Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Berkovskaya to Allen (Canada)

Letter 1
Dear Allen,
I wish to tell, that you did not worry for tickets.
I need about 600 USD to buy tickets. But I don't need it now.
I will need to buy the ticket when I shall receive the visa.
I will try to find money by this time. I understand what you think now. If I can't find 240 USD then how could I find 600 USD.
It is easy. I am going to sell my fur coat. It is a very expensive fur and I can sell it for 600-800 USD. I have already made an advertisement of sale. But I may not be able to sell it for some days. If I do not do it now, then they could just refuse me in it.
Don't worry! I will have money for the ticket. I promise you!
I do not know what to start my letter with.
I feel shame and offended.
I just want to tell you that I am completely serious.
I have serious intentions to come to you and I am not going to lie to you. I am not a silly little girl that plays games to get money. Can’t you see it from my letters? I understand that I should settle down already and that is why I am going to move to another country. I know that in Russia I will not be able to have a strong family and good job. I will be unhappy.
Here men don’t look at women as you do it. I have decided to move long time ago. But couldn’t start doing it before I met you. I didn’t want to go to your country without love. .
I asked you to send me 240 USD. And I feel shame for this. But I had no other choice then to ask you. The problem is that I have only 7-10 days to pay for my visa. I didn’t realize I would need the money so urgently. They took my papers and told me that I wouldn’t pay in 7-10 days, they would just refuse me. And then I will not have another chance to get visa to your country.
It was a shock for me . I thought that I could just leave the papers and then pay for it before the trip. I think I would be able to find the money by that time. But it was beyond my forces I was shocked. I went to all my friends and acquaintances. But all refused to me. They don’t give such a big sum of money. I don’t ask my parents as they just don’t give me money. When the last time I asked them to help me, they refused me. They told me they had to support my brother and themselves. It hurt me. That is why I do not ask them about anything any more and I almost don’t talk to them.
I asked my friend Vika to help me, but she had not such money.
She is married and has a child. And recently they have bought an apartment and took it in credit. I also went to the bank to check there. But they even didn’t listen to me. My salary is only 120 USD. And they just can’t give me 240 USD. I had tears. That is why I decided to ask you. And I feel shame for this. I understand that it is very difficult for you to trust the girl you have never seen before. Lots of Russian women lied to foreigners. But I am not the same. I am real.
And I am not going to lie to you! I promise!
I know that 240 USD is not such a big sum of money in your country. And I ask you this money not as a present to me, I am going to give them back to you. As soon as I come there and start working I will give you money back. I told you I was going to study and to work. I will be able to pay for my studies and for my accommodation.
I already told you I was going to get a student visa for 3 months. I will be able to come to your country and to choose any university or college. I have 3 months to enter it. And I can stay there as soon as I finish it. I am going to choose the one that is close to you to be able to see you often and perhaps we could get married.
You are really a very dear person to me and I want to be with you and if you fall in love with me, we can get married in the future. If we are together, we will build our future together. I am not the one who wants to get everything in at once. We will work together and pay our bills. I understand that family is for the rest of the life in joy and sorrows.
And I will understand if you decide not to have a family with me, and we can just be friends. I will understand if you fall in love with another woman. You can’t order your heart who to love. I understand that you can like me through the letters but in real life you may not fall in love with me.
I ask you one more time, please, understand me and send me 240USD.
I already told you that you have to send me money to my city.
You should use Western Union or Money Gram for this.
And use my address that I have sent to you.
You should send money to Kansk for my name.
My full name - Evgeniya Chikonina.
Evgeniya - this is my name.
Chikonina - is my last name.
I already wrote to you, my address-
Number apartment: - 23,
Name street - Pionerskaya 9,
City - Kansk,
Region (state) - Krasnojarskij kraj,
Zip code - 663600,
Country - Russia
You can send money through Western Union:
Severo-zapadnyi Mikroraion, 53a
Kansk, 663606, Russia
Predmostnyi Mikroraion, 14
Kansk, 663604, Russia
You don’t need anything else to send the money.
As soon as you send the money they will give you secret number ( MTCN or Reference Number ). And you’ll have to tell me it.
Or I will not be able to get the money without it.
As I already told you could get all the information and the address of the office at the site - or
I don’t know what else to say for you to send me money as soon as possible as my time is limited.
Next time they will just refuse me in visa. I wrote you all the truth in this letter. I am sincere and open with you.
I hope that you will understand me and decide to meet with me.
Please, believe me and send me 240 USD.
And please, remember that I have only 7-10 days to pay for it.
Letter 2
My darling Allen,
Sorry for not writing to you for long time. But I couldn’t.
Even now I am writing to you having a bad ache. I have been thinking if to write to you or not. I didn’t want to bother you with my problems. You know that I only want happiness. I want to be with you. I want to make you happy. But I am again in a hopeless situation. I was robbed yesterday. I don’t know who did that. I took a bus yesterday to get to the airport to check all the details of my flight. But there was a crash. I broke a rib and lots orientation from my pain. And someone took all the money from my bag while I was lost. I never thought that people could be so cruel. To take all the money in such a situation.
They took all the money you sent for the custom. I am so glad they didn’t take my bag as I had all the papers and visa in my bag. If they took my bag, I wouldn’t be able to come to you for sure. It would be very difficult to get a new passport and visa.
Don’t worry, the most important is that I am alive. Perhaps, God saved me. There were many people in the bus who were in injured.
I called Police but they told me that could do nothing in that situation as I even didn’t see who did that. There were too many people in the bus. I cried so much. I even thought to return my ticket back to send you the money back. I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me. But I decided not to give up. I don’t want to stop when the happiness is so close. And perhaps, it is a test for us. If we overcome this, then we will be live happy till the rest of our days. Please, send me one more time the money for the customs. The same sum of money (500$). I understand that I told you that you wouldn’t lose that money. But this is not my fault that there are so many dishonest people on this earth.
I was robbed. And every person could get into this situation.
I want only happiness and I have only clear intentions. I know that I am a dear person to me and I feel the same about you.
I can change the ticket for another day so you could have time to send me the money again. I will do it if you are able to send me money. I can’t write you more as I have to go to the doctor. He should check my rib once again to be sure everything will be Ok. I will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Allen!
I have all the information about my visa now.
And I will get it without any problems.
It will be so great to come to your country at last and to see you.
I even can’t believe this could happen some day!
Yes, perhaps, I act like a silly girl.
But I already dream of our meeting. I try to imagine how this could be. How I will touch your hand, look into your eyes.
So now I have to do is to show them all the papers and to pay for it.
But here I have one problem. I tried to save money.
But I didn’t expect I would have to pay for visa so soon.
I thought it would be later. So I don’t have enough money right now.
And I need your help in this if you really want to meet me.
I need 240 US dollars to pay for visa.
It will include medical insurance and everything that should be there. Perhaps, you think why it is so expensive. Well, sum of money includes visa, insurance, medical certificate and many other papers.
I already have got my passport for going abroad. I have already made it and have paid for it. But I didn’t think that they would give visa so soon. And if I don’t pay for it now, I could have problems in the future with getting visa. And I don’t want to miss this chance. To prove you that I am real and I don’t lie to you, I am going to attach you a copy of my passport.
So all I need to do now is to pay for visa. And then everything will be done and all we have to do is wait for the time it is issued. I have only 7-10 to pay for it and I will get it without any problems.
This visa allows me to stay in your country for 3 months.
And to enter any university during 3 months. I can stay for longer is I enter the university. But if I find a job I can stay for the rest of the time in your country if I find a job when I finish my education. But I also plan to work there while I study. I don't want to depend on any one.
I will return back your 240 $. I am asking it to borrow.
I will work and return back it. I promise.
I’ve got to know that the best way for you to send money through Western Union or Money gram. Please, don’t send me money by regular mail. First, for sure I will not get it as they steal money and things here. And also it will take long time for the mail to come. And then I will miss my chance with visa already.
So, please, use WU or Money gram for sending money. It is an easy and quick way to get it.
You already know my address, I’ve sent it to you already.
And my full name is Evgeniya Chikonina.
You better check or to get more information and also offices that are close to you.
Also there is an opportunity to send money from the credit card. You just need to visit any office of WU or MG.
Or through the site or
You even don’t need to leave your place to do it.
You can send money to any Western Union of Kansk.
Please, understand my problem and send me 240 dollars.
So, please, let me know if you can help me in this.
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