Letter(s) from Anca Diana Paleu to Saas (UAE)

Letter 1

Confirmation for reservation

Thank you for choosing Tarom Internet Booking Engine to make your travel reservation.You can review your reservation information below.

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your trip reservation

Booking reservation number: 2DC77D
Trip status: Confirmed

• Your trip is confirmed and the reservation is guaranteed.

• We recommend you make a note of the booking reservation number or print this mail.

traveler information

Ms Anca-Diana Paleu

Contact information

Home phone or mobile phone: 0040742771226

your flight selection

Bucharest to Amsterdam

Flight 1 Saturday, February 01, 2014
confirmed Departure: 08:55 Bucharest, Romania - Henri Coanda
Arrival: 11:00 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol

Airline: TAROM RO361 Duration: 3h05m
Aircraft: Boeing 737-300
Last check in: 0h45m before flight

Fare type: Economy Basic/Economy Restricted
Baggage: 1 piece(s) per traveller
(23 kgs/piece)

Amsterdam to Bucharest

Flight 1 Tuesday, February 04, 2014
confirmed Departure: 12:15 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol
Arrival: 16:05 Bucharest, Romania - Henri Coanda

Airline: TAROM RO362 Duration: 2h50m
Aircraft: Boeing 737-300
Last check in: information not available

Fare type: Economy Basic/Economy Restricted
Baggage: 1 piece(s) per traveller
(23 kgs/piece)

Flight payment and ticket
travellers flights taxes
1 adult(s) x (192.00 + 97.33) = 289.33 EUR
Total for insurance for all travellers 10.50 EUR

total for all travellers 299.83 EUR

Payment 299.83 EUR (payment provider confirmation # 2DC77XXXXX)
Ticket E-ticket (National Identity Card selected as identification document)
Fare notes
Economy Basic: Fare conditions? Reboking of journey? Upgrade? Please click here for
Flight Notes
• Not all seat and meal options are offered on all flights.
• Since airline fares can change at any time, please confirm your reservation as soon as possible.
• Specific rules and restrictions may apply to this fare.
• Taxes are included .
The final sum to be paid is shown in this page; no additional sums will be required at ticketing or check-in time, except for additional baggage weight charges
Thank you for using TAROM Internet Bookings Engine
Travel Insurance
You have purchased the insurance from the provider.

Air travel protection plus: Paleu Anca-Diana valid between Saturday, February 01, 2014 - Tuesday, February 04, 2014
Contract number: WNRO100011228

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