Scam letter(s) from Anna Korobka to Florin (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Florin!!! How are you? Hope you remember me.. you gave me your e-mail on the site and I decided to write you. Just in case you do not remember, my name is Anya!! :) I feel awkward to write you first but I liked you and I decided not to lose a chance to know you better. If you are not interested in me, then be honest and tell me so I will not have any illusions about you. After I saw your profile at the site I temporarily stopped communicating with other men at the site. So I will be grateful if you tell me that you are not interested in me and I need to continue my search... I do not have much experience in Internet dating but I hope my letter will catch your interest. I am here to find my soulmate!!! It's just happened that I have not found my man in Ukraine.. So I took a decision to look for a man on the Internet after my friend's wedding who found her love on the dating site! I like the way he treats my friend so I also decided to look for husband on the Internet.. That's why I am here. :) Tell me what is your reason for registering on the site? Are you looking for serious realtionships and marriage too?
Will be waiting for your reply!!! Anna.
Letter 2
Hi Florin!!! Thank you for your nice letter! Thank you so much!!!I so much like to know you more and more!!! I want to know more about your country!!!What is Attraction place in your country?I never was abroad but i will be happy to travel in future. I am so happy to have met you and to get your letters! I will never be bored by your letters so please never feel that i not interesting. OK?
I hope you are having a great day! It is 1:18 PM here in Schastie and I am sitting with pen an paper and write this letter to you. I am happy to met you,Florin. This morning I am started with thinking about you. I thought about our correspondence and I think it's a good and romantic way to get to know each other better! Agree? I believe that our correspondence will result in personal meeting so by theat time we will know each other very well! I started writing notes of things that I want to tell you about my thoughts, where I go for my job, what I see, how the sky was a beautiful blue and the sun but every day gets colder and colder. I do not like cold weather...Brrr!!! But i wait for the Valentines day!!! Actually it's my favourite holiday! Another favourite holiday is my Birthday which is on April 27th. And what is your favourite holiday,Florin? I like Valentines day because I believe that if you make a wish it will come true.. Maybe I am naive.. :) I hope that i will have a man who I will love and who will love me too!!!Here in Ukraine i had so much bad experience because my last man started to drink and when i left him he crashed my computer and other my things, but i am happy that i left him... I told you in my previous letter that my friend Natalia got married with a foreign man whom she met on the dating site.
She is so much happy with him!!! But i don't any foreign language (I talk Ukrainian only and to write you a letter i use translation office service.. I hope that this will not stop us from learning more about each other! When my friend met her man she didn't speak English too. But she learned it pretty fast with her beloved man's help. So, if you are serious and looking for real love you will understand that language will not be a barrier for us!
My honey i will wait for your next letter!!! I wish you to have a good day!! Anna!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Florin! I am very glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad that you like my pictures. I am very pleased to hear compliments especially from you because I like you too. I have never tried to work as model, i do not feel that i will be able to work as a model. I know that if you want to be model in Ukraine you will need to have *** with your manager! I can't have *** without feelings. I like *** and i think this is important in relations, but i can have *** only if i have feelings!!! I not want to sell my body!! What is your opinion about *** without feelings??? I wait your answer because it is important for me, Florin.
I not have computer because my ex man sell all he drink so much alcohol and he sell all!!now i not have computer and i can't have chat with you!!!!but i so much want to know you better and i wait your letter where you will write me how is your usual day and what you do in life!!!
This communication in letters helps us to know more about each other and helps us get closer. I think that we will meet in future because i do not see our future without meeting!!! I hope that you are serious and that you think about our future too!!! I want to know what do you think about our future and how we should continue our relations??? I want to tell you very funny story which happened with my parents. I want to tell you that I work as assistant of veterinar. Do you like animals?? Maybe you have pets??? I like animals and I have a small parrot. But now I work a lot and had to give my parrot to parents for some time.
Yesterday I visited my parents and they told me that my parrot was such a headache for them! :) Can you imagine...
My parrot Kesha can imitate the sound of a door opening...
He does it very realistic! But I forgot to tell parents about it. And every time when Kesha imitated the sound of a door opening they went to check who was there came. They even locked the door on a key! But once again heard the door opened. Only then then guessed that it all were Keshas tricks!! I hope that you will smile when you read my story!
:)) I believe that smile prolongs life!!! I will be wait for your letter!!! Your Anna!!!
Letter 4

Hi my honey,Florin!
How are you today? I'm very glad, that we can continue our lettering. Every day I spend in dreams, how will be nice to meet you!yesterday I had a very sweet dream: I saw a man with me. It was a very clever, polite, gentle and pleasant man! I haven't seen his face, but I'm sure, it was you! It's so pity, that it was only in my dream!... Oh Florin, how I want to see you, to spend all day with you, to walk hand in hand, to look into your eyes, was only a dream!!! :( I like you and i feel that you are special! I do not want to lose you!!I want our meeting soon! Also it's so great to receive letters from you!!! But i want to feel your presence near me. I want to have meeting with you. After this we will have possibly to think about future together!!! I like our relations, i want to continue and make next steps. I hope that you do not want to lose me too and i hope that you want to try to build future with me.
Florin, I can speak about it all day long! :) It's like insanity!!! But it's a pity I can't. :(( I hope that you heard about bad political situation in Ukraine and riots in Kiev, our capital... My mom got fired from work. I was shocked!!! Our country makes everything to make it citizens live worse.. :(( And my salary isn't enough to pay for the translation service... Darling, I really hope that you understand me. I can't do anything and it's all against my will!
I don't know what you do and what I really mean for you. But I don't want to lose everything we have right now because you mean so much for me. Maybe you could help me with translation fees. I'm so ashamed to ask you about that, I was thinking about it all yesterday long!! And I understood it's the only thing I can do to save our connection cause I want to know you better to keep a small part of you by my side. I'm really sorry for asking you about that... I really hope that our relations are valuable for you!!! Darling, please write me as soon as possible and say if you help me to stay with you. I’m dreaming of you and believe in “us”. P.S. Here are some cute pics of mine!! Hope you'll like them, darling! Kisses and hugs my honey-bunny!! Completely yours,
Letter 5
Dear Sir,Florin.
The following payment methods are supported by "Boundless World": Western Union ( MoneyGram ( ) Funds sent via these systems should be deposited in the name of your correspondent. Should funds be deposited to your correspondent via Western Union kindly ensure that the following information appears, written legibly, on ALL your documentation: Name of Recipient.......Anna Korobka
Address.................Gagarina str. 17
Zip Code................91055
Country.................Ukraine Should you wish to make your payment via MoneyGram kindly deposit the funds, into Exim Bank, in the name of your correspondent Miss Anna Korobka. !!!Please be sure that only your Lady is able to receive your transfer!!!! Choose the payment method that best suites you. Once you have transferred funds kindly notify us, in writing, of your full name and the name of the country where the funds have been transferred from. The money transfer control number (MTCN) and the amount that you have transferred. This will enable our company to ensure an on going correspondence between yourself and Miss Anna. Funds transferred via Western Union have a ten digit MTCN whilst funds transferred via MoneyGram have an eight digit MTCN. We wish you a pleasant day, Yours sincerely,
Irina Nikolaevna
manager of "Boundless World"
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