Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Shubina to Max (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest ! it is such a pleasure for me to talk to you! i love so much the way you are. you are all the time in my mind and i am looking forward to hear your voice, You are all the time in my thoughts and when I see your name on the screen of my mobile, my heart is jumping out of my chest! you are so sweet and your voice is so charming, you are my sweet treasure and my angel! i love so much the way you are and i am looking forward to see you. Thank you a lot for telling me that you will be able to help me with the documents to you and I appreciate so much your care about me. you are very special man for me and your willing to help me to come to you shows me how much you are interested and how much you are serious about me. I want so much to come to see you soon. I was in the travel agency and I have found out about the prices: they told me that the passport will cost 350$, the visa and medical insurance 310$, so in total it will cost 660$ and they guarantee 100% result. I think that we can trust them .If you would like to contact them directly, here is the address of them:
My sweety, when you asking me what i am interested in about you. I want to know a lot of things. what makes you smile, what you are doing to get ready for the studies, do you often feel blue? do you think positive thinking is making our life better? As for the life standard in Ukraine, it is very law, you see here the intellectual part of the citizens, I mean, teachers, doctors, and other get the lowest salary from the government, not more then 200 $ per month, you know, it is possible to earn good if you are opening your own business but here the possibilities are very few because the government is asking a lot of taxes from the new business, not helping to take force... it is very sad situation, I hope that it will change for better soon.
As for teh haircut, it costs about 10 $, nail art costs about 20 $, my black dress is a gift from my godfather, but it could cost about 50$. In teh restaurant you will pay around 20 $ for two persons.
i hope you are watching a nice movie and you have a very nice evening there. i am looking forward to hear yoru voice again. you are all the time in my mind.
I send you kisses and hugs
your loving Liza
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