Scam letter(s) from Anna to Juan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my sweetheart!
My darling, I really want to meet with you .
My sweetheart, I miss you . I'm tired of writing letters . And I want to see your eyes , lips, hold your hand , hear your heartbeat . I want as soon as possible to be with you .
My dear , this weekend I was at a seminar on yoga , and therefore could not be online in Skype. Have you been online on weekdays ?
I have friends who have married foreign men . And now two of my friends live in the USA and in France.
My dear , your letter did not disappointed me a lot. Why am I too good to be true? This is so weird . Well, I also think that we need to stop this endless conversation and move it in real life.
My darling, I do not find peace! I could not write to you because I walked around a lot of travel agencies.
I recognize the need for a trip to Canada .
In the travel agency told me that Canada I need to make a visa, passport and medical insurance. The price for all these documents is 388 usd. Tickets from Volgograd to Moscow, from Moscow to Calgary and back is 1614 usd. Agency services are worth 90 usd. The total amount of the journey used 2092 usd.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Because I met you my darling. And we will be together with you dear. We will finally be able to do all dreamed about in our letters. I really want to be close to you.
Honey, I'm not comfortable talking about it, but I have no choice. I did not think that the journey would be so expensive. This is not a small sum for me. I have tried to ask my parents and friends. But no one has that kind of money. ((((((((I do not know what to do.
Darling I hope for your understanding. We think the same with you. Live once on the Earth. Also it is necessary to use this chance. The life consists of instants! It is necessary to not miss these an instant! We with you equally think, it is very good. When with the person on one wave - from this the good union turns out!
I look forward with great anticipation to hear from you.
Your Anya
Letter 2
Hello my darling Juan!
Yes, I did not expect this from you letters . I felt very hurt and saddened by your words . What have I disappointed ? you thought that I myself will pay the trip for you ? I have some money . And I am ready to pay money for this part of the journey to you.
I do not need your money. I just ask you , you to help me stay with you. And if I really important to you and you like me , then you also accept participation in the preparation of my stay.
Sad to read your letter. I can tell mee tezhe most words. I do not know and do not know what you look like . I can give you my address and phone number . I do not hide anything.
I wish you a good , successful day !
I 'm going to wait a warm letter from you !
I miss you!
Letter 3
Hello my sweetheart!
My dear , I'm sorry that I did not write to you.
My dear , this weekend we were going to friends houses in Katy . We had such a great bachelorette party is not . We cooked a big dinner and not watched " *** and the City ." We love this show .
My dear , if you have not any confidence in me . I can send you my full name, address and telephone number . I do not hide that from you . And I'm sorry that our meeting is not in my hands. I'm trying to do everything to make our meeting place. But I do not see it on you. My sympathies to you real And I really would like us to continue our relationship with you in real life. But I see that you are not particularly interested in it . And I was very hurt by this . Because my heart is open to you.
I do not have a camera on your computer. And my friend, who married a foreigner went to them immediately . They wrote about 2 months, and then agreed to meet . And they met, before seeing each other only on the photo. And now live happily .
I wait your letter
Wish a wonderful day!
Million kisses
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