Letter(s) from Daria Alekseevna Kasatova to Stiffler (South Africa)

Letter 1

Good day, my prince Stiffler ! I again changed my email address. Last email address again stopped working. Maybe something wrong with my computer. Write to me new at this address. I have not received your last letter. You could send me again your last letter? I look forward to your letter! Your Darya from Russia!

Letter 2

Hello my favorite Stiffler!!!
I 'm glad you wrote to me ! I am pleased that you want to help me.
I'm embarrassed to ask for your money.
I always tried to achieve everything by herself. But now I have a difficult situation .
Stiffler, understand what I'm really embarrassed to ask your money !
I give you my full details .
My full name : Darya. My surname: Kasatova. The city Dimitrovograd;
Street - Gagarina;
house 11 ;
app. 8;
postal code 433508 ;
Account of beneficiary: 40817978627000158559
I love you and I just really want to be near you .
You are the most beautiful and gentle man on earth and I love you very much !
Only with you I'll be the happiest woman on earth.
You gave me a wonderful feeling of love and I thank you for that .
I'll be the happiest woman next to you and we will have a happy family.
Every day I dream about just being with you .
Hug you , kiss your tender lips , feel your heartbeat .
I love you very much ! !
And I do not have words to convey to you what I feel right now !
And when I did not lose faith in the fact that in spite of all the obstacles , we will be happy together.
I love you very much and I look forward to your letter.
With love your forever Darya!!!