Scam letter(s) from Maria Angie to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
I just opened to the site this weekend and I won't care to Pause searching for sometimes so that we can know each other more better and Focus on each other alone, I'm sorry if that sound too Forward but i have to say that so that you can know how Honest I am when I meet a man, I hate double-dating, I have went through a lot in the past when it comes to relationship. I believed i deserved a honest man in my life, I have always been honest with my previous relationship but it's not successful still, I have been cheated a lot in the past, My Mom made me joined this Dating site and I will be happy to meet a man who can love me and make me a happy woman. A man that will always stand by me until the end of time and always make me feel how beautiful i am. I have prayed all my life never to meet a man that could hurt me or divorce me when i finally get married someday with a man that deserved me. My Religion is Catholic, I know you'll be wondering why a woman like me will be searching over internet.. That makes me wanna let you know that reason why i became a woman searching over internet... The reason is that Ever since i have been a woman, I've never met a man that Truly love me!!! I have had 2 serious relationship in my life, The first Man was from Kansas, I met him while i was schooling at Russell High School, KS while i was schooling and Boarding there... We felt in love with each other, But suddenly I noticed he was cheating on me and that hurts me so much because i never did that to him. We departed !!!

Then I met my Second man, We had a 6 years relationship, We were about to get married when he left me and went to marry a rich woman that is even old enough to be his Mother. He left me alone crying and even wanted to **** myself for a man to break a relationship with me because I was not rich like the woman. Although i have so many friends who make me jealous and tell me that Their boyfriend did this and Do that and It makes me wonder why i was not lucky enough to have a Honest man to care for me. This sometime caused me to shed tears whenever I'm thinking about it, Although there are so many men out there who wanted to have me, But how can i believe that the feelings they have for me is real? Also i have the believe that All the men in this world are very bad. But for some years i have lived with my Mom here. I realized that my believe wasn't true, My Mom did a lot of things to make me understand there are still enough good men outside there who will cherish me for the rest of my life but she advised me that i have to be prayerful and i did that and Joined the Site in hope that I will meet a man. But when i was searching you were the first man that talked to me with respect and your Letter makes sense to me, That makes me feel like given you all my time to know more about each other and I pray that it will be successful someday if we have trust and Honest with each other.
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