Scam letter(s) from Nina to Andrzej (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Andy! Thank you very much for your response. I would be happy to know you better.
As for me,I am a simple woman, which is in a search of her soul mate. I am 39 years old. I was born on the 13th of December in a small town Rubezhnoye. My parents live there, but I live and work in Lugansk, which is situated on the East of Ukraine. I am a devoted person and I can appreciate love and friendship. My life motto is: “I do not have all that I love, but I love all that I have”.
I am divorced and I do not have my own children. I was with my ex husband for ten years and I abandoned him because I didn't feel his strong and reliable shoulder. I had to work hard for both of us to be able to survive and to feed our family. So, I decided to stop such kind of relationship. He killed my love and respect to him with his indifference.
Now I want to feel myself as a woman. I can cook and take care about the house very well. I like to work in the garden and I like nature. I like traveling and it is my passion. I am very optimistic person and my friends say that I deserve my happiness. Also I would like my man to be responsible for our family and I want to be proud of him. I started to work as a plasterer when I was eighteen years old and it was a very hard work. I tried to work and to study in the university at the same time. So, now I have a high education and I work as an interior designer. I adore my work because I am a creative person.
Also I am very romantic. I like to make surprises for my dearest people.
I adore *** and I think that my **** body should belong to the man, who could love my **** soul.
That is why I am here. I do hope that our letters will help us to become closer. Unfortunately I have only a basic English and I use the help of translator, but I will be happy to hear your voice on the phone. If you are interested in me, I will send to you my phone number in my next e-mail. Unfortunately I should finish my letter now. I will be happy to answer your questions. I wish you to have a nice day and I do hope to get your letter soon.
Letter 2
Hello Andy!!! I am glad to get your letter and nice photo today and I like to know you closer. There are a lot of swindlers and bad men in the Internet, but I hope you are serious and honest with me. You are a very interesting person for me and I would like to continue our
communication. I think we should meet each other one day, but I would like to know you better before our meeting. You know, it is very hard to win my love, but if I love, it is forever. I will never betray my beloved man and I will be with him in joys and misfortunes.
My parents live together for 45 years and I have a feeling they met each other yesterday, because their relationship are very touching and romantic.
So, I have a good example of a family life. My mom is 72 and my dad is 75. I have my elder sister. She is 45 and she is married. Her family lives with my parents. Also I have one niece and one nephew and I love them very much. So, my family is not big, but we are very friendly and we always support each other. I try to visit my family as I can,but my work makes my days very busy. As you know, I work as a interior designer and very often I go to different cities, where my clients live. I like my work very much, because I like to create something new. But I do not forget about my health and body. I like sport and I attend gym and swimming pool. I like to take care of my body and I do not smoke. As for my measurements,they are 102-64-93. My ******* are natural!! :):) My height is 165 cm, my weight is 56 kg. I adore reading, cooking and traveling. I like sea and mountains. I like music and dancing. I will be happy to make a cozy and comfortable nest for my beloved man.:) Also I am ready to relocate to another country for the sake of my beloved man. My family knows about it and they respect my choice. It will be not a problem for me to learn your native language, if we decide to build our future together. So, the time will tell. I would be happy to hear your voice. My English is not good, but I will try to understand you. My phone number is +38-063-81-04-113. I should finish my letter and I will be happy to get your response. I wish you to have a nice day!!!! With the warmest regards, Nina.
Letter 3
Dear Andrzej,
I was waiting for your response very much. I am grateful to you for your letter and nice photo. I like our communication, because we have a lot of common things between us. You are a very positive man and my day becomes brighter after our connection. It seems to me you are a reliable man. I understand you position very well!! I would write to you by myself with a great pleasure, but I do not have my computer, as I wrote to you about it before, moreover, I would like to avoid any misunderstanding between us, which an electronic translator can bring to us. It is my opinion. I am not a greedy person and it is much better for me to pay some money, but to know that my feelings will be translated and expressed correctly.
How are you today Andrzej? As for me, I am Ok. I have a romantic mood today. My favorite season is autumn. A golden autumn. It is wonderful in Ukraine. I adore walking around the park, thinking about our life and dreaming. I would like to sit in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee next to my beloved man, feeling his kisses and warmth. :) Kisses... Coffee... Chocolate...:):)I would like to talk to my man, laughing and discussing our plans for the future. After that I would like to come with him to our house,to lie under warm blanket and to listen to the music of the rain, which drums on the roof.:):)
You know, when I talk about my beloved man, I have your image in my mind.:):) Why?? I do not know. You became too close to me after several letters and I am very happy you are in my life. Please, forgive me for my short letter today. I have a very busy day. I finished the project of the house interior and I have a meeting with my client today. She is a very nice woman and I tried to create something special for her. I do hope she will like my ideas.:)
You know,it is a pleasure for me to come here, to read your letter and to write my letter to you. Unfortunately I do not have my computer and it is the main problem for me now. I try to save the money for it, but it is not easy. Unfortunately it is my dream only. So, I wish you to have a nice day and I will be waiting for your response very much!! Sincerely,
P.S. I am sending to you the photos and I do hope you will like them. One photo was created by my friend Svetlana in a cafe. Another photo was made in a house of my client, where I worked form several months as a designer.
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