Scam letter(s) from Julia Borodnova to Rob (UK)

Letter 1
My sweet and darling baby Rob, my honey, my love, my everything, my soul mate, my sweet and darling baby (***... have you noticed this honey??? I am repeating myself)... my bestest and beloved man,a very big and loving KISS TO YOU, and a very lovely HI to you too))) *** honey.... I just have no words to describe to you my feelings right now... This is something, something that is impossible to explain, i think, but possible only to feel honey! This is really - really really something very very special for me! This is something, i can't express, but i just want you to know honey - that i am the happiest lady in the world, right now, because we are here, we are together, we are again together, and we are communicating. The bestest time during the day is here and right now, the time, when i have only one desire - desire to actually stop the time, and to fully enjoy our communication and our time spending together...))) My sweet, how was your yesterday's evening??? And how is the weather???? I hope everything is fine with you my sweet... And i also hope that you have had a good evening, full of thoughts and dreams (maybe??) about me and about us... Am i right honey??? I am sure i am right, because i am judging from myself - the whole evening, just literally every second, i was thinking of you, i was missing you, i was loving you more and more... Just literally every second i was with you honey, i was with you, and i felt your presence here, together with me, in my heart and in my mind... Briefly speaking honey, i just want to tell you - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Yes... Three simple words, which are united together in the bestest phrase in the world, the phrase which makes every loving heart to beat faster - this is the phrase i want in the near future to whisper in your ear - I LOVE YOU!)))) I love you with all my heart and all my soul. You make me feel like I can fly. I'm in love with you even though I am thousands of kilometers away from you. I am forever by your side. You have imperfections just like everyone else, but that is why I love you. You make me laugh and you make me cry tears of joy. I truly could not live my life without having you to talk to and to confide in. You have a way of making my heart skip a beat, and I want you and the whole world to know, that I love you, and I will be forever yours.
Thank you for showing me what kind of love all women deserve. And thank you for being in my life. I love you!! I love you!! I love you!!
And I always will!! with me I have to wait for your mail ... I dont mean any thing wrong ... its just you can always be excited going into cafe as you expect my mail to be waiting for you but the time can pass a little slower for me as I have to wait till you get to cafe read my mail and then answer ... Well my baby... I still believe you can be be excited as well, as you also know, that you will find my letter in your mail box... Am i right???? I can honestly say Yuliya my mood has changed completly since meeting or coming onto contact with you . I am getting happier too my sweet! I am really getting so much happier... I am over the moon with Joy that you have started your driving course my love ... you make me so very happy to know you are striving hard for our future .. I am very happy too my baby))) And i am please that you are over the moon... Please wait for me, i am coming over the moon too very very soon my sweet! Again I must tell you im so happy and smiling all the time ... am full of energy ... need to be for you ha! ha! :) I need to be with you too my baby))) I do really need it so so so so much and with all my heart! in Dec there will be not many kilometers left as we will be down to counting meters and on the 11.12.2012 it will be millimeters for us hunni Ohh yes... Millimeters my honey... You are right... It will be just really wonderful and great!!! wow its a bitter wind my love just like we get from Russia in winter when our weather comes from the East ... You can't imagine how much cold is this in Ukraine, when during the winter, we are having winds from Russia... Usually this is February - the coldest month of winter! only one thing wrong my love ... I was leaving the house very aroused and had on joggers so it was kind of difficult to hide :)))))))))))))) Well... I understand what you mean my baby))) I am sorry if i am making you some troubles... But i hope you have pleasant troubles after reading of my letter))) Am i right??? this took my mind off the ******** I had under my hands and still I was thinking about you all the time :)))))) I understand it very well my baby... I am very happy to hear such kind of power my baby))) I am truly devoted to you ... I am truly in love with you ... I am truly every day thinking non stop about you and our future ... I too... I too... I tooo! *** my baby... What are you doing to me??? Please tell me??? You are making me crazy of desire...I have just read your story... And ***!!!
I am afraid even to stand up from the chair now - i am afraid it is a wet space on it, because i am really so very much excited right now my sweet... I just want you so badly... So cold here this morning ... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Just wanna cuddle up tight to you :) I am sure if you and me were together this morning, we would find out of what to do to keep each other in warmth.. Am i right my sweet???
))) I am sure you know what i am talking about! Only 3 degs and possible snow on mountains ... We had +9 today in the morning... So also a little cold! he pics you sent of you with the little white tiger and you in white dress ... where are they from baby as back ground looks very African with the redish ground .... Well my sweet)))) I have never been in Africa, as well as abroad in general... I am living in Ukraine, in case you have forgotten my sweet))) The pics i sent to you, were taken in Yalta's National Park... This is Crimea, Ukraine... It is a first private park in Ukraine... It have been opened few years ago, it is about 40 hectares in total, and tigers are living there as on wild nature... I mean, no cabins and so on - just nature... Believe me a very beautiful place))) Especially in summer... I just pictured you stroking my hard **** and it wasn't long before I was shuddering in a beautiful ****** .... It was really wonderful then my baby))) It was really wonderful...
Again, i am glad that i am having such an influence on you! This is very very very good! I was dreaming about you the other day my darling, that i was in the shower and you could see the outline of my body through the frosty glass... arching my back and head back with my hands running through my hair with the water from the shower running off my face down the front of my body over my ******. You are watching me but i do not know that you are their, you undress and walk into the shower behind me and i feel you warm hands touch my waist as you move you hands up me the side of my body caressing my ******* and playing with my *******... my ******* immediately go hard protruding through you fingers, my head arching back on your shoulder the water splashing on my ******* as your hands caresses them. My back pushing into you body, my hands move to the side of you body as i run my hands up and down you thighs pushing my *** against your semi hard ****, my *** is rubbing up and down you **** to make it ******. I gently bend forward parting my cheeks apart with my hand i grab your **** to guide it into my pussie, the water is running down my back splashing onto you body as the head of your **** enters me....
I push back onto you so that i can feel your big powerful **** entering me all the way... the sharp loud moan from me as it enters me and i take the lot ***!!!!! this feels so good my darling. I am bent over my legs are apart now with both my hands on the shower wall...
your hands are holding my waist as you ****** your **** all the way in and i feel so good and wet, i turn my head to look at you shouting dont stop dont stop !!!!!!! oh harder harder my love; My voice saying this is so good oh!! your so big *** yes yes yes. I stand up, trying to keep the momentum going me turn around and rap my legs around your waist...your hands are supporting my *** as s lower myself onto you my hands around your neck and our lips are locked into each other both our tongue are moving around passionately and my body thrusting up and down on your **** the water splashing allover our bodies, my moans are getting louder shouting out ***!!!
**** me darling harder. You carry me out the shower with my legs still ***** around you still riding you hard, You lay me on the end of the bed bend my legs so they are now by my head and i arsh my head up so i can see your **** thrusting me hard i can see it entering my pussie in and out getting faster the expressions on my face are of pain and enjoyment but i shout at you!!!!! harder harder dont stop dont stop oh yes my hands grab your side my nails digging into you as you ****** harder, you lean over to me as your lips press down onto mines... i whisper to you as you am thrusting harder and i say i'm ******* ***!!!! here it comes ***!!!! ***!!!! you push my mouth onto your lips as you feel all my juices squirting around your **** my body spazumes and tenses with pleasure i tell you not to stop as you am thrusting harder going deeper and deeper each time until you can not hold it any longer... I look down with my mouth open and watch all the *** explode from your **** onto me, my words saying yes yes *** yes.... we both collapse on the bed holding each other kissing covered in sweat breathing heavely....... Well my sweetie . . I hope you like it again!! I will go now and impatiently wait for your reply!! I never loved anybody so much as I love you right now my dearest baby!! Have a great continuation of this day and week again my Love and lets make it another week with only good memories!! I kiss you sweet, tender and passionate . . I hug you and embrace you!! Your forever baby Yuliya!! I love you!!! kisses again!!
Letter 2
My dear Rob, hi!!!!! My dear, thank you for your letter!!!! My dear you know i am in such shock can't imagine...for you it is also better to sit right now if you are staying..because of such news I am close to lose my faith.... Yesterday there was a bell to my door, I opened and saw there three journalists, they were looking for me.Can you imagine, there are relatives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky(Russia) who are waiting for me and looking for me!!! There is such a TV show in Russia "Waiting for Me" where people write and asked for a help to find if they lost their relatives and roots, so can you imagine the journalists from this show have found me and told me that already for a long time the relatives. But now it is the main...that relatives who are looking for me are MY REAL PARENTS. as the journalists said that my real parents had a bad situation, they quarreled very often and when i was born my father didn't want to know me..and my mom had no possibility to take care of me because of money and she gave me to orphanage being a girl of couple of days..I am in such shock...also they told me that later my real dad came back to her and asked for forgiveness as he wanted to be with her again and grow me... i am really know to live so many years and only now to know that My parents are waiting for me!!! MY PARENTS... Can you imagine that????????????????? I have never thought i could ever find them... Of course i was hoping for this... But... but now this is reality... My darling, I really don't know how everything will go, I pray God that everything will be all right and i will find members of my family, it will be impossible for me I think to use the translation and I will get no your letters((( it makes me very sad....honey I just hope that you will pray for me, when everything happens and i am back I will write you, but really don't know anything about the only a trip to one side to that city takes the whole week by train.. My dear baby it will be better for you now if you get back your tickets as i don't know when I come back at all...Hopefully in February you are still going to meet with me... My sweet I send you all my love to you, hope to come back soon with good news and new members of my family, pray for me, i love you, send you millions of kisses, yours love Yuliya!
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