Letter(s) from Elena to Mark (Canada)

Letter 1

Hiiii How are you? . Let's become friend ? I want to meet a man a boyfriend and a new job and maybe in your country. you like me real. I desire to speak to you. I hope you will not delete my message in trash, and reply. Elena kiss

Letter 2

Hi Mark ! I am very happy to see your letter. And that is good news for me. I only wish to tell to you at once. I am not a toy! I am not a prostitute! Do not play with me. If you wish to ask my naked photos please remember. I shall not send you my naked photos, and I shall stop correspondence with you. Do not spend your time. You understand me? I hope! But you are a good man. I see that in your letter. That means you have found something in me and maybe want to know each other better. I wrote about my life on the whole in my first letter. You already know I live in Kinel (Samarskaya Oblast) . It is a usual small town in Russia. When I am alone I dream. Dream about future life. Where everything is good, I have a good job that brings pleasure and good income. What do you do in your spare time. Maybe I ask too many questions. But knowing more about you is interesting for me. By the way, my favourite sports is swimming. I am good at swimming. From time to time I go to the swimming pool. My favourite colors are pink and blue. My favourite flower is a tulip. And what about you? Do you like your job? Do like what you do? I am sure that is important. It is important to love you job. In my first letter I wrote about the opportunity to visit your country. Yes, that is true. I work tutor in a kindergarten. I studied in the university to get this specialty. I also studied foreign languages. My English proficiency is quite good.
I love my job. Soon I will be able to go to your country and work in a kindergarten. I think you have understood the reason of my letter. I want to get acquainted with you. I will end my letter for today. And I hope you will patient enough to read this big letter from an unknown girl from Russia. Send me more your photos! I am waiting for your letter Elena!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Mark !! I am very glad to get your letter again. How are you? Today the weather is fine. The sun shines brightly. I like such weather. How is the weather by your side? I also ask you to write more about yourself, your life and your family. It is always interesting for me. And in this way we will know each other better. I live with my mom. We live in a one room apartment. My mother is a very kind, sweet, helpful woman. She is respected at her job. She has been always been my best friend. And we always understand each other. I love my mom very much. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was a small girl. can you tell me about your parents. It is very interesting. My mother and I like to cook together. She taught me many recipes of dishes. I am very good at making different salads, meat dishes, soups and many others. My work requires much time. But I am fond of my profession. I want to continue doing my job. I wrote about it to you. Now I am looking through several offers of working in kindergartens in your country. A few kindergartens offered me a job.
But firstly I want to see them. And only then choose the best option for me. I think this is right. Do you agree? But now it is early to speak about it. I really hope to see you some day)…And you can give a good advice) . Hope you enjoyed reading my message. I feel our correspondence is good and it will continue further. I am waiting for your answer. Your Elena!