Name: Maria Vishnyakova
Age: 27
Name: Marina Kazachkova
Age: 35
Name: Kim Silver
Age: 30
Name: Telda Fred
Age: 24
Name: Ekaterina Vasyu
Age: 28
Name: Kate Parker
Age: 28
Name: Anna Nazarova
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana Rozhentsova
Age: 27
Name: Irina Ivanova
Age: 35
Name: Julia
Age: 22
Name: Natalia Vitalyevna Soloveva
Age: 49
Name: Mary Kurt
Age: 33
Name: Vera Chugunowa
Age: 29
Name: Ellis Louis
Age: 31
Name: Galina Victorovskaja
Age: 25

Scam letter(s) from Ramziya Gabidullina to Rico (Slovenija)

Letter 1
Hello, my angel . Now I actually realized that the love of my life . You gave me new hope in life . I realized that I was still able to love and be loved by someone. I'm ready to be with you All my life my prince . You are my love , and I do not want to lose you . After all , you sinajboljsi man I've ever met . Your soul is pure , and I am sure that I will be happy with you . And I can make you happy . After all, we already have a number of years . I do not want to write letters to all life on the Internet . After all, we have so long writing letters . We know a lot about each other . I do not want to live in a dream . I wish it was all true. I want to live the reality and nesanje . Our characters are similar , we want intimacy , love . I'm attracted to you. And I began to realize that I can not live without you. And I want to see you . And I decided to make a first step towards our collective happiness . My prince , today I went to a travel agent to find all the details of the trip for you . I was scared . However, I am convinced that support me in this. During the trips gave me complete information about the trip for you . They told me that we needed a passport . He is about 4 days . Today, I immediately wrote a request for registration of a foreign passport. I explained that this travel agency that you will need a visa . It is made within four working days . I will have to undergo a medical examination . I also bopotovalna agency prepare for the interview at the embassy . The Agency provides for the payment of tax benefits , the registration of all documents and free advice . In order to be able to do this for me, I have a contract with them. Under the contract , they give me their services . They include: Visa , buy the tickets for me - it will cost around 390 euro approx . This includes life insurance is compulsory process for obtaining a visa without any problems . Medical examination , and accommodation in Moscow Place Hotel at the time while waiting for my poletletala . It's all part of their services. Not me , not you will not have to worry about documents and tickets. Everything I do is travel agency. I think it's tonajboljsa the option not to cause any problems , it is very convenient . All it will cost around 670 euro , I just want to pay cash . I was at 250 euro . Head told me that I could enter into a contract with deferred payment . I signed a contract meals for 5 days . Now I have to pay the company 420 euro for 5 days . my prince , I am also not appropriate to tell you this . I need to find is 420 euro for the trip. my prince , but now I do not know what to do. I no longer have to turn for help. my prince , can you help me with the money? Could you send me 420 euro for the trip for you ? My prince , I am waiting so long ago we met. Now my vacation , and do not waste any time ! 4 days later I got my documents and a ticket ! If you agree with me , and I want to make me fly with you , and then write , write what you think about it. After all , I can not live without you . I want to come to you . I took this step . Now I would like to hear from you. Do you want to be with me ? I am so scared to hear your refusal. I'm so afraid of losing you . But we have to be adults . Ultimately, we want a serious relationship . It is high time that we have together . We should not be subjected to torture yourself and your life , in search of what is ideal. After all, we love each other. And we need to find happiness ! Stop wasting our precious days shuffle . Time is to be combined. I'm ready for all the problems , just to be with you ! Hope to see you a quick answer . I love you, and I'll love you . Inscriptions me soon, my angel . I want to get a reply, or agree to help me ? it 'll finish my letter . dear Hello, my angel ! I am very pleased to receive your letter. How are you, hope you're okay ? Every one of your letters to me is very dear and important. It is a great pleasure for me to answer your letter. Everything that unites us is the internet, but I hope that in the near future , everything will change and we can look into each other's eyes . I am very grateful for your attention and interest in me . In our relationship with you lit the flame of a great love . I decided for myself that man , I've been looking for all my life. How I wish that it would be our meeting place and be able to hug and kiss each other . I need my angel . I'm in love with you very much . And I wish that my husband always . I am very sorry that we are very far from each other at this time. Separates us thousands of miles away, but for people who love there are no obstacles . Prevents us to be together now only at a distance. However, I am convinced that we will be able to overcome all obstacles on the way to our meeting with you , and nothing will stop us . Even the toughest obstacles are not valid, before such a strong feeling like love ! I believe in fate , she joined us with you . I dream of a time when we are just a few . We look at each other and our eyes are full of love and passion . I would like to come to this point as soon as possible . The world for me , it was sunny and bright , all sad disappeared . And it's all because of you my prince . You are very close to my heart , and my life changed dramatically. I want to have a real relationship, not at a distance, as we now have with you , and that we can feel the touch of each other , what would whisper words of love to me , for I am willing to give their lives . My dear , it is good news for you , now I'm on vacation. I decided that we should not lose a moment and do everything that should be in the hands of each other. The main thing , my dear , what would you support , and you gave me hope and a sense of support. I think our meeting , we will never forget . No one will bother us love one another . I promise you that you will be happier with me . I have never and therefore do not want to be like you . Favorite fly unto thee , and will not be difficult to do . My angel , I go to a travel agency that I was able to book a ticket , but I need to know the nearest airport , which can fly and where to meet . We will always work with you . No one will bother us love one another . I'm really very much. I want to be yours, I would like to make it mine . I am a very long time looking for her love , but now I will not give to anybody. I will wait for your reply to my favorite I am very happy to read your letter . You're a real man , in thee is all we can and must love you, there is something to be respected. I have Internet access at home . Thank you burst into my life at a time when the hands went down, she did not have more power to breathe when I wanted to die when her heart stopped pounding . Thank you. Only with you , I realized that a woman can be just what it means to feel wanted , it is desirable gentle . In you is everything you want to see in your favorite man. I do not know what's going on in your heart that tells you to mind , but I know one thing , that the greatest joy - happy to do it for you. In addition to me, your soul and body rest so that you flew with me to find out what's behind have wings. Maybe we met at the wrong time and the wrong place . But no accident in our lives does not happen. And if that happens, it means that someone you need and want to believe that you need, as well as me . I want you to know that you're the best , you're the only man in the world! And I am glad , however , and no one can take that away from me this . My love ! Never in our conversations , I did not crossed the border compassion. Now I know that love with you . He loved yesterday , love today, tomorrow will be like. You know, yesterday I was sad and was firmly convinced that I was not and have no chance . Today I have hope. I hope your feelings , I'm as clean and strong . I think about you , about what you write. I will be very happy if our thoughts are like ! I want you to know that you now have a woman who can listen carefully you can share your concerns and I understand . You can tell me anything. Now I would like to see you , feel you , I give you my love . I really want to be with you ! We can meet in the near future ? And our meeting could happen , it is possible distance to be overcome no matter what the difficulties. I love you too . I look forward to your letter.
Letter 2
I love you and want to be with you ! I hope very much for your help . Our happiness is in your hands. After reading your letter , I immediately went to the bank . There I was all explained in detail on the transfer of goods from one country to another . I do not have a bank account ! They said that if you open a bank account , it will take a lot of time . And if you are sending money from one account to another account that may have a very long time . This can trajacel week . This hasvery a long time my prince . Sending money that it can take a few weeks ! I did not know what to do ! My eyes filled with tears . Potembancni manager told me that I should not get upset . He said that there are a lot of state money transfer . He got me obyanit to jenajhitrejsi and safest transfer of funds ! I'm glad they gave me all the information on how you can send me the money. I'm glad you could help me with money. I love you so much and waiting for our meeting . The Bank explained everything to me in detail how you can get money quickly and securely . The head of the bank told me that you can send money by " Western Union " . Head explained that the " Western Union " in each bank in each country. Head told me that it is very fast downloads . Will I be able to get their money after 10 minutes of the show. I was so happy to hear that. They told me that it is necessary here to send this information to :
Username: RAMZIYA
Country : RUSSIA
location : CHEBOKSARY
This is vsepodatke , you will need to send money. And when I asked him to make a copy of your passport and send you. It has all the information , if that is not enough . Therefore, you will not have problems sending money . My dear in the bank told me also that I was able to get the money I need to know your details :
name :
Country :
location :
And when will the 10-digit code. With it, you can get the money ! I very much hope that you'll help me . I wish it will soon be in your hands. I love you very much. my life is now fully integrated with your . We'll be together , we can overcome all obstacles. I am confident that we will be happy together . I'll be waiting for your reply now , my prince
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