Scam letter(s) from Valeria Kalachevskaya to Gene (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear Gene) How are yoa darling? Today first day I went to university and feel better.
I waited your call on Monday but you did not call.I gess you did not want to desterb me as you know that I was ill.But I want you to know that I am always glad to get your messegese ( thank you a lot it was my medice wich helps me to fell better) And of cuse will be glad to speak with you,maybe tomorrow about 13-14 o clock my time?What you think? Dear Gene any news about the date of our meeting? Take care please
And wish you a great day!
With warm and respect
Letter 2
Hello dear Gene! Thank you for your letter! How are you today?I wait your call,you can call me now if you can of cause) I can meet with you any time till bout 26 November!Will you have free days?Maybe from 20-21 November till 25?
Or you want as to wait another month till December? Take care
Letter 3
Hello Gene
Was nice to speak with you Dear I thinked about the date and place of our meeting.
I haio a dream to visit Monaco.Have you been there?
I would like to go there.Fro me best time from 20 December.And we can stay there a week.What do you think?
Or you want to go to Greese?I think Monaco is more romantic Let me know your thoughts
Take care please
And have a nice day
Hello dear Gene!
How are you doing dear?
What good? Here I will wite all information you need
Valeriia Kalachevskaya
EH666238 number of passport
5.12.88 date of bithday
Ukraine Odessa
14 Febrouary 2011 date of issue
14 Febroary 2021 date of expiry Take care dear
Wish you nice day
Letter 4

Hello Gene
How are you?
I have some problams will speak wit you tomorrow
Did you bok the tickets?
Because I need tham for visa
Think about you
Tak care
Letter 5
Hello dear Gene
i have some problams and very strest
For me good Lisbon or Greese in another places I have been and not once
will wait news from you with tickets
Please take care
Letter 6
Hello dear Gene!
How are you?
Thank you dear
I like the news))
Shure we will injoy our time and will fall in love)
Dear lets speak tomoroow on phone because today my last tressfull day
I will tell you on phone
Letter 7
Hello dear Gene!
how are you?
Thank you a lot for your nice letter!
I like all of tham!!
With visa evrything fine do not worry,soon it will be ready.I will let you know.
And of cause I will find enoghf time to speand together in Odessa before our vocation.)
Tomorow I will go to vocation with parents we start from Kiev and than go abroad.
Will try sent you some pictures
Take care dear
Letter 8
Hi Gene
How are you?
As II told you I with family on vocation
And I can not take phone abroad as all my money will beirn
What assure do you need?Take care
Letter 9
Hi Gene!
How are you?
I did not hear from you long time is everything is ok)
I am in Milan now))Like this ctiy very much.
Can I ask you one thing?
Take care
Letter 10
nice to hear form you)
You did not desterb me))
I am doing great on vocation))will sent you few photos later as have only on cmera now tham)
Dear Gene want to ask you
the situation is we are in Milan and there is very expensive here , of cause i am with parents and it is ok.And thay bought me nice brand showes and bag like a present.But still there is somay things.And I really like and want to have.And want ask you can oy usent me some founds by western uneon?I will be very glad and happy)))
You already have all information about me to do this
I wll be glad if you understand me
Take care
Letter 11
Hello dear Gene! How was your day dear? Mine is ok,was in the cinema )
Dear let me know so we go throw kiev?by arosvit?
Can you sent me again ou tikets )
Will hope from all my heart that we will have no problams) Wish you sweet dreams
And take care
Letter 12
Hello dear Gene)
Fist of all want to wish you nice flight
Finily dear we will met
About your qestion
Dear it is not my main goal or wish to meet someone aboud
I want meet nice man how can care at me and we will make each ather happy and sheare our love.
Thats why i did not put myself in measher , i did not care from where my loven one person will be
Take care
Wait you dear
Letter 13
do yuo want to travel aerosvit?
I am not but i did!
And I trast you at the begining in everything
If you listen to me a little and respect there were never any problams!
and we will be happy if you impress me and respect me ,belive me You will had a lot o=f attantion and care ...
I wanted romantic time to see respect and you press on me,i asked monaco and we went to greese,i asked romanse 2 rom and we will see what happend but you did not listen. Ask cris how much cost make visa?it is 350 euro and i paid 600 dollars be out from university this time.For what to go with 60 years old man to greese by aerosvit how game me bithday present fro 200 euro.?????????and after this i need fall in love with you?Are you crazy???????? After this all i asked you to respect me,than asked spil me
You even once asked me Valery lets have fun go shopping,what you want.
Do you think i am not normal and will speand a lot or what?I just need the fact that you are not greedy!!!
i am normal woman and respectfull and will never speand or ask more than normal. But everytime i need to ask you ,or to show you((I want man how will serprise me and impress me.And than of cause you will get all of me But you always make how you think and never listen me at the beging
I was very tired and angry
and i did not want to play your games
I asked for suveniars because i went home and wanted to gave thanm to perents how are all night wait me and worried because it is snow cold road nd dngerouse!!And you said no
No means no
i went home
And calle taxi gave your nummber thay called you and taxi driver look for a man ( for you) but your phone ws off((Ask Cris to call 715 number of taxi and ask tham Anyway I WANT man how will be ready spoil and impress me
And again WANT
And if i did not see it I did not WANT him
I make it ****** leter than you can see
Because you always make akcdent on this!!!Maybe you just wanted had fun!!! P.S. You are so gantleman and why when i change clloose in shop you try peep ( look whan i change cloose) and pretend like you look shoes.And when you came back from toalete ( when we seated in restarent with nice wea on the conner,we were only people) and said me how look your/men genitails when it is cold.Thank you it was very peasent in case that i ate at than moment.Gentelman where is your lavel?Or it is gone sometimes after serten glass of wine?
By the way wanted to ask when at last day I lest bag in your room,i saw a glass of wine.When did you finish it at the evening night before when we just came or in the morning?
it is very easy to say this like find the way to cover your mineses
I really liked you and put a lot of attantion and expectation on us.
And belive me you will never find more open and honest girl than me
Letter 14
nothing even to answer me!!!
Maybe you wanted to use me just had fun!!!!
And for you if girl did not sleep with you she is bad!!!
you killed my ideal thoughts!
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