I do think it is much better for the man to be older than the woman because he is able to bring a more mature and responsible attitude to the relationship and this provides greater security and comfort to a woman and the family. As for the kids, i want to tell you that first of all i want to find my future husband and if he won;t want to have kids i won't insist on him.

As for my working day , actually nothing extraordinary:) my work day start at 8.00 o'clock and i finish working at 17.00. if have a lot of work can stay till 18.00 , but it is happen not usually. work from Monday till Saturday, but on Saturday we have short day. My work keep me really busy. till 13.00 i have patient, and after it just do paper work, which i do not like as it is always very boring.

I had a crazy day yesterday. It was our director's birthday and we were doing a lot of stuff during the day, went to buy present and were buying and preparing food for the evening celebration. I knew that it will take a while but I didn't think that so long. The celebration started at 5 PM - there were a lot of other people coming to our hospital to congratulate her. It is funny that everyone was giving her the same presents books and flowers in pots:-) But every one knows how she is addicted to reading and home plants.

Other ladies who work with me and me have gave her a technical present - we have bought a microwave oven for her as our director Alla is old fashioned and still does not have one. After the celebration we helped her to clean up and to place everything in order and then I went home I got home at about 9:30. I had a crazy and at the same time funny and happy day.

I have noticed that I feel really happy recently as I have found you and you have became my friend, I feel I can share everything with:-) I will be looking forward to your letter as they make me happy (more then chocolate):-),



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