Scam letter(s) from Marina Kravchenko to Fred (Belgium)

Letter 1
How are you doing, Federiko?? I’m really glad to get acquainted with you. I hope this will lead to something serious as I’m not looking for a pen pal, and I’m for serious meeting once we know each other well. Let me tell you a little about myself. As you may already know – my name is Sofia. I’m 27 years old, I live in the south of Ukraine. What about my social status – I’m divorced, don’t have children. I speak English very good, and also know some French. That’s why we will not have any language problems. I’m an external student obtaining higher education in the field of psychology. I work as a shop assistant. I’m rather sociable, friendly, easy-going person. I like to laugh a lot. My hobbies are dancing and cooking. I have also made and attached my video presentation to this letter where I tell more about myself, hope you liked it. And also some photos. My height is 174 sm, my weight is 57 kg. I think that appearance doesn’t play a decisive role in life, as inner beauty is more appreciated. Don’t you think so?? I will be glad to get your nice letter with photos in reply. Your Sofia.
Letter 2
Hello Federico, What a beautiful day today!!))) My mood is good, especially when I see your letter. That means that you’re interested in knowing me better that maybe will lead us to something serious. So, how is your day?? I’m at work now, drinking tea, and writing to you!))) I should say that you’re making my working routine days brighter!))) I should thank you for your compliments to my photos, and I’m glad you liked my video presentation. I really liked your photos, you’re rather handsome man, and it’s my pleasure to speak with you, I will be more pleased when you send me more of your photos. And also send me please photos of your town, country – I will be glad to see it. Well,Federico, I have attached you also more photos of me, my lovely kitten Simon – he is a real tiger!!))) Also some photos of me and my mother. Everyone says that I’m alike my mother a lot.)) I want to tell you a secret now. I have always dreamt to be in Belgium once! I know that your country is very beautiful and is famous for a special chocolate, lace and it's sightseeing. You also have many beautiful holidays that is celebrated by special national traditions. Maybe you will invite me once to come to your beautiful country?)) I want to tell you more about my family. I’m living together with my mother she is a pensioner, all life working as a teacher of Russian language and literature. My father left us when I was a little girl, and now he lives in another family, sometimes I see him, but we don’t maintain a strong connection. I also love my granny whom I visit very often. So, that’s my small family. I really like my family, but I really want to have a family of my own. That I’m trying to create by means of Internet – who knows – maybe this time I will be lucky. You know, I am already experienced in marriage life, being married for 2 years and being divorced one year ago. The reason of my divorce is simple – gambling spirit of my ex husband together with love to alcohol destroyed everything. One day I decided that I don’t want to live like that anymore, that I want to have a better life, I want to have a better man – a man who will always love me, understand me, on whom I can rely on in any situation. So, here I am, I hope that you possess same qualities I’m looking for in a man. Tell me more about your character. You know, Federico, it may seem banal, but some time ago I was standing on the balcony and watching the star falling down – I have decided that’s my chance – and I made a wish to be happy together with my loving man. SO, maybe my wish has already some true and I have found you??? ))) Who knows… I will be very glad to get your next lovely letter – where you tell me more about yourself together with more photos. I’m waiting for your reply, Sofia.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Federico!! Nice to see your letter in reply in my e-mail box!!))) How are you there today?? You know, I expected your reply, that means that you liked me in some way and I will be happy to know more and more about each other!))) Dear Federico, I was very glad to know more about you and now I have more knowledge of what a person you are!!! Thank you for your nice photos, they are really wonderful. Your parents are very nice intelligent people and you have a big nice house, which is well-brought. Your dog is also nice, it's a pity it passed away. But in the future yes, it will be nice for you to have a small kitten by your side to warm you up!))) And also I'm very glad that you're not looking for pen pals here and would like to be a guide in your beautiful country for me. Yes, the place you sent me - they are marvelous!))) Wow, I'm already imagining myself there with you in a nice cafe!))) Well, let's know each other better and then we will see what to do next!))) So, I should tell you that we are much alike!! Let me tell you a bit more about my character. Everyone thinks that I’m a very kind person and also people try to make an advantage of it. Sometimes it’s so hard to refuse people whom you love. But I’m optimistic, and always try to keep my nose up!! Actually it’s hard to abuse me, as I prefer not to pay attention to all sorrows in life. I think that all people should be happy just of the new day. And my life credo is – one day try to make as many good things as you can – so the world become more kind and more happy place to live in. Well, more about my job – as you already know – I work as a shop assistant. I like my job, as I like everything when it concerns to a beauty aspect, fashion, cloth, etc. It’s always my pleasure to make people more beautiful. I have attached you some photos of me at my working place in the shop. So, I must tell that I like my job!))) What about you??? Does your job bring you satisfaction, Federico??? Also I sent you a photo of me being small girl. Can you send me your childish photos?))) Federico, it will be nice to talk with each other over the phone, don’t you think so?? My phone number is: +38 0633113023. I really can’t wait to hear your lovely voice!))) The best time to call me is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ukrainian time. But usually my mobile is not with me when I have dancing. So, write me also your phone number. Oh, by the way, like I told you before – I like dancing, I can’t live without it. Usually after work I go info dancing and even don’t notice time goes by!)))) If you want – I could find some photos of me dancing in my next letter.))) Well, I think I have written already enough and you may be tired already. So, I will tell you more about myself next time!))) Waiting for your nice letter in reply, Your friend (hopefully that not only friend) Sofia.
Letter 4

Hello dear Federico! How are you doing?))) Thank you a lot for your nice reply! I was really impatient to get it! The thing is not that I’m an impatient person, on the contrary, I’m a patient one, just when it comes to your letters – I’m starting to me impatient!)) I think that is because I’m interested in knowing you and it’s my pleasure to receive your letters.))) Well, I hope that I don’t make you bored with mine!)) I was really happy to know that I have already a place in your heart!))) Federico, it’s such a pleasure to speak with you over the phone. I wish you could call me more and more, so that we could have a nice communication. Thank you a lot for sending me your childish photos, i can see that you was a rather sweet boy who turned into a nice handsome man!))) So, now I know more about you and what a person you are and more about your job!)) And I should tell you that I'm really interested in you and I'm glad that I met you and we have understanding! By the way, speaking about languages, maybe I will be able to change my profession in the future, as you know – soon, when I pass my final exams – I will be a philologist. I told you already by the way over the phone. Although I’m an external student – but I do my studies well and still it opens the horizons of the world. For example if I didn’t know languages – I wouldn’t have written to you!))) Well, I have already taking some private classes of English – I have two schoolboys of the age of 9 and 15 years old – I help them with their English twice a week. That also helps me to earn my living. Well, I have lots of energy!!))) My granny always says that if I don’t work hard and not try to achieve something in life – I will miss my happiness!!)) Who knows what the destiny has prepared for us?))) I also find time for cooking, and dancing!!! As I told you – I have attached photos of me dancing. It was taken during the university concert. I like to take part in different social activities. Also I want to tell you that today is my mother’s birthday and we are going to celebrate it.))) I have prepared a nice surprise for her – bought a certificate for massage and swimming pool. I’m sure she will like it!! I will buy two certificates then!!!)))) We will go there together!))) I will end my letter now, as I feel that you may be bored with such details of my life.)) I will be waiting for your nice letter with impatience!))) Ok, see you soon!)) Your Sofia.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Federico! It’s is very nice to get your letter!!! So, my dear Federico, did you think of me?)))) You know, I find it funny, that we live thousands of kilometers from each other and become so close to each other. This is really nice that modern techniques give us the opportunity to get to know each other and even to fall in love.))) Of course it’s early to speak about love, but who knows…))) My dearest, first I must tell you that I love your photos a lot, you look really elegant!))) Yes, I would be proud to walk with such a man next to me!)))) Dear Federico, how is your day going??? It’s interesting what you’re doing at this moment, what is the weather like today.)))) I’m sitting now at my work and I really don’t want to go out, as it’s so cold outside!!! Winter is coming and in this time it’s so nice to be warmed with strong man’s hands!!!)))) What’s the weather in your place??? Of course I like winter, but more I like summer, I also can go to my granny and to be close to nature – she lives in the village, to have small picnics and to play with my granny’s dog Bim!)))I have attached our photos!))) It brings good memories. Federico, what do you like? How is your day going?? Do you spend much time with your friends??? As for me, I like to meet with my friends and have a nice time. You know, today on my way to work I suddenly thought about you and it was interesting for me what you were doing at that moment and if you thought about me also?)))) It is also interesting to know your working schedule – what do you usually do during the day. I usually go to my job in a public transport, 20 minutes and I’m in the right place!)) Usually I spend much time at my work, my schedule is usually tight, and after my work I either go to dance classes or having English lessons. Like tonight I’m having English class with my pupil Ivan. He is 14 years old and it’s hard for him to sit on one place, at one time he needs to do ten other things.. It’s so hard to cope with him, so I need to make him interest all the time. Just now while I have free time at work – I need to invent some interesting educative game so that he could learn at least something! )))))) Maybe you could help me to invent something?))) Dear Federico, once again I want to tell you that I'm glad that I met you and yes, once we meet - I think there would be definitely a spark between us!))) And I would really love to taste your bolognese sauce being made by you!)) And thank you again for your wishes to my mother's birthday, I'm sure she will be happy to be kissed 3 times by you!!!))) So, how is Christmas preparations??? Have you bought all the presents?? Well, as for me - I'm still thinking about it. But what I know for sure - which present I would like to get on Christmas - a nice red dress I was dreaming to buy long time ago, but didn't have the chance yet.)))) Well, my dear, I’m stopping this letter now, See you soon! I will think of you all the time!!! Sofia.
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Federico! How are you there? Did you think of me lately??? I’m very happy to get your nice answer! I was very happy to talk with you my darling before your working day starts!)) You know, I wish we lived in the same place and could have a meeting right now in some local cafe and have a chat, that would be nice, especially if the rain starts and lasts for a long time and we don’t have our umbrellas and we will talk and talk to each other for hours, forgetting about our daily routine and the whole world doesn’t exist for us! And after the rain ends – we will still sit there by the window and want this moment lasts forever! It is romantic, isn’t it?? Can you imagine how the waiters will be angry with us, as we sit there even when it’s time to close the cafe?? )))) But now we have only our e-mails and I’m always so busy and I wish I could stay here for more, but instead have my work and studies! I’m just rather passionate person and what I do – I do it always with passion and give myself to the fullest. And when I have a man by my side – he will always be surrounded with my love and passion! When it comes to love and my loving man – I will give him all my tenderness and care, all my passion and love, so that he feels himself like a king and I’m his queen! ))) That’s how I see the relations between man and woman who are in love. I will be very happy to know what you think about that. Federico, can I ask you what do you value more than anything? How do you imagine happy life? What are the components of happiness for you? For me happiness is not possible without family. I am down to earth and I was raised in such way, I cannot understand when in modern world people put aside family and its needs, and concentrate on job, career, money, some materialistic things! It is a shame that people think about luxury cars and houses, but their morality is tending infinity. My mom is always saying “a cottage is a castle for those in love”. I do feel we are sharing common thoughts with you and I feel I can be open with you. That is great I met such man as you, I do hope that I did not bore you with my letter)) Oh, my job is waiting for me, I need to go now. By the way, today I will stay till late at work, as our administrator will celebrate her grandson’s birth!! It’s a rather bright event today and after work we will gather together to celebrate it. )) I am wishing you great mood and send you my kiss! I need to close this letter now; I am sending my warmest wishes to you, Sofia.
Letter 7
My darling Federico! How is your mood?? You know, each time when I see a letter from you in my mail box all my colleagues notice that I am smiling from ear to ear, so they know that my good mood is guaranteed))) It’s like a date with you! ))) Dear, your letters became a part of my life, that happened so quickly and so natural, that now I cannot imagine myself without our communication. Dear, i just remembered our cinema topics. You know, some time ago I went to the cinema with my friends. I watched the old movie Spiderman 3. Have you seen it? I liked it a lot! Though I can say that I liked the first two parts more. I find this film very romantic. I miss such character in life. Can you imagine that some mysterious man jumping on the buildings, pulling the web and rescuing people from terrorists? Dear, can you be my Spiderman?) Will you come to me at nights through my window? Will you take me with you on your nights’ journeys? Well, I’m just joking. ) Of course I’m looking not for a super hero, but for a simple man, with whom we will get on like a house on fire. Still, are you going to come to me through the window under cover of the night and steel me from my routine life? I think it is wonderful when beloved ones make each other pleasant and sometimes spontaneous surprises, don`t you think so?))) It was really interesting to know your thoughts on relations between woman and man. I really agree with you. You know, I have suffered a lot because of my divorce and don’t let my second marriage also end up. It will be the second one and forever. People say that we learn on our mistakes, I hope now I became wise enough to be happy in relations and also to make my man happy, to establish genuine relations. You know, Federico, maybe it’s too early, but I should confess you – I’m really interested in you and you’re a person I would like to see by my side. But I don’t want to frighten you off with that. And I hope that one day we will know more and more about each other to step further – to our meeting. I even think that distance is only getting us closer, and when time comes – we would definitely meet. Once I read a book “Alchemist” by famous writer Paolo Kohelo, there was a phrase there I liked a lot: “When you want something with all your heart, that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World. It’s always a positive force.” This quote helped me in many life situation, when I want something desperately I try to imagine myself in place I want, with people I wish and with events I look for, that everything comes true, the main is to believe in yourself. Dear, do you believe in the power of mind? Would you be really happy to meet with me finally one day?))) Oh, I’ve attached some pictures of mine, as usual. I want to tell you about these pictures. There you can see a picture of me - I’m eating strawberry!! Really I like this berry! Don’t you think this picture is somewhat seductive?)) Dear, have you heard the latest news of selection? The scientists invented a new sort of strawberry. They combined strawberry with pineapple and got an interesting sort of berry! It has the shape of strawberry, but of white color and with the taste of pineapple!. I can’t even imagine how good this is!! Can you?) Well, sweetie, I don’t want to leave you now, but should do it. I will come to you soon as you know that you are important for me and I can’t live without sending you a mail. Thinking of you and sending you lots of warm hugs Your Sofia.
Letter 8
Hello my honey Federico! I really missed you!!! How are you there?? You know, I was right, your letter turned to be in spam, maybe some problems with my mail. I was waiting for the opportunity to write you another letter with anticipation, I just really like you- your manners, your way of thinking, the way you are! And I want to know more and more about you!! )))) You are in my mind and it is so nice to have communication with you. Do you think that it was a sign of fate to meet one another here? I am so happy I registered my profile here and I found you. My dear Federico, I'm sorry that we didn't have the chance to talk with you yesterday at night when you called me, and it's a pity that you had a bad day at work. My darling, you know, usually when I get asleep - it's very hard to wake me up. My mother says that even if the gun will shoot - it will not wake me up!)))) Federico, you know, yesterday in the evening I met my friends Valery and Nataly and we had a nice time in the cafe. We were sitting together and reminiscing everything, and just talked about how close we are, how funny we can spend our time together. You know, my girls told me yesterday that I have changed a lot – I became more buoyant, more spiritual and this is the state that only a man can give to a woman. Honey, I believe that you have changed my life already and I’m looking forward to continue knowing you and see where this will lead us. My girls know about you and were asking about you all the evening and the girls even made some jokes about my future wedding with you! )))) I hope you don’t mind that I discuss our relations with my girls, as they are very close to me. Federico, I’ve just imagined our evening together – I cook for you some nice meal and wait for you to come after your hard working day… I put little candles everywhere with lots of rose petals around, switch the light off and dress nicely in some silk dress. Once you come – we have a romantic dinner with some bottle of campaign and after that I would make you some nice massage – relaxing one – a massage – you will never forget about! )))) I think this way of spending your free time and putting your stress away will be great ….. Agree?? Oh, darling, what are you doing to me??? I have never been so romantic before!!! That’s all you!!!And I’m very happy for that!! I would have never thought that I will meet the man in the Internet so soon and like him and write such romantic things… )))) And one should think that having relations in the Internet is something fantastic, but this is all for real! I really believe in that and think that everything will work once we strive! So, tell me, my darling Federico, what do you think about me and us??? You know, I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote you the last time – but that means I missed you a lot!!! ))) You know, I have already the feeling, as if I knew you for centuries!! I’ve already studied your manners, your thoughts and can just imagine what you right to me next and what you think – that’s really funny and nice thing indeed! Don’t you think so??? Sweetheart, You know, once we are together – I will switch on a nice romantic music and ask you to dance with me. And don’t even dare to refuse me! )) At first we will dance a nice energetic music, some Latina maybe, and after I would like you to ask me for a slow dance together??? It’s such an intimate way of dancing, when woman is in man’s strong arms!! I would like to be in your arms! )) Or maybe you would prefer to have some striptease once?? I’m sure all men love that, and you’re not an exception?? ))))))))) Dear, I have one interesting question for you – how would you ****** your loving woman? I know, it’s provocative. But it is so interesting to know!!!
As for me, I’m the one, who likes to spoil her loving man a lot. I think it’s necessary to have romantic evening or day, or even week if we would go to have some rest to some place. I would cuddle and pamper my man))) . Such romantic moments will help the fire burn all the time. Do you agree with me? ) Well, hope for your positive reply) Just remember that I’m thinking a lot about you!!
Truly yours,
Letter 9
I miss you desperately!! My darling, first of all I want to ask you - how dare you think that I want to end our communication???I really enjoy our communication and think that I'm so happy to meet such a wonderful man like you. And the second questions: after couple of days of not speaking because of the holidays you decided to give up and to let me go away???? I thought that you're a strong man who will never lose his happiness. Or maybe you're not that happy with me as I think?)))) My dear Federico, I really miss you and these new Year holidays were a bit sad for me, as I really wanted to join your company in your house in the circle of your close friends. My holiday was nice, you can see some of my photos being attached from New Year. Hope you like my kitten Simon in New Year Hat.))) I made it specially for him.))) I wish i could also see your photos from New year. Well, today is my first working day in New Year and I'm really happy that I can read now your wonderful letter that you wrote me today. I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to talk with you today when you called me, as I had customers at that moment. My darling, I saw your photos and I have seen a really charming and **** man especially with your bare upper body.))) Yes, I like it a lot and you definitely look ****. You have a nice body and I can only imagine how many hours you spend in the gym. tell me - do you often go to the mirror in the gym and look and your body and play with your muscles?)))) I just wonder, because usually men who strongly take care about their body and go to the gym - they are a bit Narcissus.))) My dear, again I read your letter and was glad to know that you have feelings for me and that you hope that it will lead to something serious. And also that you think I have a beautiful heart and you're rare to find it!))) It also nice that from now on he decided to find some woman for himself. Well, maybe yes, maybe i have a nice friend for him, all of my friends look nice.))) But let's first know each other better and develop our relations. My darling, you're right, the more days go by, the more desire grows to be with each other.)))) Do you think think the same way??))) I don't know if you will read this letter now, or when you come home from work, i don't know if you even work now or have a day off, but once you read it - think of me please, as I do think of you!!! Lots of love, kisses, yours Sofia. P.S.: maybe my new photos will seem to you unusual with a new hair cut (with my forelock on), tell me if you like it or not.)))
Letter 10
Hello my dearest Federico!!! It's so nice when you start your letters with "Hello love of my life"!))))) I’ve already missed your letters! Today when I had free time I rushed towards the computer, to see your letter in my mail box, as usual I was pleasantly surprised!!)) So, do you always write me letters with a glass of red wine?))) Thank you for your nice photos, I enjoyed watching them. What can i say, you have nice friends, and I liked your spoons a lot!))))) Considering Gilles presentation of dishes - it's totally nice - like in the restaurant, but to my mind - you had very poor table. Don't be abused please.)))) I'm just comparing it to Ukrainian holiday tables.))))) But don't worry, once I'm there - I will show you how it should be cooked and performed!!!! You know, Federico, there are moments when my brain and my mind stuck on you..... Thinking and thinking....Lots of questions appear in my mind: how I become in love with you just like that – through the Internet, how I am thinking about you nonstop and many other questions. The only one answer is I don't want to change anything of that. Such things happen when you are in love... An unexplained feeling.... I like it.... It feels like a dream. My darling man, have you ever become in love without a personal contact? I have never before...It is something different and very strong with you. I like that feeling a lot. Well, darling, I need to tell you something, today I have talked with my boss and asked about the vacation. And he told me that because of some problems with stuff (one worker is going to leave the job in February), so he allows me to have a vacation starting from 23 of January and up to 23 of February. You know that if I will be on holidays this time I don't want just to waste them and be without you. I wish that all my free time I spend with you so I think would be nice during this time we will be together. I could stay with you during the whole period of my vacation time and then when you have your vacation - if you wish - you could also travel back with me to Ukraine. So that we could both see the way we live, what things surround us. i would also like to see the way you live, your beautiful country.))) What do you think about that, honey?? Honey, you know, I have never travelled before, that means I'm not experienced in this question, so you could help me on this subject telling me what I need to travel to you, where to go to prepare these documents?? You know, I will also try to find everything out about my documents to come to you and then let you know. :))))) Yes, I'm seeing myself there with you in your arms!!!!))) I'm already dreaming about the time we could spend together!!))) You know you came into my dream tonight. We were somewhere on the island. A very beautiful tropical island ( maybe Phi-Phi:) with clear water and fantastic plants, we were on the beach. We were walking along the beach, we felt hot wind and warm sand under our feet. You were holding my hand and I could almost feel that in my dream. The warmth of your hand was so real! This dream was like reality. We were walking, and the waves liked out bare feet. It was wonderful feeling, just to walk and feel you next to me and feel the warmth of your hand. We were together and we were so happy. Then we stopped under the palm-tree. We sat under the tree and were enjoying the tide. I was watching that tide, the blue waves and thought: what is “the sea”? Thousands of water drops, but what a great power they have! Those drops can destroy the shore, make sharp stones smooth... and those thoughts gave me an idea that we are like those drops. When we are apart, we are weak and lonely, but if we are together we can get through any troubles. Darling, do you feel the same??? I hope you do, as you are the closest person for me now, you are my native man and I thank to life I have you. Lots of kisses to you, Dreaming of you, Yours Sofia.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Federico!! How are you there, my dear man??? Hope you're fine!! My dear man, I miss you a lot and all I think about is - meeting with you, I'm thinking about it all the time and imagining how it will be like and what I do now - is only thinking and dreaming!! I wish I could be there next to you even now, but it's not possible... You know, sometimes I'm imagining myself to be a magician have the ability of teleportation - I think that it will be much more easier to live then. :))))) And there it wouldn't be any distance between us!!))) My darling, I'm very happy that you think it would be great if I come to you, I'm really excited about that and all I think about - is my coming to you. Federico, as you know - I was going to study the possibilities of it. So, I was advised a nice official touristic agency, but as you know - I have never travelled before and my head goes round when I read about all these documents and touristic details. I've just thought what if you can contact them and help me with my coming to you??? Federico, here is their e-mail address: Please, contact them and let me know the information about that. Well, darling, waiting for the news from you, ours and only yours Sofia
Letter 12
Hello my baby, sweetheart, I organized the tickets today, so I am very glad to know that all this is ok! Also I got my international passport. Yahoo!!! I'm so happy about that. My lovely, I miss you so much! I really can't find a place for me because you are so far away from me and I really wish you could be closer, I need that! How was your evening yesterday, did you miss me? I really hope that you did because I really was thinking of you a lot. Happy you are mine. I even tried to imagine you by my side... So, hopefully soon I will be able not only to imagine but also to have you by my side, to touch you to kiss you tenderly ; ) Wow, are you excited about it? Just try to close your eyes and to imagine it! My lovely, also I came from the travel company recently and the travel agent informed about one more thing that I suppose to do. I have to give to the embassy one more insurance, a kind of financial insurance that I have enough funds to go abroad. For that I have to make the travel cheque, with a certain sum of funds that suppose to be no less then 1500 euro, I have to put the funds up here in Ukrainian bank and when I am there in Belgium I will be able to cash it. I do not need to spend it I do not need to pay it to anyone! I just have to make it and to send the copy to the embassy. Actually, my travel agent didn't know that I have to make this document before because you know usually it is individual to everybody to make all the papers for the visa. And you see, I am a young and unmarried woman, so that is why they look at me like at the potential emigrant. They must be sure that I am going to spread up the prostitution there, that I am not going to work there, that I have enough funds for living. So, that is why I have to make this document. Well, sweetheart I just really do not know what to do because you see it is a really big sum of funds for me. I realize that I do not have to spend it and it will be just for our use some later when I arrive there to you but still I just really do not have it Oh my Gosh and I was told that without this document I reduce my chances to get the visa.. If I don't I will not be able to get it for couple of years more and my relatives as well! I am so **** scared! I really want to come to you there and more over we have already done so much for that! So I know for sure that this is the last obstacle for me on the way to you and we have to figure it out somehow! I really want it my lovely and I hope you want the same! Please write me sooner, ok baby? I kiss you your Sofia.
Letter 13
Hello my darling Federico!! How are you there, my love?? Hope you're fine. My heart, I miss you a lot and as for me - in the last time - I feel myself very miserably and sad. My dear, I'm very happy that you helped me a lot with my coming to you - and I know that you made everything so that I get my visa. And I want to assure you that everything goes well with my visa process and I was told that soon I will get it. My dear, for the last day - I can't find place for myself... I'm sorry if I didn't pick up the phone today, as I didn't want you to hear my sad and crying voice and I couldn't pretend that everything is fine, as I'm really oppressed with one thing - some time ago when I was married, my ex husband hung a credit on me, as he needed a big sum of money and he couldn't take a credit as he was unemployed, so he made me to take this credit in a bank that he needed for opening some business and as I was employed at that moment - the bank gave me a credit. But of corse my ex husband didn't helped me with paying this credit back and soon we divorced and he disappeared having left me with a big debt in front of a bank. Time was passing and together with my mother and granny (she also helped us financially with her pension) we were paying the credit back, as everyone realized that I could have big troubles if I don't pay. So, we still haven't paid for this credit, but we managed before, and now I still owe 1200 euro to a bank. So, recently I had a call from a bank that the penalty will start to take off, as I have exceeded the time frames of a credit. Well, that's half woes, i was also told that if I don't pay the bank 1200 euro back in 3 days - they will hand over the case to court and I'm afraid that I will have problems with visa getting then and with leaving the country. My dear, I'm really afraid about this, as I really want to come to you as possible and to get this visa, and I wish everything is fixed with my credit in bank, but the problem is that I can't pay it in this short period. My dear, I know that you have helped me greatly about my documents and the organization of a trip itself, but I'm really unhappy now and can't find the way out. My dear Federico, I have these personal problems and I don't have anyone to ask for the help, except you - my loving man and my husband. My dear, I really don't want you to be mad at me and now I'm really afraid of your reaction to this letter, as I really don't want to get to the past conversation, and I'm even afraid to talk with you now, because of your reaction.... I love you a lot, and can't wait to be together with you, and I'm afraid about my visa now, because of my personal problems, that I thought wouldn't influence the visa process, but I have also talked to a travel agent now and he told me that if I don't oil the wheels now, then I will have problems with getting visa and I will not stand if I get refusal for visa, as if I'm refused with visa now - another time I will be able to apply for it only in couple of years. My dear, I'm really scared and crying all the time and deep in my heart I hope that you - as my loving man and my future husband will understand me and help me with this situation. Love you a lot, yours loving you with all my heart!
Letter 14
Hello my honey!!!! Finally I can write you, finally I have the Internet!! Well, honey, I want to tell you that I want to be now with you, by your side!!! my darling, I want to tell you what I did today: I went to the travel company - I got the money you sent me - thank you very much, my dearest, you're my best, my loving, my native man!!! Honey, I love you very much and all I think is about you!! My darling angel, I went to the bank after and paid for my credit and now I don't have debts in front of the country, but now I owe to you!!!! Honey, you're my sunshine, do you know this?))) My darling, then I dropped to a friend of mine and I was there talking to her and then I asked my colleague to call me if the Internet appears in the shop and when she called me - I instantly returned in the shop - and finally I read your wonderful letter and saw your photos. My darling man, thank you a lot!! Honey, now I want to to thank you for your photos - you're my handsome athlete! I love you a lot and can't wait when we could see each other and smell each other and feel each other's bodies. This really makes me crazy!!! Honey, you're awesome!! I instantly wanted to send you also some nice photos, but I don't have such at the moment, but I will make, I promise!! Honey, I also want to tell you that today I passed by the shop with underwear, with lingeries and there I found a very nice lingerie, I'm sure you would love it!!! Honey, can I buy it specially for you??? But it costs a little more money... 200 euro, but I'm sure it is worth of it!!!! Well, my baby, it's late already and I need to go on my dancing classes! I kiss you all over, my handsome prince!!! yours loving Sofia. P.S.: I can't wait when you eat me all over...
Letter 15
Hello my sweety!! how are you there, my darling?? Hope you're fine!! Honey, I can't wait when I kiss you, when I hug you and to be honest I feel butterflies in my belly all the time when I think of you and I think of you all the time, believe me!!)))) Honey, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help buying a nice lingerie I wrote you about.. I send you a photo with it.. hope you like it... write me something nice.... yours Sofia...
Letter 16
Dear Sir Federico! Welcome in the travel company "Feeria" ! We will be glad to assist you in the issue of travelling. My name is Anna and I am ready to tell you about the trip abroad. The documents that the citizen of Ukraine must have in order to go abroad are : - The International passport
- The tour package
- Medical insurance
- Tickets Prices: The International passport : it can be done in 3-4 days. The price is 300 euro and in three or four months - 110 euro. The passport is valid 10 years.
To go to Belgium visa is required. We would make a tourists visa that will be valid 30 days.
The cost of the visa is 320 euro, that includes ( the consular contribution (50 euro), medical insurance (170 euro), special visa form (100 euro) )
Double way tickets . The cost of the tickets depends on the date of your departure. So please inform us of the dates and the name of the airport in Belgium.
The tickets should be bought here as for the tourist visa all the documents should be made here. For telling you the price for the tickets you need to give us additional information. This is the completely package of documents a Ukrainian citizen needs for the trip to Belgium. Under the Embassy demand we would also need to have some additional papers if it is necessary. We guarantee that a traveller will get the visa and will have no problems with documents. We can make an invoice for you for all the sum you will need to pay for the trip. So if you need it we give you it with our next letter. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 17
Dear Sir Federico! Thank you for your letter. Usually it takes about a week to organize all the documents concerning visa and the whole tour package: visa, medical insurance, touristic vouchers, filling in all the application forms, other documents if the Embassy requires. Concerning your travel days, to make the international passport fast - in 2-4 days costs 300 euro. We found the most suitable flight for you. The cost of the flight is 266 euro. It is a non-stop flight and is operated by Ukrainian airlines.
We send you an invoice with the total sum you need to pay for the documents listed. See the attached file. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 18
Dear Sir Federico! Here is the information about the tickets. Outbound: Friday 24 January 14 - Non-stop - Duration of the flight: 03:05 Departing: 10:30 Friday Kiev Borispol Airport, Ukraine Terminal D
Arriving: 12:35 Friday Brussels National Airport, Belgium
Ukraine International Airlines PS 145 Inbound: Friday 21 February 14 - Non-stop - Duration of the flight: 02:55 Departing: 13:35 Friday Brussels National Airport, Belgium
Arriving: 17:30 Friday Kiev Borispol Airport, Ukraine Terminal D
Ukraine International Airlines PS 146 If you want to send the funds via Money Gram, you will need to have the following details: : name: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9 With the help of Money Gram system we will be able to receive the funds same day you send them and also we can start making the documents for the traveller the same day. We wait for the information about the payment from you. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 19
Dear Sir Federico! We want to inform you that we received the funds for making the documents for Ms. Sofia Samoilovich successfully. So, today we start making the international passport. When it is ready - we send you the copy. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 20
Dear Sir Federico! We want inform you that me made the international passport for Ms. Samoilovich. We send you the copy of it so that you can see it. Also we received your payment of 66 euro. Ms. Samoilovich came to our office today and paid the rest of money for the tickets.
We want to inform you that as for the visa we had a call from the Embassy and they told everything is going right, but we will need to make the paper which shows financial stability of Ms. Samoilovich. There are cases when people go abroad and start to spread prostitution or working there, in order to prevent such things travellers should beforehand show the paper that they have enough funds in Ukrainian bank in order they return here and not stay abroad. This is just the funds which should to be put on the account here and we will make the card from the bank on such sum. Then when Ms Sofia Samoilovich will be in Belgium you will be able to cash these funds. This sum is not for spending. It is only the paper for the Embassy which gives the visa without any problems. The sum of the funds should be not less then 1500 euro for the determined period. We guarantee that if something happen and Ms Sofia Samoilovich will not come we will be able to return you this funds also. You can be sure that she will not be able to cash the funds here. We guarantee it to you.
We will wait the information about you. We also talked to Ms Sofia Samoilovich and informed her about all this and that she needs a travel cheque, so discuss all this with your lady. As soon as the visa will be complete you will be able to have the funds back. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 21
Dear Sir Federico! We made a travel cheque on the sum of 1500 euro. See the attached file please. It also happened that for travelling to Belgium Ms Sofia Samoilovich needs to book a hotel and We had a talk with her so you need to pay for the hotel for all her stay there. This is one of the requirement set by the Embassy of Belgium for the citizens of Ukraine to get the touristic visa. Again it is made under the demand.The price is 714 euro for the whole period and the name of the hotel will be Scandic Grand Place. But we realize that Ms Sofia Samoilovich doesn't need this hotel and I give you the suggestion that it is possible for you not to pay for the hotel but just to put this money on the card like for the hotel. They should to be put on the card and then later you will be able to cash it. So we will put these funds on the card and when Ms Sofia Samoilovich will come to you and you together will cash these funds. You need to pay this 714 euro on the card so nothing will happen with the money don't worry.
In the paper from the embassy you can see that it is necessary to make this hotel booking. We should tell you that we understand you don't need this hotel, so don't worry it is just a paper for the visa and in fact you have the funds back. For now we wait for your payment and we send you an invoice so you will see that it is true and all is ok. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 22
Dear Sir Federico! Here are the copy of the tickets you asked. Again we want to tell you that as soon as the loan of your lady is fixed - she will not have problems with getting visa and flying to you. We hope that together with Ms. Sofia you will find the solution and be together soon. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
Letter 23
Dear Sir Federico! We want to inform you that we received the visa of Ms. Sofia Samoilovich - we send you the copy. See the attached file. Also we want to tell you that we contacted Ms. Sofia Samoilovich inquiring the information about the tickets, but still she did not give us the date of her departure. Methods of payments: We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad you can use any other fast electronic system like Money Gram. It is possible with our bank account as well but it will take up to ten days. If you have any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! manager: Karpovich Anna
address: Ukraine, 55600, Nikolaiv region, town Noviy Bug, Komarova street, 9
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