Scam letter(s) from Fotini Kozia to Gianni (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend :)
How was your day today?
My name is Fotini, I live in Ireland, i really want to meet you, i found your email on one of the dating sites and I hope you also do not mind having a familiarity with me :)
And maybe one day in the future we'll meet in the cafe and we'll drink coffee together :) what do you think about this?
I'll be waiting for your answer!
If you are interested in my letter, i hope that we will exchange photos with you and will have a pleasant conversation.
your new friend Fotini.
Letter 2
Hello !!
To begin with I wish to tell, that I was very glad to see your letter. Thanks.
Secondly I should apologise probably before you of that I late answer you.
Please excuse me. I have seen your letter only today
And here at once I write you the answer. If you wish to continue to correspond with me I am final not against and even is glad to it.
Always loved new acquaintances.
I am happy will get acquainted with you and I hope that our correspondence will be the
beginning of our friendship. Write letters through the Internet new to me and it seems very interestingly! What your real name?
My name is Fatini! To Me 29 years old. I was born on July, 03, 1984. I am beautiful))) I hope you like? I have put my photo for you and I hope that it is pleasant to you. I would like to see your new photos too. If you have them, please send me. I shall be very glad!
I would like to see your new photos too. If you have them, please send me. I shall be very glad! I live and work in Ireland in city Gaillimh, therefore I can tell, that I have got used to a rhythm of the big city, but sometimes it tyres.
I live in one-room apartment. I never was married and I have no children. My last relations have ended more two years ago and now I am open for something new. I always dreamt about real happiness, but still did not find it. Possibly it sounds surprisingly for you, but it is valid so. I heard a lot of good about men from your country and have decided to try to find the friend through the Internet. I do not know to what it can result, but sincerely trust in success. It is a little more about me.)))
My growth of 170 sm and weight 50 kg. I very cheerful and warm person! At me it is a lot of friends, but there is no happiness. I can tell, that in my life there is almost all. Only there is no person, who will care and love me. I sincerely trust, that it still ahead!
I shall be very glad to continue our correspondence and it is better to learn you, if you do not object. Probably we shall good friends!
I travel almost each 2 months and basically on work.
I love pets. But unfortunately now I do not presume to have to myself pets from for my work.
Now I do not know what to write, I think, that for first time it is enough. If you have any questions, not
To hesitate to set them.
I will wait for your reciprocal letter. Yours Fatini
from Ireland.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend :) how was your day today? ) My name is Fotini , I'm 29 years old, I live in Western Australia , Broome , I really want to meet you, I found your email on one of the dating sites , and I hope you do not mind also that familiarity with me :) and maybe one day in the future we will meet in a cafe drinking coffee and going together :) what do you think about this? I write to you now with the work, it is a valid email address of my boss , I ask you to reply me on my personal home e-mail : I will wait for your answer, if you are interested in my letter , I hope that we will share with you the photos , hoping to see your answer. Fotini !
Letter 4

Hello! :)
To begin, I want to say that I was very glad to see your letter. Thank you. I saw your letter today and here I write to you immediately reply. If you want to keep in touch with me , I certainly do not mind and even glad. Always loved to meet new people .
So , it means your name Gianni ? Very beautiful name . I like it :)
I'm not very good at these dating through letters and honestly admit that I just do not know what to write you this letter .
I write about myself, but what to write? What you would like to know about me? Well, as you already know , my name Fotini. I am 29 years old .
I live in Australia , Broome . My date of birth : 03 July 1984.
I am not married , have no children and currently am not even in a relationship. Generally speaking I am a single woman, which is still looking for his other half.
I love sports , I love cooking and of course love my job . Almost all the time I am working and probably why I'm still not married.
If you will be interested to know about my work , I will write to you about it in my next letter .
My favorite color is red ( like the bright color ) . My favorite season of the year , it is certainly the summer. I love beaches, I love the sea and the bright sun .
I like to travel and in their 29 years , I have toured almost all of Europe and even in America was . Was in Paris , London , Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities .
I travel almost every 2 months and mostly at work.
I love pets. But unfortunately now I can not afford to have pets because of my work.
Now I do not know what else to write , I think for the first time is enough . If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them .
I'll wait for your response letter . Fotini
from Australia Ps I 'm going to hope that you liked my photo and you will send me more of your letters and photos.
Letter 5
Hello Gianni.
Here a few days passed and there was no letter from me to you . Sorry, for the fact that you did not write . You probably waited and worried for my letter? Oh my God, there was so much work lately that I just could not find free time to write to you. Of course I'm sorry about this, but in my heart I hope you will forgive me for my silence . You do forgive me ?
Yes, I was in Italy. And I am very pleased with your culture and people. This is a fantastic country. I would be happy once again to visit your country.
In my last letter I wrote you was that in my next letter I write to you about their work.
I think it is interesting for you , so of course I write to you about it. But before you write you about the work, I would like to confess something.
I live in Broome . Yes, it is now my city , but I must confess to you that I was not born here and not even in Australia. By nationality Greek woman and I was born in Greece, as already written to you . My parents and I used to live in THESSALONIKI. It is very beautiful and quite a big city.
Approximately 2 years ago my parents died and I was all alone . I have no brothers or sisters , and even my uncle died last year . Generally speaking , I was all alone now and I do not even have relatives.
After his parents died and a half years I lived alone in my hometown THESSALONIKI and then I had no strength to live there. Permanent memories of my parents torment me and so I decided to move . First, I certainly do not know where I go , but then one day I found an ad on the internet about working in Australia . Of course , I immediately decided to call back and I got a chance to start a new life. I immediately moved to Australia and now a year living in Broome. At first it was very hard here. I had no apartment, no acquaintances , but I worked hard and gradually found its place here. Now I live in a rented apartment , and now I have a new life. That 's my story. On the one parties are very sad because of the death of my parents , but on the other hand it is the death of parents made ??me adult . Of course I miss him. I miss them every day and I always keep a picture with him . but as I have not tried, it is not eternal life . People always die , and we only need to believe that people close to us now in a better world . Personally, I try to believe in it and I from these thoughts become much easier.
Well, I feel that I have to write to you about something else . Sorry. Did not want to raise a sad subject , it goes somehow turned . I would like to write to you about their work and so I probably will continue the story of my letter their work. I'm like already written to you that I work in the trade ? Or I did not write about it?
I do not remember anything . So, if I did not write to you about this before, but now confess to you that I'm working trade representative. I am a free sales representative who works only on orders . I participate in auctions tender and represent the products of companies that hire me to sell their products . Basically I hired smaller companies that do not have their sales representatives for help but sometimes treated the same and large companies .
Eg 2 months ago I was approached by the company SUKOTEC GmbH & Co. KG. This company is based in Germany and they quite developed. This company is engaged in the device , repair and sale of various types of equipment. (Telephone , television, computer accessories, etc. ) . Basically I participate in auctions and conclude agreements with customers for the sale of goods .
I'm a free trade representative and my wages depend on the number of contracts that I conclude this month .
Of course it is a difficult job, but I like it. According to my work, I travel a lot for Australia , as many traveled to Europe and maybe I was not still in Asia. I do not know why, but I have not hired anyone for work in Asia. Maybe it would not be culturally with my hand, but I would like to report my wages.
It's fun for you ? My piecework wages and I get an average of 2,500 euros per month. I wonder if you I get more ? Can not answer this question if you are not comfortable sharing it.
About the call or chat with you. I know that you would now like to speak with me by phone or would would -chat with me , but unfortunately I must now deny you in all this. Please forgive me, but I think Now that we would get to know each other through letters . At least the first week , then I promise you write you my cell phone number and I will even agree to chat with you in yahoo messenger if you wish. I ask you to understand me.
First it would not give the phone number of cultural strange man , and secondly , I now want to get to know you only through letters .
I think that through letters can be much better to know the person and I can even understand his inner world. That's why I want it now to communicate with you only through letters . I hope you understand me and do not be mad at me.
So, I stop now . My break from work and went to work I need now . I just have to wait for your answer and I
I will hope that you will answer me soon. Please do not make me wait for your answer and write me soon. With a large
I look forward to your next reply.
Sincerely , Fotini.
Letter 6
Hi Gianni. How are you doing ? I'm glad that you write a letter again . Believe me, I am very interested to write to you about myself . When I write to you , I relive my life , I remember about my past and I think that is happening now and what awaits me in the future . It's really cool. Past my letter about myself was not very happy for you. Sorry. I wrote you about the death of my parents and honestly admit I was just a little hard to write about it. But I wanted to tell you about the beginning of my new life and could not say about it. Do not worry about me, my parents died over 2 years ago and I've resigned myself to it. So everything is fine with me.
So our acquaintance continued and I probably should continue my story about yourself . In the past, a lot of my letter, I wrote to you about my work , about my new life, but about my interests and what I like and do not like about my hobby , I did not write to you. So I will continue my story started about it.
Maybe you find it strange , but my hobby - it's karaoke. Even my friends sometimes laugh at me because of this hobby, but what can I do if I love to sing . I believe that I have a beautiful voice . From childhood I love music and I often listen to music in my free time and of course the song genre almost always depends on my mood . For example, my favorite song : "Yeah!" Usher, "I just Wanna Live" Good Charlotte, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Like the lyrics : "My immortal" Evanescence, "Ghetto gospel" 2pac feat Elton John,
Makes want to dance : "The World is mine" David Guetta, "Get busy" Sean Paul,
Makes you laugh : "American Idiot" Green Day, "Calma e sanguefreddo" Luca Dirisio, "For real" Athena,
Makes you think about life : "Raise & Fall" Craig David feat. Sting, "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson,
Make you cry : "Here Without You" 3 Doors Down, "Tonight and the rest of my life" Nina Gordon, "I Bruise Easily" Natasha Bedingfield,
Reminds of my life in Greece : "My Oh My" Ace Of Base, "Turn Back Time" Aqua,
Uplifting : "Boonika Bate Doba" Zdob si Zdob, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Never get tired of : "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since u've been gone" Kelly Clarkson ...
About music I write a lot , but I'm afraid that this letter will be too long. So I finish the music and I hope you now know what kind of music I listen to most often .
The fact that I love and that I do not love in this life I just can not write you a lot. Like all women , I love flowers . I love to spend time in the kitchen , experimenting on recipes of dishes. I want to find my recipe , which is not yet known to mankind . I do not know that I will , but I'm already in the process of completion . I have a dish I invented myself . I call this dish " Love and Hate" . It was very tasty and can be anything - when I cook this dish for you . Sorry, but the recipe until I tell you I can not. That is my secret .
Besides that I love in this life I can just add that I love to chat , love to meet new people , love the sun , love the sky , love summer , beach, sea , love to travel and learn about other cultures , like when people are understanding and respect me.
Do not like it when you do not finish the case , do not like the mess in the house, do not like to drink **** , I do not like smoke , do not like the rain , I do not like bullying , I do not like not understanding , not like lies and certainly do not like stealth in man.
What else can I write . I think you want to know about my relationship with men. Last serious relationship with a man I had some in Greece, but judging by the people I met here already , I feel that all men are the same . Can you tell me why the first place for men in relationships always have *** ? Is *** important to you love or family? I thought a lot about it, but I can not understand your male mind. Maybe you can explain to me ? Here 5 months ago I was a fan who wanted to create a lasting relationship with me . In the beginning, he kept a low profile , like a real gentleman. But in a short time it has changed and I realized that he wanted me to do just *** and my money. I wanted to have a serious relationship and certainly severed all relations with him . Later, I did not take his apology , though he was trying to get me back . I just walked away from him and this was all over. I do not know whether I went with him then , but God knows that I could not do otherwise. Frankly speaking , it is parting with it now pushed me to explore the internet. Now I'm completely different attitude to their men and search before you start a serious relationship , I want to first learn in detail about it. I want to know about his inner soul , of his intentions and of course about his plans for the future. It is best to learn it through the letter and that's why I'm not giving you my phone number . Please excuse me , but this is my principle and I do not want to break it . Just get me now and maybe then I will send you my number. Maybe even I will come to you to visit you in your home , unless you do not mind . By the way, to you I plan to go about 18-19 February . The work I will take a few days and then I want to stay in your country for a few days to relax.
So, my letter turned out very long. I hope I will not hinder you in reading my letter. Of course I would like to wait for a response from you, and I ask you to write to me about your search for the woman. What it should be, what are the qualities you consider important to her? It is important to me and of course it is important for our relationship if we are going to build them.
I'll wait for your letter and also will look forward to your photos. Now I wish you a good day .
Sincerely , Fotini!
Letter 7
Yes I am now in Greece. I think that tomorrow I finish my job here and within a day or two I can go home .
My dear Gianni , today is a great day. I have a holiday today . Today is the birthday of my mother . It is a pity that it does not exist in this world, she left this life 2 years ago. But she did not go away from my heart , for me it is eternally alive. I am very sad about the fact that I can not celebrate her birthday with her. But I still think that I should drink at least one glass of wine for her birthday. I'm sorry now that you are not there with me, but I am very happy that now I can write you a letter . I always try to write something special and fun for you! But now I do not know what to write. I wish I could now remove the distance that separates us and enjoy your company ! If I had wings, we would be together and could have a glass of wine together for her birthday. But I hope that is not the only birthday we could celebrate together , I hope that when it is my birthday we can celebrate it together. you want
would it? Wish you were not with me now close . Today is a holiday , I would like to celebrate it with you , but unfortunately I was in Greece. I ordered a bottle of white wine to my room , and maybe I 'll have to celebrate one . Here's a boring birthday and even tears from the eyes of a little drip from the disorder. Maybe you now have your computer? Maybe now we could chat with you ? Unfortunately I do not have a laptop program for chat , but if you do not mind , we could correspond through online writing . What do you think about this? Please , if you are here now, then write to me. Make me company.
I'm not going to sleep and will wait for your answer. We could talk about our future meeting next week or even could fantasize with you on various topics . Example of friendship and love. By the way , I have long been promised to write to you my phone number , but still did not give it to you. I feel ashamed now . Previously, I was not sure that I'm ready to talk to you on the phone, but now I myself want to hear your voice and talk to you on the phone. So you can call me right now or you can send me sms. My number: 010-9278357 . I'd like to send you a lot of your photos . Incidentally I have a copy in my laptop Australia passports can send it to you for the amount . I really want to send you more than your photos . I think as soon as I get home , I'll post a photo of their album . Well, all for now.
I 'll look forward to your call or sms.
With love your Fotini.
Letter 8
Ora ** una breve pausa dal lavoro e ** deciso di utilizzare questo tempo per scrivere questa lettera .
mio caro , non hai idea di quello che e successo nella mia camera d'albergo . Dopo che ** scritto una lettera , ** aperto una bottiglia di vino da bere per il compleanno di mia mamma , ma improvvisamente volato bottiglia sughero e il vino versato sul mio portatile . Ero spaventata , ** preso il tempo di spegnere il mio portatile presto, ma purtroppo non ** avuto tempo . Sono molto arrabbiato perche il mio computer portatile bruciato e bruciato nel momento stesso in cui ti ** invitato a chiacchierare con me in linea . Naturalmente mi e dispiaciuto molto , io non so cosa fare , ma speravo mi chiami sul mio numero , o almeno sms scrittura. Stavo aspettando per la risposta , ma non c'era niente . Non lo so , forse sto solo scorretto dato il mio numero di telefono ? Per quanto mi ricordo , deve prima andare prefisso del paese - Australia 61 , quindi il prefisso - 010 Broome , quindi il numero di telefono . Quindi il mio numero totale deve essere +61-010-9278357 o 0061-010-9278357 ? Prova a chiamarmi stasera questi numeri . Oggi lavoro fino a 9 ore a notte , ma poi torno alla mia camera d'albergo . Chiamami qualche volta nella notte , alle 9:30 , o se volete , io cerco di chiamarti .
Mia cara , oggi penso che finire il loro lavoro qui in Grecia . Domani ** bisogno di un altro giorno di finire completamente il mio lavoro , ma e solo formalita e il giorno dopo mi rimetto a Broome . Cosi Mercoledi prossimo posso venire da te . Rimane per me un paio di giorni di lavoro nel vostro paese , e poi avro il tempo libero per un mese . Spero davvero che possiamo incontrare
Quindi , devo lavorare ora . Purtroppo ora non posso inviare una foto , mentre scrivo questa lettera da un altro computer perche il mio portatile ancora non si accende . Ma io non sono arrabbiato perche un giorno vengo a casa ed essere in grado di ripararlo . A proposito, oggi ** anche lavorato per un sacco di pensare a te . Gia ti manca terribilmente .
Il tuo Fotini .
Letter 9
mio dolce cuore Gianni . Dovrei ora chiedere il vostro umore ?
Probabilmente no . Mi hai incasinato nella sua lettera e ora mi sento in colpa di fronte a voi . Ti prego di perdonarmi per il cattivo umore . Gianni mi creda , ** il piu oggi e un pessimo umore . Era solo una notte orribile per me . Non dormito tutta la notte e oggi dalle 08:00 Sono nella polizia . Dopo la mia ultima lettera a voi questa mattina , la polizia mi ha portato alla stazione di polizia e tutto questo tempo mi trovavo li . Nella stazione di polizia e venuto a investigatori , la gente veniva da mia ambasciata e mi hanno chiesto un sacco di un sacco di tempo per spiegare cosa e successo quella notte . Io stesso ** perso il conto di quante volte questa mattina ** testimoniato . ** spiegato loro nel dettaglio , ricordando tutti i dettagli di quanto accaduto occasione, ma ancora chiedo le stesse domande . Lei non capisce che ancora volevano sapere da me , o forse volevano solo mettere me la colpa di tutto ? Nulla di rassicurante oggi non ** sentito dalla polizia . Hanno appena mi hanno detto che avrebbero avviare un'indagine , ma quanto tempo durera , non sanno se stessi . Gianni non sa cosa fare adesso . Ora sono molto triste e le lacrime scorrevano dai miei occhi . E ' molto difficile e io non voglio essere piu di un giorno in questo paese . Sono molto spaventato e avevo paura di andare qui per la strada da solo. Sono davvero spaventata . Questa mattina , mi rivolsi a mia ambasciata per aiutarmi a tornare a casa . ** chiesto la mia ambasciata che mi hanno comprato un biglietto di ritorno , ma in risposta alla ambasciata mi ha detto che ora non possono prendere alcuna azione fino a quando nessuna dichiarazione ufficiale da parte della polizia di chiudere il mio caso . Per dirla in altro modo , la mia ambasciata mi ha chiesto di aspettare la fine delle indagini e solo allora mi aiutano . ** chiesto a mia ambasciata come aspetto , ma che nessuno conosce . Forse un paio di giorni , forse una settimana - non voglio aspettare cosi a lungo . Vado pazzo per questa volta in questo paese selvaggio . Recentemente provato a chiamare in ufficio per chiamare il mio lavoro. Speravo che mi avrebbero aiutato , ma il problema e che io non lavoro per un funzionario della compagnia . Ottengo soldi solo per il loro lavoro e non mi rispondo . ** detto cosi direttamente sul telefono e la mia societa non e piu neanche voglia di parlare con me . Molto crudele e io sono solo in stato di shock da tutto. Tutti i miei soldi , carta di credito , telefono cellulare, documenti per il lavoro - tutto rubato insieme con la mia borsa e ora sono solo in una situazione disperata . Io non so nemmeno ora , come torno a casa sua e chi rivolgersi per chiedere aiuto ? ** provato a chiamare il mio migliore amico, ma il suo telefono non si risponde .
Forse ancora una volta e andato ai suoi genitori e il suo telefono non rispondeva . Se i miei genitori erano vivi , allora certamente mi appello a loro per aiuto , ma i miei genitori non sono piu in vita . Quindi non mi resta nessuno a cui chiedere aiuto , ma ora si . Il mio dolce , ora mi perdoni per la mia determinazione . Dio sa che non ** mai in vita mia nessuno ha chiesto aiuto . Sempre cercato di uscire da una situazione difficile in se , ma adesso per la prima volta nella mia vita non so quello che faccio .
** bisogno ora e di 720 euro per acquistare un biglietto di ritorno a Broome , tanto il costo minimo del mio biglietto a casa , ma non so dove trovarmi qui questo denaro . ** paura adesso , amore mio , non voglio perderti , ma se non , quindi chi altro mi devo rivolgere ? Sto piangendo ora , e con le lacrime agli occhi ti sto chiedendo di aiutarmi a tornare a casa sua . So che la mia richiesta sara la rabbia di voi. So anche che si sta ormai perso la fiducia in me, ma non
Nonostante questo vi chiedo di aiutarmi con i soldi per un biglietto di ritorno . Gianni Non prendo questi soldi da voi per sempre . Vi daro indietro i soldi appena arrivo a Broome . ** i soldi in casa mia , ma portarli via di qui , non posso.
Vi chiedo di darmi il denaro preso in prestito per un paio di giorni , se potete. Se non mi aiuti , quindi non so a chi chiedere . Ora spero solo su di voi, ma dall'altra ** perso la mia fiducia ( intendo il mio lavoro e delle ambasciate ) .
** paura di inviarvi questa lettera perche ** ??paura di sconvolgere voi . Ma tutta la mia speranza di tornare a casa solo ora in questa lettera . Vi chiedo di pensare e se mi potete aiutare .
** pensato a lungo e duramente su opzioni come posso ottenere il denaro, dal momento che non ** un passaporto . Speravo che avrei potuto ottenere i soldi dalla mia ragazza da Broome , ma da essa non ** ricevuto una risposta . Forse lei non ha ottenuto le mie lettere . Volevo che lei avrebbe mandato un trasferimento di denaro tramite Western Union , attualmente l'unico modo per ottenere i soldi . Mi voltai verso la donna con cui ** fatto affari qui in Grecia . All'inizio volevo prendere in prestito denaro da lei, ma purtroppo lei vive uno con il figlio e denaro gratuito al momento non ha . Non ** amici , tranne voi . E ora voglio scrivere le informazioni che e necessario per un trasferimento di denaro tramite Western Union . Il mio amico con cui ** avuto un rapporto di affari sdes in Grecia , ha accettato di aiutarmi , e le diede l'informazione . Dal momento che io non sono che io non ** tutta la mia carta di credito e stato rubato insieme con la mia borsa , il mio caro quindi la prego di inviare il vostro aiuto la mia ragazza ?
Ecco la sua informazione :
Paese : GRECIA
STREET : Venizelou 27
Aspettero per la risposta e spero che mi risponderai oggi. Se si invia oggi , vado in banca domani ed essere in grado di tornare a casa . E non appena torno a casa mando subito i soldi indietro, o mi arrivo personalmente a voi e vi do i soldi indietro personalmente . Verro a Internet cafe nella serata che avrebbe letto la tua risposta .
Ti amo molto molto e mi manchi .
Il tuo Fotini .
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