Scam letter(s) from Christy Cicatello to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
I went to Church this morning and that is why i was not able to talk to you.
There is something i need to let you know.I was called by my lawyers that my Account has being hacked and 7000$ has being Transferred from account to Another account.So am advice not to go into the account for 3-5 business days until further notice.He will get back to me...... I was so worried and depressed yesterday that is why i missed you online.Hope all is well with you.Can you get online and lets talk
Letter 2
Hello Joe,
I don't know but am begging to trust you that is why am telling you this.Attached to its is a screen shot of my account sent from my lawyer.I just want you to take a look at it.I was having over $97,546.98 on my ebanking account. Am Really Disturbed because i will be using the money for a consignment.Anyway how are you doing?
Hope you are doing great?I missed you yesterday.Have fun and always remember i trust u and i will tell you everything and will never hide anything from you Christy
Letter 3
Can you do me a favor?Put your right hand on your left shoulder and put your left hand on your right shoulder this is just to give you a morning Hug
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