Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Gorelova to Welish (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello, how are you doing??

My name is Nastasia! I am a nice simple girl from the sunny Crimea, Ukraine (have you heard about it?:) I am looking for a husband in Internet! I made a decision to look for a good man abroad because men here had disappointed me much. I am shocked with their behavior and their attitude to women. They have no desire to get married and have kids! They just want change women every night and drink a lot of vodka! So you see the situation with men is not very nice here that is why I am writing to you now! May be you are the man I was looking for???:)) Everything is possible!!! I am sure many of us are looking for love online, and despite of the bad reputation of Internet I am sure there are many honest people who seek happiness like myself, they want to enjoy love no matter the distance, race, culture or religion, just want to be happy... I am sure it is possible to find a soul mate in Internet!

So if incidentally now you are available can I ask you to write me more about yourself??? Lets establish a good correspondence and meet in person in the nearest future!! What do you think about my plans???
If you like them do not waste time and write me immediately! Hope also to receive some photos from you ok?:) I will be waiting for your positive answer! But if the answer will be negative I ask you to inform me about it too, ok??? I need to know if you are interested in me or now!! As for me I am very interested in you, hope you feel the same to me!!:) I send you several photos today, hope you like them! If you want to receive more be sure that I will send a lot photos more to you!! I have the cutest puppy chau chau his name is Chucky!!!!! Hope you like my pet!!! What about you? Do you have pets? Do you like animals and kids? I am a nice cheerful girl with a good sense of humor, I am 100% positive person!! I am a kitten in the living room and a tigress in the bedroom:)) I am ready to tell you more about me and my family and also to hear your story too! Kiss your cheeks!!!
Wait for your answer at this address

Letter 2

This letter will be a short one and I am afraid my last one until uncertain time. The things is that I can not pay for the translational service any more:(( I use the translational firm service to communicate with you because honestly it is the only way for me now to keep contact with you. Believe me if there was any other way to continue writing to you I would immediately use it!! I tried writing through several translational programmes but the translations were miserably weak, all the Automatic translations from Russian or Ukrainian to European languages do not go through. But even if the automatic translation was good the only access to Internet for me is at the translational agency, there is no Internet cafe in my small village and to go every day by bus to Jankoy I can not afford as well.
I do not have a computer at home. So it is the situation which I am in now and I am at a loss what to do!!!! Everything was ok recently when I was able to pay 5 usd per one letter to be translated but now my savings are spent for the translations and from my 130 usd per month salary I can not afford paying for the translational fees:(( Waleed, darling, what shall we do?????? Please advice!!!! Please tell me may be you have an opportunity to help me a little bit with the translational fees???? If yes it would be really wonderful!!! May be you can help me to pay for several letters?? I pray you to think about it deeply and tell me your thoughts about it! It would be such a relief for me if you could help!! I can not bare with the translations now, it is not my fault that I earn such a small money for my responsible job, it is the rules in the country which I was born in and I can not change it:( The paramedics, nurses and doctor from the social hospitals never earned good money in Ukraine:( If we got married and I relocated to you it would be great to work as a paramedic or may be even a doctor in future in your place, I am sure the salaries in your country are much higher than in Ukraine! But we will discuss it later I think ok???? Now I truly hope you will help me not to lose our contact!!!! Please tell me about your decision!!!! I am very serious about you, honey. Kiss you tenderly.... I am waiting for the news from you with anticipation!! Please call me if you can!!
+380661179243 Yours truly Nastasia.



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