Scam Letter(s) from Marina Shevchenko to Pablo (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear Pablo.Thank you for your message. Are you interested in me? I want to correspond with you. It would be better to tell you about me. My name is Marina. I am 27. As for my character, I am honest, cheerful girl, with good sense of humor. I am sociable, have a lot of friends, because main my feature of my character – I can trust people despite everything. My friends can trust me with everything, I never let them down. If you want, you can tell me about you some special secrets. I am interested in this. I hope our correspondence will continue, we will know about each other more information. I will be glad to get your letter. Wish you good luck, and wait for your letter. Marina.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear))) I also like Christmas, really good time ))I am so glad to meet you here, you are attractive man, and I hope you also interested in me, it will be good chance to try find real love and strong relationships, I need a man who can support me and who can give me his care and attention, So I decided to look in the Internet, and hope I can find such man here, I want to tell you about myself.I am from Ukraine, I live in small town Sverdlovsk , My family is not very big, I live with my sister and mother, we are so happy together, we always support each other, And also I have grandparents who live in the village, and I tell you about my family more in my next letter to you. and now about me, I have very interesting job, I work as a educator in the nursery school . I love children and I am dreaming to have my own and of course to have my own family too. I love to take care about children. They are so small and funny, you can’t imagine how it is pleasure when small girl form kindergaden call me “Mother” , but I want to have my own children, I think I will be good mother, you can asked me: why so beautiful girl looking for love in Internet, I can tell you, I decided to try the Internet to find my husband because in my place it is really hard to find a serious man. Of course, I have many men who are interesting in me, but they see only my appearance but not my soul and heart, I don’t consider myself as beautiful or model, I am simply girls with great desire to build family, There are a lot of man in my town, but it is difficult to find soul mate, all of them drink and use drugs, they can beat a woman, it is so pity, but It is my reality, so I decided to find foreign man, because they have another mindset and soul. I have never been married. I had relations, but it was bad experience. He betrayed me, it was so difficult for me, but I was born to live and I should enjoy my love and it would be stupid waste my time, I am positive, honest girl, but I also can be gentle and attentive. I hope that I’ll meet a person who will be strong and fearless for other, but for me , he will be very sweaty and attentive. and what about you? Do you have family? Tell me about this? Why you decided to find girl from Ukraine? Have you ever been to Ukraine? I will be waiting for your letter and photo, Your Marina

Letter 3

Hello, dear. Did you get my previous letter? I ask you, because I didn’t get any answer . Do you still interesting in me? I hope, or simply didn’t have time? Write me something, I really wait for your letter. Marina.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear))) thank you for your letter, My number +380977873251, I will be waiting for your call and your number, But I use simply mobile phone without camera even. and if you can send me picture by e mail,I am so happy to meet you and I can’t imagine that I found you here, I don’t trust meeting in Internet, but now I change my mind, I believe that you are serious about me and I want to say that my attitude to you serious to, Do you believe that it is possible to meet love in Internet? I hope, do you have such experience? Tell me, I am interested .I heard different stories about meeting in dating sate but I hope this stories don’t related to us, Maybe I am so silly girl, but I will try to find my husband here, It is my first time looking for man in dating sate, To tell you that truth I am sociable girl, but I prefer real communication, I don’t want to communicate on Face book or different other social network , it's hard to believe, because in our modern world there are a lot of people who communicated in this network, but I don’t think so, I think that a lot of lies on the internet, I was registered on facebook but deleted my profile, because there are a lot of man who comes to me with erotic suggestions and who want to get only my photo, not my soul and heart, So I hope, no, I even believe that you are not such man and if you serious about me tell me this from the very beginning, I hope you understand me, I am interested in your life, in your hobbies. Tell me, how do you like to spend your free time? Do you like sport? Do you like go for a walk? I can tell you about myself more, As many Ukrainian girls I like cooking, I told you that I was grown up only with my mother and she often work, so I start to prepare food very earlier, when other girls play in the park I should cook for my mother because I knew that she come back for work very tired and she want to eat, than I should prepare for my little sister, so I have big experience in cooking, I can prepare only Ukrainian food but if you want I can try to prepare the food of your country, Tell me more about your country cuisine, I am really interested, if you asked me about my hobbies I can tell you that I like spend time with friend and my sister’s hobby is photo, she like make photo, and I can say that she is professional photographer, she made some photo for me, I like to be like model for her, so my free time we spend together making photo))I also attended musical school and I can play piano, I take relax from music, I can express my feeling by music, So I tell you about myself, and I hope you read my letter with great desire, and you will give me an answerer as soon as possible, I will be waiting. Many hugs to you, your new friends Marina,

Letter 5

Hello, my dear Pablo, thank you for you sms to my number But it is expensive for me send you sms back, you wrote me on Ukrainian language, Do you know Ukrainian? I feel that with every letter I become more and more closer to you, we start our communication and hope we will have good ending, I want to tell you that my dream is to have family, I want to get married and be happy with my husband, I want to see different countries with my best half and children, But now I have no ability to travel and see different countries, I can travel only in Ukraine, I know it is difficult to believe but I have never been abroad, I have never seen another life, and another civilization, I know that other developed countries live differently, and have higher standard of living, but in Ukraine I can’t effort to go abroad, I can travel to sea and I should save money long time to go to sea, it it is my reality. If we are communicate you should know that life in Ukraine not so good, But I have such friends that have ability to travel abroad and they told me that Turkey and Egypt is very popular resort, But I can only imagine about it, Do you have any place to visit? Do you have dream? I can tell you about my dream. I want to see island Bali, Really it is hardly find a person who would not even dream to spend one day on a beautiful island with golden beaches. Here we can imagine that stays on a desert island. Bali is known as the island of the gods, a paradise on earth. Do you want to enjoy holiday in absolute peace on tropical nature under the soft whisper of the Indian Ocean? Can you imagine this? I dream to walk under the moon with my favorite person and listen to the sound of the ocean, I want you to hold me and whisper softly in my ear, I want to run with you on the waves and kiss you, I can only dream about this, I think it is a dream that will never come true, No, don’t mind I am optimistic, but I am live in reality, I don’t want to build castles in the sky, It is so expansive for me to go to Bali, maybe one you and me would be together and we can travel together, and how many countries did you visit? Did you have something to tell me? I hope, I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow, but now I should end my letter, I have some plans on evening, I want to go to cinema with friends, Hope you give me an answerer, wait for your reply, your Marina

Letter 6

Hello, it is great that your parent was born in Ukaine, Have you ever been to Ukraine? I don't remember you told me or not?I think we have a lot of common.I like you photo so much, very attractive man,I hope you agree with me that it is impossible to know person only by letter but I try to tell you about me every facts and I hope you also honest with me, I will try to tell you my thought, my feeling, my dream and I hope when you read my letter, you always smile, I feel that you understand me, and it is very important for me, I think understanding between two person play a great role. I want to share with you my dream, I want to have children, boy and girl, I hope I would be good mother because I love children and in my kindergaden they are so funny, I love every one of them, My dream is to live in country side ,because I love nature and I think it is good place to have small house near river, or near lake, I want to sit on the porch with my partner and with cup of tea under the warm blanked and take pleasure, I want to have my own garden and grow useful vegetables and fruits, because I like eat healthy food, I want to make juice form apples and take care about flowers, I am simply girl , I do not need wealth and money, I need comfort in family and beloved husband, I want to prepare breakfast for my family and I want to have tradition that family gathered around the table every Sunday, and I will prepare breakfast, I want that our house would be full of guests and children, Do you like this? Tell me how you imagine your future life with your wife. Do you want to live in city or countryside? How do you imagine weekends with wife and children? do you want that your wife stay at home or go to work? I don’t know how in your country, but in Ukraine men do not cherish their wives, women should go to work and then after a hard day back home and start wash, clean house and prepare food, and men only drink alcohol and have fun with friends, they did not appreciate the women, and the woman begins to wither, woman have no times to go to beauty salon or do fitness, so I hope find man abroad because I believe that foreign man have another heart and soul, they value woman and take care about them, Hope you agree with me completely, tell me your thought about your attitude to woman? I wait for your letter , many hugs for you and many kisses to you, wish you good luck, Marina

Letter 7

Hello, my dear Pablo, I am fine But why you don't answered to my question? you don't read my letter? I asked you Have you ever been to Ukraine? I don't remember you told me or not? But you say nothing, I asked you Tell me how you imagine your future life with your wife. Do you want to live in city or countryside? How do you imagine weekends with wife and children? do you want that your wife stay at home or go to work? you say nothing.tell me your thought about your attitude to woman? you say nothing, I am not for play here, I want to build family and looking for husband, please don't waste my time,your Marina

Letter 8

Hello, my dear Pablo, thank you for your letter, I miss you so much, and I hope we have future, I wait for your long letter But if you don't have time you can write me short letter, because your letter is very important for me, I don't want to lose connection with you, I want to talk with you by phone, I want your voice,please try to call me, I will be waiting so much, In Ukraine now very cold, snow weather, I want to be in warm man's hand, I wan to hug you and I want to feel that I need you, please don't lose connection with me, I need you so much, your Marina

Letter 9

hello,my dear Pablo, thank you very much that you wrote me, How are you today? what did you do? maybe do you have time to call me? I need your voice very much, please call me,I was missing you so much, I was never stop thinking about that is why I came here to write you a short letter, just to let you know I am so close with my heart and my soul to you. I want to tell you that my heart full of emotion, full of desire to know you and be with you, How do you think, is it possible for us to have future? How do you imagine future with your best half? Maybe it would be not me, But I want to know, you are romantic person or not? Do you want to impress your best half? Do you want to conquer your beat half? And how do you think, how long love can continue? Forever or simply first three years? Many scientists say that love lasts 3 years but I don’t believe it, I believe that love can exist forever, for me love it is not simply word, for me love is deep feeling that changes a person completely, all the habits and even behavior, when person in love she feels butterflies in the stomach, for me love is comfort in family, happy husband and happy children, I want to take care about my family and prepare tasty food, I want to be good mistress for my husband, do you want to get married? I will be waiting for your short e mail, your marina

Letter 10

Hello, my dear)) thank you for your photo, I like it so much, How are you today? what did you do? I miss you so much, I really like to talk with you, and I hope meet with you one day,You can’t imagine how it is difficult without yours letters. I can wait, but time passes so slowly that I want to stop it. But time can’t stop because I want so. I want to be a magician to stop it. You are the first man in my life that is so deeply sunk into my soul and I don’t want to lose you. You bring to my life something new, I think the sun began to shine brighter and all world filled with bright colors. But I Feel I have a lack of minutes and hours to spend it with you, like a lack of fresh air to love and breath. Do you want to spend with me more time? It will be amazing?
How do you think, Can love exist on distance, whether love becomes stronger every day or not ? I am sure . It is possible. Yesterday, I met my good friend. I haven’t seen her for a long time. She told me about her life and I was surprised . She also met her love through internet. But now she is not regret about this important step in her life, she is so happy. Her family doubted about this, because it’s so difficult to support connection on distance. But he was reliable, strong man, and now they are happy together. I also told about you.
She supported me completely. And wished us good luck and happiness, we must be strong to keep our feelings. I said her I trust you, I feel that you will never betray me. I feel that you can support me, can give me love and attention. And from my side, I will try to give you as much as possible, my love, feelings, tenderness. What was your day?
How are your feeling? What was your dream? I am looking forward for your reply. your Marina forever

Letter 11

hello, my dear Pablo, thank you for your letter I asked you question Because we communicate and it is normal asked question I need to know about you more,and I am happy that you answered to me, How are you? do you have plans for weekend? I will go to village to granny she is ill and she need my support, I will go to her, But now I am at work and I miss you please id you can call me on Sunday I need your voice, Thank you very much for this ability to know you. Only you can makes my life more happy. I am ready to give you everything for your care. In any place and at any time my love will be protect you. Do you feel this?
Thank you for your strong, for your wisdom. I am so happy because I have met you. Now for me there is no greater happiness to love and give this love for you. I always dream about you, and you? Do you dream about me? Do you want to touch me, to feel my breath? We are so happy in my dreams, and I want this dreams comes true. I always imagine about our day, if only we will be together. I can tell you about one of this. We wake up together, you kiss my lips, my hear, my neck, I fell your strong body, It is amazing feeling. I stay lying in the bad and you prepare coffee for me, I feel this entrancing smell from kitchen. Do you like to prepare coffee? Or if you not, I can wake up earlier and prepare coffee or tea for you. Do you like this? And than we will spend our day walking in the park holding hands. We will whirl on the swing and eat candy floss. We are so happy and even crazy. We are like a kids, cheerful and happy. All people look at us.
I can see shine in your eyes. And in the evening we will sit near the fire, Watching romantic drama, you will hug me, kiss my lips, and I will give you all my love and warm. Romantic that you give me lifts me up to heave Do you agree with me? Is it possible? I don’t want to live without any more, I want to spend with you all my free time. My honey.
Desired, I simply want to be with you forever, give to each other romantic, enjoy every minute. But it’s only me dream. I want to meet you in real life.hope see you soon your marina

Letter 12

hello, my dear Pablo, how are you? I was happy to hear your voice, thank you very much that you call me, I need your voice, I will send you my photo ok. but I little bit later ok? and thank you very much for your photo, I like it so much,we spend good time we eat tasty food I bake cake and they present me flowers, my honey, my soul. I miss you, I miss you so much))) I am thinking about you all my time. Where are you? With whom? Are you ok? I don’t know how express my felling in this letter, but I’ll try. You are my sun, my sense of live, my support. Sometimes it seem, I can’t live without you, but your letters give to me sense. I read your letters again and again. There are so many warm words in it. I feel your love despite of distance, I know it is difficult to love on distance, but I think our love become more and more stronger. You my dear, you my heart, please call me soon if you want I will be waiting so much, your Marina

Letter 13

Hello, my dear Pablo, How are you? how was your day? thank you that you write me, Maybe you can call me? i would be so happy to hear for you, I miss you a lot, and it is important for me to get letter from you and know all your life and all your days. I am really interesting, I need you so much and I can't wait till we will meet, I want to be with you forever. I love you so much I can't imagine that I can fall in love by letter But our letter make me happy, I feel that your letter give me meaning for day and for all my life, I miss you lot,I send you photo with my mother But today i will sends you with my granny Ok? I hope you interested yeas? You can’t imagine How difficult without you. You can’t imagine how my heart pulsing when I am writing you a letter. All my dreams about you, and even at night I can’t forget about you. I am writing you a letter and thinking about how it would be better to live with you, to take care about you, to share my life with you. I want to prepare breakfast for you, or simply coffee to bring you joy. I hope we will overcome all barriers and even distance does not prevent us. I know how difficult to live without love and I will try to serve our love for ages. Let's give each other a romance, beautiful words and actions, enjoy every minute spent together. I can not live without you I can not exist I can not breathe. My honey, If only I can describe my feelings, which your love bring me, I will to do this. I feel this amazing feeling, it worth living for. This feeling is worth fighting for. My honey, I hope you will understand everything in this letter that I want to say. I'll follow you into the fire and into the water. I will catch the heart of every you breath, take every smile, every move. I love you so much. I will give you happiness. I can do this, because you my heart, my life.
I trust you and I know we will be together all our life. My favorite if only we could be together… but you should know, even at a distance of my love will warm you. I love you.

Letter 14

Hello, my dear Iaoa)))How are you? I am happy that you told your sister about me, and so you like hockey game? I would be so happy to go with you one day. I think we need do so many things, we will go to cinema, theater, and so on. I would be so happy to spend time with you. I miss you, when I come to my work at first I check my mail box because I am happy to find your letter, I am happy that you write me and this your letter give me the meaning for all day, you bring me joy to me gray life, and I don't know how I will life without you more, I hate this distance between us, But you always in my mind,I look at your photo, you are so handsome man, for me your are the best man, I miss you so much, your Marina from Ukraine

Letter 15

Hello, my dear Pablo How are you? I wish you Marry Christmas and spend good time with you family I wish you good luck in New Year and Big love,I wish you find your love and be happy, I like every photo you send me you are interesting and handsome man I see, I would be so happy to meet with you one day. How do you think? I hope you writ em soon How you spend Christmas Ok? I will be waiting so much, maybe do you want to call me? I would be so happy to talk with you, I really want to hear your voice, your Marina

Letter 16

Hello, my dear Pablo How are you? thank you that you write me,I would be so happy to celebrate Christmas with you, with your family. to seat near the table and communicate. I hope one day we will be happy to celebrate this day together How do you think? You have made my heart take wing and fly like the highest bird in the sky, I tell you that I am in love with you. I say this with complete and total truth. I feel so strongly, I want to hold you close to me and to be protected by man like you I see in your pictures. I see your beauty, and I also see that there is so much more to you that I can only learn by being with you. What a glorious time for me when I can be close enough to you to hear you, to watch your face, to see what brightens you, to learn what saddens you so that I can never let it happen again, I miss you so much your Marina

Letter 17

hello, my dear Pablo, How are you? thank you for your photo I like it so much my dear I miss you so much today we have repetition at work with children and I am busy at work, I will write you tomorrow when I will be free Ok? I love you and miss you so much your Marina with love

Letter 18

Hello, my dear thank you that you write me I am so happy my dear I was busy at work and I can't write you yesterday we ahd celebration of New year with children at work and I was busy and my dear you know I se computer only at work and I have vocation from tomorrow during some day we will celebrate New year and I can't write you, I am so sad but I will be thinking about you, I miss you so much, I love you so much, your Marina))) I will write you tomorrow Ok?

Letter 19

Hello, my dear Pablo)) thank you for your photo, my dear Happy new year to you, I wish next year we will be so happy together, How do you thin? Now I have vocation from work But Today I go to work to do some paper work so please don’t worry that I didn't write you some days Ok? I always remember about you, I simply was on vocation. I celebrate new year with my mother and my sister and granny in the village and I am thinking about you all this time, I was so alone I need you near me, we prepared a lot of tasty food, buy bottle of champagne and when the clock struck midnight I made a wish to be happy with you on 2014, have family with you, simply be happy, I saw fireworks and dreamed of how we will stand with you and kissing under the fireworks, I miss you so much, I need you and you are my future, you are my man, and How your celebration? tell me Ok? I will be waiting letter fro you my Pablo))

Letter 20

Hello,my dear How are you? my dear I can't see this video I am so sorry I don't' know why. this computer not new and I can't see video I am so sorry, my dear this situation with your car funny and sad at ones, your car hit But it is experience for your niece How do you think? he hit seriously? it will be expensive to repair? please don't worry Ok? tomorrow we will have celebration of Christmas and we will have dinner go to meet with my friends and so on, my dear Can you call me? I need your voice, I need you near me. I am always thinking about our meeting and are? are you thinking When we can meet? my dear I miss you so much and I hope you will write me as soon as you can Ok/ your Marina

Letter 21

Hello my darling sorry I don't write you we stay without internet connection now due to this revolution in my country and the weather cold - 30 in the morning and I can't write you some days., my darling I don't want asked you money I don't want you thinking about me that I am such girl who looking for money. no!!!!! my darling But if you can help me, I would be glad because now situation now good,. I would be so happy get help from you. if you decide help me, please tell me when and I will send you my address OK? I miss you and I still thinking about you, But now connection now good. please understand me I miss you a lot darling )))

Letter 22

honey How are you??? why you keel silence again??? honey please write me soon I love you so so much))

Letter 23

hello my darling ))) how are you?? how was your day??? darling i told you about my situation and you told me that you can help ,me am I right??? please send me letter soon))) I will wait honey I miss you a lot and you are in my dream always)))

Letter 24

Hello my honey)))) how was your day??? honey the weather in Ukraine better now. not - 3- But near - 10))) it is good because people ill and I am also catch a cold !!!!! my honey on work everything ok.
Yesterday I met with my friend soon she get marry and she invite me to party. I am so happy for her. I am also want get marry and be happy.
darling I valuer that you can help me, from this time I don't get my salary I don't know what to do. I don't pay for my flat and i have no much save money. I don't know how to buy food. people crazy and angry about government, honey I don't know what to do. I rely on you.
darling I send you my address and I hope you can help me,
My full name is Marina Shevchenko
My address is Pirogova street 22|15
Sverdlovsk town
Luhansk region
15 of december 1985 birthday
I miss you so much and I hope you can write me soon

Letter 25

he darling you tell me that you can't help me with money I don't forced you, it is your decision,. I am honest with you I don't forced you

Letter 26

hello my honey how are you??? why you keep silence again!!!! I miss you a lot!!!

Letter 27

Hello my honey))) how are you??? how was your weekend??? honey I know that the nearest bank where can be western Union in Sverdlovsk on street Engelsa 39 I will go and pick up your money OK??? honey the name in Brok business bank But I can pick up your money at any department in my town where western Union system, OK? honey thank you I value your help. thank you very much!!!!! honey tell me how are you??? I miss you a lot!!!! how was your weekend??? why you keep silence??? are you busy????? I miss you a lot!!!

Letter 28

honey how are you???? where are you???? why you keep silence?????



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