Scam letter(s) from Rose Edwinsam to Giangi (Italy)

Letter 1
Dear , Giangi,

Calvary greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord . I hope everything goes well with you and the other members of your family . To the Glory of God , I''ve got today sworn by the Ministry of Justice. I want to remind you once again that this fund will be under your control towards humanitarian and charity services including the propagation of the Gospel. The Dichirazione is in your name that is legally and officially observed . I am confident that this fund to the channel accordingly. I have attached the affidavit and a copy of the certificate of deposit of this fund. Please confirm the receipt immediately , and please keep these highly confidential documents . There have been legally and officially known as the beneficiary next of kin and new to this fund.

A copy will be forwarded to the BANQUE DE REGIONAL SOLIDARITY according to the official oath. One more thing , please , do not involve a non-believer or bad people , during, and after this, as I was strictly warned that with my late husband and I do not want to disobey him even now that there is no most . You should contact the director of the Bank immediately and instruct them to transfer the money into your account . You can also give them your bank account for which you want the money to be transferred. I want this money to be transferred as soon as possible , now that I''m still alive so we can share the joy together. Once again my dear , keep away from unbelievers this divine plan , as I said earlier .

Here is the contact address :

GENERAL MANAGER : Dr. Coulibaly Tiornan

Tel: +225 4454 2547

E-mail: or

You have to contact him as soon as possible and give him your direct phone number , which always give me information, and always remember me in your daily prayers . You can also call the phone . I want to go under my second operation of dialysis doctors very soon. I want you and the other members of your family will pray for me so that this second operation , dialysis physician will succeed , because the first one I immediately was too painful and the bleeding was too much, so I want this one second go to success. May God give you more wisdom to handle this divine project in the mighty name of Jesus pray, Amen Your sister in the Lord , The Lady Rose Edwinsam .

Note: In case of an application by the bank , remember this fund was deposited by my late husband, SignorSteven Edwinsam , from Republic of Kuwait. Date of filing : 12/02/2001 ; account number . : BRS -CI- 018 942 819 Type of Account: General Trust Account . Amount : U.S. $ 2,600,000.00 .
I have attached the photo of me and my late husband and I will be happy to have your own, if possible
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