Letter(s) from Natalia Mayorova to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1

Honey am just thinking about you so i said i should write you some poem...

How can we trust love, and be sure it will last?
We gave our hearts to others, many times in the past.
We shed many tears, and built many fears.
And now we're afraid to let our hearts go.
Because of the pain we've come to know.

But if we are to love again, we have to take the chance.
And trust our hearts, our only guide, to find that true Romance.
So if we hide the Rose from the light, we'll never see it grow.
But if we plant it in the sun, we know the Rose will glow.

So tear down the Iron Gate you built so high and open up the door.
The love you find may be the kind, that you've been searching for.
We know that deep within there is a special part.
And we know for love to live, there has to be a spark.
And when that spark, grows to a flame.
The heart we gave is never the same.

The days begin and end with songs.
And to that newfound love your heart belongs.
You walk on clouds of fluffy white.
Knowing and trusting that your heart is right.

The Rose will glow and love will grow.
And make a spectacular sight.
For all that see the Rose, will see the petals bright.

Letter 2

Honey i want you to send the money via western union to this name... Honey i can pick the money once here cause its not far from London. is just train there.

NAME..... Mary Eugene

ADDRESS... Strandvagen Street, No 54,

CITY...... Djursholm

STATE..... stockholm

COUNTRY... Sweden,

POST CODE...18205.