Romance scam letter(s) from Irina to Dario (Australia)
Letter 1
Hi! My name Irina.I live in Russia in the city of Penza, he is from the city of Moscow at a distance of 618 kilometers. Getting on the Internet now is popular worldwide. I have long hesitated to use the Internet for dating. But after my girlfriend found a good guy through the internet, I decided to try it. Where I live now - not the best place to live and create family. But even in a country I can do himself a good living. I love working, I have a family, and I want to have a better life with good man whom I love as well as he will love me. I am a woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I'm not spoiled by easy and carefree life. I looked your profile on the Internet, and you caught my attention. We could get to know each other better. I would also like to draw your attention, and therefore today I will not write very much. I'll just say now that I am 28 years old.
My height is 173 centimeters. My weight is 51 kilograms. I have in this life everything except family and love. Now when I achieved a lot in my work and life, I want to create my family. I'm not a poor woman.
I belong to the middle class in Russia. I have a good job, and I mean good money for their stay in Russia. Besides I am rich spiritually. I hope you can look at my pictures I sent you. Looking forward, Irina.
I hope you'll like them.
P.S. I hope you write me, but if you do not want to write me, I beg you to tell me directly about this and I could continue my search. I hope that you enjoy my pictures.
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