Scam letter(s) from Elena to MAns (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend! I am very glad to speak with you. My name is Elena.
Ok, I am 28 years old. My height - 166 sm and my weight 54 kg. I am not very good at using internet . It is possible I will visit your country soon and I made my mind to get acquainted with a person from your country. And at this point I am writing to you. I have never been abroad and I don't have friends outside Russia. Could you please tell me about you, about your lifestyle in the next letter. I will also write about myself. It is interesting to find out about your family, maybe about your job, friends and hobby. I like sports. I am sending my photos so you can see me. So I want to ask you a few questions so we will know each other better. What about sport? Alcohol? Smoking?
Please tell me about your habits. I don't have my own kids but I have a dream. I have a dream to build my own family and have wonderful children. I live in small russian town. It is situated 950 km far from Moscow. I am really keen on cooking. I usually cook fish soup, borsch, salads. I don't smoke and drink. Oh yes I have forgotten to tell you about my job. I work with children and I really like my job. I am a tutor in a kindergarten. I teach little children. I think that is enough about me. I has written a really big letter. I hope you are not tired of my little letter. I am really looking forward to your reply.
I hope my letter will not be lost with no attention. I will read your letter with pleasure and will surely reply. Elena
Letter 2
Hi Mans ! I am very happy to see your letter. And that is good news for me. I only wish to tell to you at once. I am not a toy! I am not a **********! Do not play with me. If you wish to ask my ***** photos please remember. I shall not send you my ***** photos, and I shall stop correspondence with you. Do not spend your time. You understand me? I hope! But you are a good man. I see that in your letter. That means you have found something in me and maybe want to know each other better. I wrote about my life on the whole in my first letter. You already know I live in Kinel (Samarskaya Oblast) . It is a usual small town in Russia. When I am alone I dream. Dream about future life. Where everything is good, I have a good job that brings pleasure and good income. What do you do in your spare time. Maybe I ask too many questions. But knowing more about you is interesting for me. By the way, my favourite sports is swimming. I am good at swimming. From time to time I go to the swimming pool. My favourite colors are pink and blue. My favourite flower is a tulip. And what about you? Do you like your job? Do like what you do? I am sure that is important. It is important to love you job. In my first letter I wrote about the opportunity to visit your country. Yes, that is true. I work tutor in a kindergarten. I studied in the university to get this specialty. I also studied foreign languages. My English proficiency is quite good.
I love my job. Soon I will be able to go to your country and work in a kindergarten. I think you have understood the reason of my letter. I want to get acquainted with you. I will end my letter for today. And I hope you will patient enough to read this big letter from an unknown girl from Russia. Send me more your photos! I am waiting for your letter Elena!
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