Scam letter(s) from Kristina to Tarcisio (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! I saw your profile. I liked it. I think you are an interesting person , and so I decided to use the chance to get to know you better.

For me, the main thing that is inside you and how you feel about life. I know this life from all sides. Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming. I try to act but not only to dream. I just give you an idea of who I am. My name is Kristina. I live in Russia , in the city of Samara, you can watch it on the internet! I'm 30 years old .

On the site , I could not register on Russia. and I had to choose another country . I hope you understand me . I want to meet a serious man who would like to have a family in the future. I've never been married ! I work to earn for my life. I have a college education , I graduated from university . I'll tell you about their interests : music , books , movies, good conversations , sports and many other things that make my life wonderful . In my other interests are the same in all people. I can not say that I have many friends . I know many people , but I'm very demanding friends. A friend is someone who will be with me all my life. And I'm happy to have some really good friends . But I am very sociable . And the work that will be able to pay for things that I want to have in your life . In some words I can tell you that I love life as it is , and I love life in all its aspects. I am very good (I'm not bragging ), which often causes me pain . But I'm strong enough to overcome the difficulties in their path. Now the choice is yours . You should decide interesting - I to you or not. I told you a little about myself . I'll regret it if you do not write to me. I think we should use every chance to find happiness . I'll tell you more about yourself and your plans for the future , the next time when you answer . With respect to you! ! ! Your new friend Kristina!
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