Scam letter(s) from Galina to Leo (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend!
I am Galina.
Sorry to bother you I would like to get aquainted but I hesitate to make it first.
I have never down this way and feel cheap. I am 28. I am looking for faithful friend and reliable man to be together.
I am very sincere and sociable person and have a lot of interests. I like to ski, skate and swim. Also I dance a little.
My family are mom,dad and brother. I love them all.
I do not have bad habits. A glass of wine at dinner is all I can afford.
I live in Russia. Saint Petersburg is my city. It is very beautiful!
My last relationships ended bad.
Therefore I have decided to find my man abroad via Internet. Respect and trust are the most important things that I am looking for in my life partner. I really would like to find myman to spend the rest of my life.
I think it is enough for the first time. My foto is below. Write me your answer. Hope see your answer. Take care. Galina
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