Scam Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Harvey (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Gary! ! !
You know if it is honest, I didn't think that you will write to me, but I had hope.
I am glad that you after all wrote me your mail.
I want to find the man who will be honest, careful, and certainly with which I will be able to create the fine relations!
So, now we can get acquainted! :) I think that our acquaintance needs to be begun with a name, my name Olesya.
I am 29 years old, my birthday on July 24. I am a lion on zodiac sign, and you?
I have no addictions. I don't drink alcohol and I am able to afford to drink that be (wine, champagne) and that only on holidays, I don't smoke in general.
I prefer a healthy lifestyle.
I Love pets.
Also I like to listen to music, generally style of music depends on my mood.
To be pleasant to me sports to support a healthy lifestyle.
My growth makes 170 cm, and my weight - 53 kg.
why you decided to get acquainted through Internet? you have any complexes to meet women in real life?
probably you will badly understand my language if for you it isn't clear, don't hesitate to ask, ok? ?
I as have to you questions:
where do you live? you have a family?
you in search of Love?
YOU look for sex or the serious relations? what is important for you?
it will be very pleasant to me if you answer me these questions and you will ask interesting questions for me.
in this email I send you the photos and I will expect your answer with your photos.
Your new girlfriend of Olesya

Letter 2

Hello my friend Gary!
I want to know about you everything directly. as I ask you to answer always my questions as I consider that between the man and the woman there should be no secrets if they want to get acquainted more.
the relations are under construction on trust. you agree with me?
Tell me about itself, the life, about a family and your desires, entertainments, all that is interesting to you. to me it is very curious.
My mood today good because I read your mail.
and then my fine day became finer!
I hope that, it is pleasant to you to communicate with me?
You know even can call me by Olesya or Olesechka so more to be pleasant to me, I am called so mine by girlfriends!
my place residence, Almetyevsk city! My city is in 150 kilometers from Kazan city.
I had an unsuccessful experience with the man from Russia because I don't want to break again the heart and I more never met the man from Russia.
you know, I don't think that external beauty - the most important thing. I think that the real beauty of the person is in heart.
The person has to be beautiful from within, in my opinion.
I think, what you agree with me? !
My purpose in life: to find the person who will love me and to respect which will surprise me and to give me love, it is simple to be happy with him.
In free time I love cinema, reading books, sports, to go out with the friends.
I like to spend time in kitchen and to spend time with my parents.
I hope that I didn't tire you and didn't force to read my mail hardly! ?
I will be very glad if you set me as questions to learn about me much more.
now I finish the mail and I go to drink tea =) .
I wait your answer.
your girlfriend of Olesya.



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