Letter(s) from Elena Hlopova to Jerry (UK)

Letter 1

Hi, my ONE and ONLY, Jerry,

Frankly I don't know HOW start my letter to you...Sure i understand ALL your feelings..i understand that you are mad at me...BUT I want to ask you for a pardon that I was so coward and don't tell you the truth more earlier...BUT I also have some reasons for it...I'm so afraid to lose you when you know the truth...when you see me real and I tried to postpone this conversation again and again...sure I realize that I was wrong and I make you hurt..I even understand if you will not want me in your life any more...You wonder WHY I was at this site...it was my past...my terrible past which I want to forget...it was my first experience with dating site and foreigner...and it was so awful..so much humiliation..pain and fear...And after it I decided not to use my own photos and your letter was the last one which I had in my e mail box and I just decided to answer to you and I didn't notice how you captured me...and i fall in love with you...sooo..it's my truth...I send you my photos and I will be waiting for your decision..

Your still Lena.