Scam letter(s) from Valentina Volkova to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love David. Thanks you for your sweet letter. I know, that you love me. I cannot wait to be together. I would like to press the button or to close eyes, and in seconds to be with you nearby. My heart so is happy. We have grown fond each other through our letters. I cannot wait to talk to you and to force you to laugh. David, I will try to call to you this week in the drunkard from international public phone. I hope, that I will manage to make it. Thanks, that you have sent me new photos. I will travel to you under the tourist visa on 90 days. On registration of all necessary documents and on reception of the tourist visa it is required, 7-10 working days. Yesterday I have talked to my parents. I have asked my parents, to help me with the finance, on realisation of ours with you of a meeting. My parents not the rich. And they have no many money. Also I have talked to some of my colleagues from my work. Now I have a 60USD. But it is not enough of it to begin official registration of papers. Registration of all necessary documents costs 755USD. Now me does not suffice 695USD. If official registration of papers costed 60USD. I could begin official registration of papers. But I am sad, that registration to cost much more expensively, than I managed to find. Unfortunately, at me is not present 695USD. And I do not know, how to me to be now. I do not know to whom I can address for the help now. David, me uncomfortable and not nice to ask for your help. But except you I do not have anybody who could help me more. I have made everything, that was in my forces. My fingers I am insolent the crossed. The biggest happiness for me will be, it to be with you. I hope, that we can begin official registration of papers. I sincerely and with all my heart, I wish to be with you soon. I wish to speak, feel and embrace you. I will finish my letter. I hope, that you soon will write to me back. I love you strongly-strongly. I send you my gentle kisses kisses kisses kisses. I love you. With love yours Valentina
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