Scam letter(s) from Rebecca Asare to Howard (Israel)

Letter 1
Hi Mr Howard,
I do understand it's not easy coming up with the funds . But, making the payments bit by bit might make a diffrrence . Please consider this .
Letter 2
Greetings Mr Howard,
I hope you are in the right frame of mind this morning . It's been quite a while since we ( you and i ) got in touch . Just curious to know you status about Ms Rebecca . She made an advanced payment of $300+ not 6 hours ago and the rest is still yet to be paid off . Any assistance on your end might help speed up the process of her clearance .
Thank you for your time Mr Howard .
Letter 3
Hi Mr Howard,
She will be free to leave without any delay ASA she's cleared . I'll make sure of that .
Letter 4

Hi Mr Howard,
Thanks for your reply . I know the funds ( in your opinion ) is difficult to raise but that is the very best i can offer . If my superiors learns of this ( that i "cut" the price for clearance + charges ), i'm sure it will not be easy . i urge you to take all the time you need to raise the funds for Ms Rebecca ( as she is also trying all she can ) but the sooner the funds are received the better ( No Pressure ) .
Thank you for your time.
Letter 5
Hi Mr Howard,
Thank you for your email. Like i said in my previous email, i am only doing my possible best to make sure Ms Rebecca leaves for the states and that is why i "cut" down the price for her clearance to 5k.
In truth, if i had went through the proper channels, Ms Rebecca is to pay a huge sum of One hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($150,000) because of the gravity of the offence ( travelling outside the country with gold ) and the worth of the gold itself ( over $1,000000 ).
So Mr Howard, i have decided to take matters into my own hands ( at the expense of my job ) to make sure she ( Ms Rebecca ) leaves for the state ASAP . 5K is a good deal to make that happen.
Thank you once again Mr Howard for your time and patience. Kind Regards,
Mr. Nerus N
Office of the customs,
Presidential castle,
Lagos- Nigeria.
Letter 6
Hi Howard,
This is to confirm receipt of your email. Believe me when i tell you, this do not ( in any way / manner ) give us any joy . We are only doing our work and if you do your research, you will find out there is not job opportunity out here so we try our possible best to do our job ( effectively ).
I actually considered Ms Rebecca, her items were worth more than 5k but due to her condition and i have also seen the goodness / kindness in her, i decided to "cut" down the price for her clearance ( at my own risk ).
So please, do bear with us and i promise to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure Ms Rebecca leaves for the states ASA she's cleared.
Thank you Mr Howard for your time and patience . Kind Regards,
Mr. Nerus N
Office of the customs,
Presidential castle,
Lagos- Nigeria.
Letter 7

PRESIDENTIAL CASTLE,HIGH STREET. ATTN Howard, This is to bring to your notice that we ( the custom officials ) just confirmed payment of MONEY GRAM sent on behalf of one Miss Rebecca Asare.
We also regret to inform you that the amount sent ( One thousand, one hundred and fifty US dollars ($1,150) ) is not the agreed amount required to clear Miss Rebecca and her items/packages.
The total sum we have in hand is : ( One thousand, five hundred and fifty US dollars ( $1550 ) ) including charges. DETAILS
$400 - Received from : Miss Rebecca Asare
$200 - Received from : Mr Howard
$950 - Received from : Miss Rebecca Asare Total in hand : $1,550. The supposed amount is : ( Five thousand, five hundred and fifty US dollars ( $5,550 ) ) . This charge is a necessary precaution to enable us ensure the safety of Miss Rebecca Asare and her items / packages ( which was/is termed "contraband" ). The remaining fund needed is : ( Four thousand US dollars ( $4,000 ) ) before she ( Miss Rebecca ) and her items/packages will be cleared for departure to the states.
You are receiving this e-mail because Miss Rebecca stated you ( Howard White ) as her Referee / Next Of Kin ( NOK ).
We please urge you to do everything in your power to assist Miss Rebecca Asare so she can be cleared ASAP. We are not sure if you already know this, but Miss Rebecca's health condition is REALLY bad as we have to take her in for medical check-ups only to find out that she should be best examined/treated in the states ( which can be only when she is cleared for departure ) .
Thank you Mr. Howard for taking your time to read through this and we do hope to hear from you ASAP. Kind Regards,
Mr. Nerus N
Office of the customs,
Presidential castle,
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