Letter(s) from Jennifer Anderson to Francis (USA)

Letter 1

Francis,Its me Jenny..Hope you remember me?Will be waiting for your E..Jenny.

Letter 2

Hi Francis,nice pictures and i am glad you remember me.I thought my message will not get to you but i am happy we can contact each other directly.To be honest, I’m not concerned. I have been around different people all my life. I think it is fascinating to have meet someone from a different country through the Internet. I would have never guess I would have meet such a wonderful person the very first week I signed on. Especially when they live miles and miles away.If there is anything you would like to know about me just ask ok and I'll answer.Good to know you have a son so tell me,do you stay alone?
Now,when it comes it fashion!!I dont think i will give my self a credit but i am as simple and as liberal as i can be.
I have a passport to travel and Hope you are enjoying your day?what did you do today?All for now and will be waiting for your E...Muahhh....Jenny.

Letter 3

Nice photos Francis..Have to go to bed now..E me later..Muahh..Jenny.

Letter 4

Francis,Money Gram did take extra fee.I got 600 Pounds..I checked on the tablet and the apple tablet is sold for 1200 Pounds for British Customized standard..I have to settle for less.The laptop,because it will be unwise and unkind of me to ask for another 600 Pounds.I know you can afford it but does it make sense ?A good friend or wife should help safe and manage whatever they have and not lavish them into thin air.I love gadgets but if i cannot afford them,i still have to be contented with the little things i have.It will be better for me to use the 600 for my master degree school fees than buy a thousand two hundred pounds tablet..I have my bills waiting for me but I'll take care of them...Now tell me,how are you and hope you are fine?I would like to meet you and to spend my times with you.2 weeks holiday for a start because i have my Master Degree program to face until i round up in May/June,then I'll have all the time i need to stay with you until you are tired of me...That is if you will because we'll never get bored.We'll try new things everyday.So much on my mind to say but i would love to say them to your hearing,face to face..I went to England 1 year Ago because I'm holding a British passport and not Turkish or Brazilian passport,besides i stand a better chance in the UK.Was with my mum last year,spent a week with her..She is doing fine and her maid is really taking good care of her.I really trust and believe in you Francis.Unlike the other men,i do not trust them because all men are the same but in your own case,things seems to be different.A lot off course!!Makes me wonder if i truly found my soul mate or is this just a dreaming..I dont want to start having high hopes but i believe in you and like i said before,i am 100% willing to give in a chance in this our relationship.I will put all of my effort,my life and love just to make this relationship grow and become stronger then we ever imagined..I believe relationship is not about money or material things so i want to promise you that i will always be there for you through thick and thin..No matter what happens,i will not leave your side..You can count on me as a good woman because i truly am.I am saying this words from the deepest part of my heart because i care and want to embrace your love..No Secrets and i am not expecting you to brag about riches because they are nothing but earthly things..The most important thing in life is love and happiness..Thats all we need...E soon...Muahh..Jenny.

Letter 5

Send me and invite Francis.I would love to visit you next week because i am less busy.You know i moved over to Coventry,West-midlands and I've been looking for a Job.Non Yet!!...So i am kind of less busy and would love to try new things.I bought a laptop today but could not buy the phone.Had to use some of the money left for my school fees,for part payment..I hope you don't mind honey?How was your day and what have you been doing?..I can be jealous sometimes so if i may ask,are you still in relationship with the other girls?The ones you talked about?You actually said you found someone you think may be good for you??I am just curious and a bit nervous.Don't like sharing my man with another woman just as my man will never share me with another man.I can actually stick to one!!And will never cheat,no matter the situation...So tell me,were you able to start the project on your home, putting in new floors for the kitchen and back room today?..As for my hunt for a more mature gent who would blow my mind, i feel bad to tell you that i have been very unlucky so far, one of the guys i have exchanged a couple of messages said he likes me and would like to meet and makes steamy hot love with me but he will want his other girl friends to join, that's a threesome ,please tell me why people are this crazy. Another said i looked like a doll and asked if i would want to be his sex slave. I guess thats the problem with most wealthy men, they are arrogant but you are different..I owe you a lot..Enjoy the rest of your day while i get some sleep..Miss you...Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 6

I feel more safe and overwhelmed..Thought the other girls have caught your attention and then,i wouldn't matter to you anymore but it comforts my heart to know you quit contact with them.I miss you too dear and hope you had a wonderful night rest.Its 2pm here and should be 6 or 7am your time.What will you be doing today? Try to have your shower and breakfast before you do anything.I am so less busy and bored and wish we are together...I have read your mail and believe me I took sometime to think it through, you sound like everything I have ever wanted in a man. Its kind of ironic cause I have always thought to myself, is it worth it hanging on and thinking there is a perfect man for me out there. You took your time to tell me some about yourself and family and I want to believe this isn't just some random mail but one which you took your time and drafted for me. I am kind of old fashioned so pardon my emotions and sentimental pop ups, smiles.... I want to know I can be able to confide in you, I want to know I have a man in you , I don't easily give myself to a man, I am feeling attracted to you and that's why I am telling you this. I'm not a lot into the online dating thing myself so meeting you is kind of success..How soon will you be able to round up with the renovation and hope you will have time for me??You know i do not know or have anyone in the US,you are the only one so please do not leave me lonely..I trust you with my life Francis and loving you is just a dream come through.Everything i do right now,i do it for you and for us...I have sent you my passport,hope you got it??What is the nearest Airport close to you??I will love to fly from London Heathrow Airport..Ticket from London Heathrow to USA is 700 Pounds for Round trip(2 way).I will need a Tourist visa which is about 50 Pounds,will be issued to me in 3-5 working days time.TSF(Travel Sufficient Funds)The 2 times i traveled to Brazil and to Turkey,i had about 1300 Pounds for pocket money but its to avoid restrictions from the immigration,the govt!..My traveling expenses in total will cost 2,050 Pounds..But I'll give back the 1,300 Pounds to you in the Airport,that's after i cross the United States immigration..If i begin the traveling arrangement then i am sure of been in the US next weekend..Friday or So!!..Never had someone buy me a ticket so can i buy from my side?British Airways will be better for me..Sorry for the late response.Still looking for a job..Lunch time,join me later..Thinking about you Francis and i cant wait to meet you face to face....Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 7

I have to write the flight details on my diary and I'll be going to apply for my Visa first thing tomorrow morning,don't forget to reimburse me Francis,it's just 50 Pounds.It has to be a Tourist Visa.Have to give the Agent my flight details to help fasten his job.I also want to get to Scotland tomorrow and might return very late at night.Not decided yet,so let tomorrow come and I'll decide..I'll access the computer from the library in Scotland,that's if i embark on the journey...Flight to Seattle leaves on the 26th January by 9 but didn't specify if its 9pm or 9am..The best thing for me to do is sleep in the Airport Hotel on the 25th to help get more information.What's the time in Seattle right now?It's 8pm here and i am wondering what you are doing with your time..Thinking about you Francis..Tying a towel and ready to take my bath..Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 8

Ok,I'll go to the Airways on Tuesday or Wednesday.I am feeling sleepy already and will go to bed after i send this E..The Tourist visa is only 50 Pounds + 20 Pounds for the agent's service charge.The travel money is 1300 Pounds and 405 Pounds to collect my Iphone 5.Not including the money for expenses because i really must not spend on my journey.I'll have all the things i want in Seattle,thats if I'll ever want them because i am not materialistic..You know,i value life and happiness more than buying jewelries.Most women are into relationship just because they can buy jewelries,clothes,expensive hand bags and shoes but yet,they seem unhappy!!..They place their thought on what they see, not considering how they feel.let me be that woman to light up your life because you're a darling and i want to be happy;With you!!..Before i say good night,i want you to remember that i cannot pick up funds twice a week.It's the British rule,has to be once a week so when transaction tomorrow,you have to send funds in one transaction or send in two separate lots at once/same day..I'll need another 100 Pounds to move around and also lodge in a hotel In London on the 25th against 26th..Altogether,makes it-1875 Pounds..Enjoy the rest of your day while i go to bed..Sweet dreams to you later..Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 9

Honey i am so sorry to bother you this much but if money gram will not accept the 1800 Pounds then send it by bit..Bit by bit..I told you before to send bit by bit..They may cancel the such amount in one transfer.Honey if you still have time please go to another Money gram office and send it.Send 675 Pounds to my name.600 Pounds to Alice Morgan and 600 Pounds to Jake Stevens.You can do this from different Money gram office..The travel money is 1300 Pounds and not the 1875 Pounds.Remember you asked me to tell you how much i need to get my phone,that is why the money became 1875 Pounds..I don't like interfering or attaching people to my privacy..Don't know who to get an account from but please try Money Gram again.Just got back home now and i need to take my shower.Will check my email again,E me soon...Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 10

Francis,i do not want you to send money to other name if not mine but we can try several options.Western union is far away from where i live and now that Money gram has cancelled the transaction and will not allow you to send money to me.What do you think we should do?
You cannot cancel the flight because its non refundable..I dont understand the reason why Money gram will cancel you transaction.Does it mean one cannot send money to his or her loved one,family,mum or dad...It sounds crazy and stupid to me.Baby please stop asking if I'll be on the flight or not..I want to be with you and you know i am putting every effort to make things work out..A friend of mine who married a Nigerian will be coming to England on the 23rd January.She lives in Coventry too,few blocks to her compound..She is online right now.I am actually emailing her too and i asked to see if she will help me pick up funds in Nigeria and then bring to me in Coventry on the 24th.She said she can help.I dont know if its a good option for us..Western Union UK will steal more than 200 Pounds in such transaction..I dont want to run short of travel money all because we are looking out for a means to get travel money to me..My friend said Western Union Nigeria does not deduct and will not deduct such amount..Francis dear,i see this as an option for us.Are you ok with that??She is a trusted friend and she can do it for me.She also said you can send the whole amount through Western Union to Nigeria without any restriction..E me soon honey..Thinking about you..Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 11

Honey then lets try another dimension..My friends name is Alex Okoye.She got married to a Nigerian man who was born and raised in England.I just read her last email to me and she said i can send it to her and she will give to me on the 24th.My bank account is overdrawn so i cannot use it until i get a job..If i had someone to borrow money from i will be the one to pay for the 50 Pounds visa my self.What you are asking me to do is to ask for a help where I'll get nothing but an offer for sex and cash in return..British men are good at it...Anyway you can use Western Union now and I will send her the information in the morning..Thank you honey and i am sorry to put you through stress.

Receiver Name-Alex Okoye.
Receiver County-Nigeria.
Question-Favorite Color.

Do not change fight information because i have made my plans and i want to visit this weekend so that i can return home to start doing something to earn a living...I cant borrow money from anyone and i know you can pay them back but they cant help me...I am not going anywhere tomorrow so we can exchange emails for sometime before i go to bed.I miss you and E soon...Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 12

No honey dont go there..I'll not advice you to pay off my bills when i know the money was spent on my Mum.It's outrageous and 1800 Pounds will not cover the whole bill.I'll tell the whole story when i get to Seattle..Blue is my favorite color but like green and purple.Whats your favorite color?..My visa will be issued to me on the 24th.I can't fasten it though i did my best to but dont worry,it is well..I'll go to bed soon and once again i want to say sorry for putting you through this stress and thank you for your understanding..So which text question do you want to choose for Alex??Ok lets say!!

Receiver Name-Alex Okoye.
Receiver County-Nigeria.
Question-Love You.

I'll send her the information to pick up funds.Please try and see if you can do it tonight.She needs time to pick up the funds before heading to the airport to return home...I'll still be awake for 2 more hours before going to sleep.Thinking about you..Muahh..Jenny.

Letter 13

Good morning Francis,i got up early this morning because i was worried and wondering if you were able to use Western Union to Alex in Nigeria.If you are able to do it on time today,please send me the info so that i can forward it to Alex before the days runs down..I dont have Criminal records or any Illness so i am good to go.I am happy to know that your favorite color is same as mine(Blue)..I have the text questions you choose for Alex Okoye but you didn't send the number code i need to send to her.How come you like frog as a pet??.Sounds funny honey but it is sweet at the same time.Sorry that i didnt reply your email on time.I waited for 1 hour 39 min and then dozed off..Francis,I've been traveling and i know I've always had travel money on me,besides i am not going to spend a dime from the money.I'll give it back to you in Seattle,right in the Airport..Hope this E will cheer you up and will give you a reason to be happy.Few days left to be with you..I am counting down the days,i cant wait..Muahhh..Jenny..

Letter 14

Good morning to you too honey and hope you slept well?I've been at home the whole day doing nothing but thinking about us and the things we could do together from this weekend till next 2 weeks..Before you go to Western Union honey i want you to be able to tell them the money you are sending is yours and not theirs.Mean while try to send the money in 2 transaction and since you will be sending 1300 GBP please send it bit by bit with 2 reference number to give to Alex.
Send 650 Pounds first and then go to another outlet and send the remaining 650,thats if you cannot send bit by bit from one office but i know if you divide the money in 2 separate lots,it will be easier..Let me know when you return.I'll E Alex later today because she's been waiting to pick up the funds for me before heading to the Airline...Try to take your breakfast before you leave OK..I'll not have you go hungry..I care...Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 15

Francis,I've put you through stress and once again i want to say i am sorry..You are such a darling and no doubt i owe you a lot.I owe you with every bit of my life and I'll see desires for love and affection fulfilled..I'll quench the taste of loneliness in your life and will be all that you want me to be.
I will forward your E to Alex but where do you expect me to get the money to give her,besides she didn't ask for anything.She is just a good friend,nothing more!!...1870 Pounds is what you are suppose to send to me because i was suppose to collect my phone plus visa but we changed plans because Money Gram USA would not allow you to send such amount.I still feel for you Francis,don't think i am happy to be this demanding..I am still a human and i have hands to work and earn money..I dropped my job and relocated to Coventry because i needed some savings.To be able to assist the man i call my own and not become a pest to him..Please forgive me sweetie and thanks for bringing out the time to send me travel money but you know its not enough and i don't intend to say it because saying it will seem pushy to me.Not to you but to me,it makes me feel like i don't deserve you.I feel like your woman should be able to tend to her needs and not having to depend on her man..The 1000 you sent,is it in Pounds or Dollars??Please honey even if you do not intend to raise the balance to claim my phone then please try to complete my travel money and that of my visa.Now that we know Western Union can make 1000 Dollar or Pounds transfer to my friend Alex in Nigeria ,I kindly ask you to complete the money for me tomorrow.You cannot send to me in the UK due to the restrictions.Please send to Alex again..At least another $1000 will complete my travel money.I can borrow 50 Pounds for my visa.I still have like 77 Pounds on my handbag and can pay the agent's service charge of 20 Pounds my self.I want to be able to help in some way honey.I am not a handicap and i want what we have to grow and last for long.Sorry for making you drive to Western Union all day,gratitude for been a kind one and a darling.Thinking about you and E soon..Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 16

Thinking about you honey and please do not abandon me..If not for death of my mum,i would have been there with you but i know i have few days left to visit you.If the family postpone my mums burial just because we cannot foot the bills then my arrangement with you will be cancelled..I cant travel without putting her body to rest.What would the family member say about it?What will people say?Put your self in my shoes and tell me,do you think its advisable??It doesnt show any sign of respect for my mum and she will never forgive me,even in death.This is the last respect i owe her and i will be all yours to decide what you want to do with me.I'll never let you down Francis.I love you and you know it.Do not deny me your support..Alex can get the money to me just as she did last week.There wasn't any delay in getting the money you sent to her..Her sister paid me.Muahhh..Jenny...

Letter 17

Francis how can you say this is one sided when you know what i am passing through right now.I cannot allow my ticket/trip to USA waste in vain..I am sorry to have made you feel this way but i mean no harm honey.I am sorry but do not go harsh on me.I've shed enough tears and if you abandon me,you'll ruin half of my life.I care and i want to make it up to you Francis..

Letter 18

Francis do u really mean to abandon me??This is not fair..Not after you've shown me so much love,all of a sudden,you took everything away in one snap..I assume you found someone else.
If she doesn't treat you right then come back to me...I still miss you....Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 19

Thanks for the E Francis.You've made me happy again.If someone ever say You'll forget me,I'll doubt the person but you did forget me..I still have feelings for you and you've been very nice to me.May be i shouldnt have asked for your support to take care of bills in Brazil.May be i should have strive hard to carry the pain and load all alone.I did share my thoughts with you because i felt you understand me better than any other...I'm sorry to hear about your Mum and i hope she is getting better?Things are not any better for me but your E has brightened up my day and i want you to know that i am not using you and i will never do anything to hurt you.Take care of your self and E again...Muahhhh..Jenny..

Letter 20

Francis,hope you are fine?I am so sorry for the late response.been busy the whole day and have been thinking about you.How is your mum and hope she is feeling better.Wish i am there to look after her.Dont have a mum anymore so your mum is like my own mum.Its true we've never met before and may be if we meet,she'll not like me but i stand on my word and will always call her mummy because its rare to have a mum.Those who has will never know the worth of what they have until they loose it..I am worried about you and I'll visit Seattle as promised.I want to be with you and to take care of you and mum.I know I'll not stay in the US for long but the little time I'll spend with you will be the best and wonderful ever spend.I long for the time to come and i am counting down the days.I care Francis and it was nice to hear your sweet voice.I love and cant wait to be with yo soonest..I hope you still wish to be with me.Take care and E sooner or later...Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 21

Its good to read from you again and to be frank with you,I care and want to be with you.You've been so nice to me and no man from the distance and on the internet has treated me the way you did.Its a plus to you and to me and i want to say thank you for been there for me though you shouldn't have ignored me just because i asked for help to take care of mums burial.Made me feel bad but the bad can never supersede the good you've done for me.Thank you for been a kind one and i promise never to let you down because you deserve the best in relationship,life and love.You are the Best Francis.You lifted me and gave me hope to love again handsome and I'll forever be grateful..Besides if i do not want to come to Seattle,I would not bother calling you on the phone just to ask for forgiveness and if i am a cheat,I would go with the $2350 you sent to me but I've been here for you and will always be here until the day we meet.Only 8 days left.You should come pick me from the Airport.Will try to call you again today or tomorrow.I miss you Francis and i am thinking deeply about you.Take care and E soon.Muahh.Jenny.

Letter 22

You spent about $5000 on me and you want to let it go to waste?I am not going to let that happen.I am better than that..I'll be calling from a pay phone so there is no way you can call back.I'll call you on the 7th Feb,12 or 1pm your time.I am pleased to have met someone like you ad i hope you still feel the same way??..Feeling sleepy.Enjoy the rest of your day and E soon..Muahhhh..Jenny.

Letter 23

Have not heard from you Francis and i hope all is well?Please E me soon..Just got to England..Will be waiting for you E...Muahh...Jenny.

Letter 24

Not much words to say but i do not know what you mean by Alex has trained me well!!..Are you indirectly accusing me of something or think me not serious with you??
I swear to God and to my mums grave,I've never lied to YOU!!...I've always been upright,never hide a secret.As friends and lovers,i have every right to tell you what i want,how i feel and what i want to do but my sincerity has turned to,been Demanding!!..You now see me as someone who wants your money and not the fun and affection...I asked God to bring fort to me,someone like you and he did but i dont like the way you suspect me and in other words,judge me for a crime i know nothing about.I've never treated you that way...Besides you sent $2000 for my travel money and asked me to use the money for my mum's bill/burial..Which i simply did as instructed.Why pause short of supporting me this one last time to board the flight??..If you give me the money and i dont show up then i am a SCAM AND A THIEF and will ask you never to trust me but if you give me the money and finally i show up then you owe me an apology and NO SEX FOR THREE NIGHT..Do not send the money to Alex anymore because she will be in India tomorrow.She said she her house help can help me pick up the funds and then she'll call her sister to give me some money from their business money.Off course they know how to check and balance.Its their business!!..If you cannot raise the $2000 for me then send me $1000 and I'll Sell my Jewelries to raise the remaining.Please Francis,do not let what we started go to waste because God knows I'll never leave your side..I'll email Alex to get a receiver name from her..Please E soon and tell me if your ok with my opinion.I'll make sure i call you before boarding the flight.Don't leave me stranded at the Airport..I care Francis and you have to see through my heart..Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 25

Ok I've heard.
I need the money for my clearance In school.Please Francis,just raise $1000 for me today..The deadline is on the 12th Feb.Please Francis I beg you.Alex emailed and gave me her cooks name.She said she'll help me pick up the funds.Her cooks name is Ifeanyi Okonye,she will pick up the funds for Alex and will contact Alex after it is done..Alex said she is in Lagos and her flight will be leaving for India at 11pm.Please Francis,hear my cry..I cannot spoil what we have just because of $1000..Please honey,please.For God's sake and for the sake of your love for me,please do it for me.Take care and E soon..Jenny.

Letter 26

Don't worry Francis,I'm not coming..You think its all about your money but to be frank,there are thousands of men who beg to give me money but want something in return just as you do, but i choose you to be the man I'll give my body to,now you treat me as a stranger and think me trying to Con you..Lets just forget about us because i already have a ticket to Philadelphia but i will not be traveling..All men are the same.Gave someone else a shot because you turned your back on me just because of $1000 which i Sincerely told you what i need the money for.The truth is that I've forgotten about you just as you blew me to the WIND without second thought or a second chance..Miss you but may be this is where we say good bye..I wish you luck in finding Ms Perfect..And please forgive my rudeness,you've pushed me too hard.Remembering my mums burial and how you abandoned me..It was unforgiven but i forgave you.Forgive me if you think me wrong but i know you'll never find a honest sincere woman like me,MARK MY WORD!...I am too good and that is why you treat me so bad..Jenny.

Letter 27

I know you still love me and you do not wish to loose me.You still have the chance to give me one last try.Send me the $1000,Alex said you can send to their gate keeper-"Ifeanyi Okonye"In Nigeria and if i dont show up them I'm the scam and con here.I just hope you could see through my heart and at least give me the chance to be that better woman.This letter is long overdue ... so much has happened in these past few weeks, all the arguments/disappointments and everything seems as if it's happening because time runs by us and we don't have much time with each other due to my loss, work,distance and the hectic days. I just wanted to tell you that no matter what has happened, I still want you with my entire heart, and I know that these misunderstandings don't mean anything more than just arguing at this very moment. With all this,sometimes you seem to think I don't love or care or ever want to be with you anymore and I know I haven't been showing it to you as much as i long for. However, from this day on, I'm going to try harder to become a better person,I realized that you are the most important person in my life and that if I don't meet you soon,You may just lose the love we share. Anyways, I'll end now, with much love, trust and with confidence to become a better person from now onwards. I love you Francis Plum.! Hugs & Kisses!!Muahhh..Jenny.