Scam letter(s) from Irina to Laurence (England)

Letter 1
Ciao Laurence!
Sono molto contento che hai risposto al mio messaggio . Voglio parlare un po 'di me .
Il mio nome completo e Irina . Il mio nome breve Ira . E possibile chiamare me niente di tutto questo :) Devo dire , io vivo in Russia . ** fatto un altro paese sul sito per errore .
Il sito mi indico un paese dove mi piacerebbe incontrare un uomo . Ma si e scoperto che questo paese e come delineata nel mio profilo.
allora non sapevo come risolvere il problema . Spero che tu non sei troppo delusi . Mi piacerebbe arrivare a conoscersi meglio ;) Spero che questo e un desiderio comune ? ** 36 anni . La mia altezza e di 171 centimetri . Il mio peso e di 55 kg . Io vivo in Vereshchagino .
Questa regione di Perm Krai di Russia. Avete mai sentito parlare di questo ? Lavoro logopedista .
La mia famiglia e piccola, la madre e la sorella . I allegro , gentile , simpatica ragazza . Non ** cattive abitudini .
Potrei dirvi molto su di te . Ma io non so esattamente cosa sara interessante per voi .
quindi sto aspettando le vostre domande , se siete interessati a qualcosa :) . Si puo chiedere di tutto . Saro lieto di rispondere .
Sto cercando un uomo che vuole una relazione seria . i miei tentativi di trovare la tua anima gemella in Russia ha portato delusione ripetuta ...
Spero che tu fossi interessato a leggere la mia lettera.
Attendo con ansia la tua risposta :)
Irina .
Letter 2
Hello Laurence!
I am very happy to receive your letter:). I hope that you liked to learn a little about me. It is very pleasant to me that you decided to continue our communication. For me it in a novelty.
Thanks for your compliments. I am glad to hear that you liked my photos. As you can send your photos for me? Yes, I can speak and write in English. Why you spoke so a little about you? I ask you to speak about everything in more detail. Tell me about the family, work, hobbies. It will be interesting to me to learn about you more. Today I will tell you more. I live in the small city of Vereshchagino, Perm Krai the region of Russia. These are about 1300 kilometers from Moscow.
I work as the logopedist in the medical center. I help people to correct their wrong diction or their wrong pronunciation. It is necessary to communicate with people much. I sociable. I like to help to people to solve their problems with speech. All of them are very grateful upon termination of our course.
I like my work, fellow workers treat me kindly. We have a friendly staff.
From my family I have mother and sister. My mother 57 years old, she is a pensioner. It worked all life the designer at plant. Now does household chores also the help to my sister (Mariya) in education of her son. As you already understood, I have elder sister. She is 39 years old. half a year ago she gave birth to the first-born. The kid was called by Boris. Sister married also is very happy in marriage. I am very glad for it. I have good relations with my sister:).
I very much love my mother and the sister. It as though they were the best friends. Often we can spend time together and discuss about everything.
When I told them about that that I want to try to find the love on the international dating site, then they completely supported me.
The matter is that I have the friend which now lives in Poland in the city of Krakow. Snezhanna her name. Earlier she lived in Russia.
It was lonely and could not find correct man for it. She wanted the long and serious relations. But she could not receive it with men from Russia. Therefore Snezhanna decided to try the relations on the Internet. After some time she got acquainted with man from Poland.
I remember as far as it was happy when she told me about it! :) Snezhanna spoke that now she met man who completely understands it and she would like to try to build the relations with it. Now it already there passed one year as my friend lives in Poland with her man.
They got married and now my friend is going to have a baby! :) I am very happy for them. With the girlfriend we often speak on an e-mail and by phone.
I had unsuccessful experiences of relations with men in Russia. Now I am lonely and my friend know about it.
She advised to me to try to get acquainted with men on the Internet. Recently I decided to try it.
I do not know it will be possible to meet on the Internet correct man for me. But nevertheless I do not lose hope.
I use the laptop from my work what to write to you. Sometimes my boss on work allows to take me the laptop home.
I have the old computer of the house. And it works badly. I understand that would be possible it is simpler to speak by phone. But now we are a little familiar and it would be big constraint for me what to speak by phone. Therefore now for me will communicate and learn more conveniently about you through an e-mail.
I well know English. I can read and write. I studied English still earlier when went to school.
Then I continued studying at university of my city. I hope that it will not be a problem for you what to understand my letters.
I will send you a photo of my family. I hope that these photos will be pleasant to you :) Tell about your family, about your relatives. what at you with them the relations?
It is interesting to me to learn about you as much as possible, your interests, than you are fond, what do in free time?
And certainly me very much interests, what your purpose of search on this site?
with impatience I wait for your early reply on my letter! :) Irina.
Letter 3
Hello Laurence!
It is very pleasant to me to continue our acquaintance! I hope it mutually ;) How are you? What weather there? I received your photos. Thanks for your good photos. I liked your photos. You are the nice man. Thanks for your compliments. It is pleasant to me to know that you liked my photos. I read about your family, I hope all of them go well.
I did not speak to you about my father earlier. But now I think that came to tell time to you. My father died 4 years ago. He was police officer.
Once, when my father was on work, then in police the message arrived that the dangerous criminal was locked in the apartment and had the hostage of his small son.
My father with other policemen left on a crime scene. The criminal appeared is armed. In detention attempt, the criminal is started to shoot and it wounded my father. Earlier was very serious. My father was urgently delivered in the next hospital. Doctors could not help it. Later in hospital my father died.
It was big loss for our family. For me the father was an ideal of the real man. It was very courageous, clever, careful, understanding man. He very much loved my mother!
Always I wanted that my man was like my father. But my searches correctly men were unsuccessful. Earlier I had the long relations with the man. We were together about 5 years.
It was called by Eduard. It was 46 years. It was much more senior than me. But it did not matter for me. We loved each other and cost the big plan for our future. We wanted to get married. Health of Eduard was bad. It had an illness with his heart and accepted treatment in hospital. I knew about everything. I loved it and trusted for the best.
Once in the morning I woke up and found that he does not breathe. I called at once hospital. When doctors arrived, then they told that it there was a heart attack.
Already they could not help it. After death of Eduard I long time was lonely. I became reserved and more and more often spent time alone.
This loss left a big scar on my heart. After two years of loneliness I solved that again ready to try the relation with men.
I tried to get acquainted in a bar and in a disco. After some time, I met the man. I was very glad and our relations developed well.
But then it had a problem on its work and was dismissed. I tried to support it in any way. But everything was useless. He started to drink a lot of alcohol.
And he did not want to work. He wanted to be at home and I should work one. I disagreed for this purpose and it became the reason for many quarrels.
I decided to stop these relations. Then I met other man. It was very nice, young, perspective men.
It had good work and the car. Always it was very attentive, careful and gentle with me. I thought that here it is happiness and at last I met the correct man! But my expectations were a mistake. Once he forgot its mobile phone of the house. Then it was sonorous for its phone.
I answered a call and there was a female voice. I asked who that woman and why she calls. But she did not answer me and hung up.
I checked the SMS correspondence in phone and saw messages from other woman. She called him darling. spoke that misses and described the ****** moments.
I was shocked for this purpose. It was as though **** a knife in my back. Then I asked it about it. He admitted that deceived me and asked to forgive him. But I could not forgive him. I do not love if who or plays my feelings. I stopped the relations. I very much was disappointed in Russian men. Now I lonely already almost in a current of a half of year.
I knew that my friend of Snezhanna met the man from the friend of the country. As advised to me to use the Internet to get acquainted with men. And I decided to try. I hope that it will help me to meet the correct man.
Now there is some information on me. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I like to go in for sports. Always I try to find time for it.
Every week I visit a gym. It very much is pleasant to me. In the winter I like to slide on skates or skis. In the summer I can make run in park, driving on a bicycle, tennis, beach volleyball. When I was a child, then I visited swimming section. I did swimming much.
You go in for sports often? What sports to be pleasant to you?
In free time I like to do walks in the open air, to meet my friends, to go to cafe, a bar, the cinema or a disco to be at home behind reading books or to watch movies on my dvd.
I live with my mother and my sister lives in the next house near to us. Often with mother we can visit the sister and share all news.
What do you like to do in your free time? I hope that to you you know me even more well. I very much hope to continue to learn about you.
On it I want to finish my letter. I will wait your news.
Letter 4

Hello Laurence!
I received your letter. It is very pleasant to me to continue our communication. I read about your mother. I hope your mother will be it becomes easier, it will well go. I am glad that my photos please your eyes. I hope once, you can play for me a guitar. It is so romantic:). Today I will tell a little more on myself. In free time I like to watch movies, listen to music. From films I like comedies, adventure films, historical, documentary and romantic. My most favourite films: "Beach" with Leonardo dicaprio, "Bodyguard", is pleasant to me a love story of protagonists. But my most favourite film is Hatico.
The film about devotion of a dog as far as they are devoted to the owner! Sometimes people should study sometimes at such animals :) What films to you are pleasant?
From music I prefer pop and rock. Such known performers as Madonna, christina aguilera, lara fabian, Whitney Houston. My most favourite song Lara Fabian "Je t'aime".
Music to me helps to relax. To distract from work and daily vanity. Music cheers me up, helps to remember the pleasant moments from my life.
As it helps to do some affairs on the house in dance!:) I like to dance when I hear good music!
Time after work often I carry out houses. I very much can cook, be cleaned at home. housework does not frighten me! Still when I was a child, then mother taught me that at home there should be a purity and an order. As she taught me to cook. My favourite Russian dish is borsh, pelmeni, plov, various salads. You sometime heard about it? It is very tasty!
I am more house. I spend much time at home. In mine a weekend I can spend time with my friends. Together we can go to cafe, or cinema or i?icoi to walk in park.
I like walks in park and heart-to-heart talks. I think that I am the cheerful, open, kind, sociable, careful woman. What do you think of me?
I love animals. I did not speak to you that I have a cat? Djina her name. She is 3 years old. Djina is there was a gift from my friend of Olga. Once her cat gave birth to kittens.
And one kitten she presented to me :) Since then I and Djina we live together! She very tender also likes to play! When I come home, then always she meets me.
We together watch various movies :) When I go to bed, she always sleeps near me! Very much misses, while I am not present the house. In this letter I sent for you Djina photo.
I hope that to you will be interesting to see it. I with impatience will wait your letter.
Letter 5
Hello Laurence!
I received your letter. Very much it is pleasant to me that our acquaintance goes successfully! :) I like to receive your letters and to learn even more about you.
I heard about this singer. But I had no possibility to listen to it. I will try to find its songs and to listen. It is pleasant to me to know that our tastes slightly coincide in films and music. I think that at you you well manage to be cooked. I hope once I will try to cook for you. I think to you it it will be pleasant. I think that your second work goes to you on advantage. I think it will well go. It is pleasant to me to receive from you compliments. Thanks for it. As it is a pity to me to hear about your cat. Loss of a pet for me too there would be a great grief.
Today I want to tell about the friends. I have two best friends. One of them is Snezhanna, I told you about it earlier. We got acquainted when I was still a child. We studied at one school together. Now she lives in Poland therefore we communicate seldom. Sometimes it comes to Russia to visit her family and friends.
Snezhanna was very popular girl among men. But always she told me that it not happy with men with which it concerned.
It had high requirements to men. She always tried to find for herself the handsome, clever, strong, rich man. But nevertheless it remained lonely.
My requirements were less high. I only wanted that the man could understand, love, respect me and to be honest. It for me was more important for me.
Once she to me told that got acquainted with the man from Poland on the Internet. I could not believe that such is possible! She told that acquaintances on the Internet very popular in Europe and it is a good way to get acquainted with the man from other country. Already in a current of the whole year she lives in Poland with her husband. She speaks that has happy life.
I am glad for it :) We often we speak through email. My second friend, is Olga. As I spoke to you about it. She presented to me Djina. As I know it from the childhood. We lived in the next houses. I have good communication with Olga. We like to spend time together, to go to cafe, cinema or to do walks and heart-to-heart talks. With it we can absolutely speak about everything. She always understands me. I can always ask its council. Olga has the husband and the son. Her husband works as the mechanic. Olga works as the tutor in kindergarten.
I have many acquaintances, but the best friends I can call only Olga and Snezhanna. I consider that friends cannot be much. For me my friends the most honest and understanding.
I trust for them and always I listen to their council. I do not love lie and deception. I love honest and open people. What concerning you? You have many friends?
Once there was a case on my work. To me the family came. Their child, could not talk well, it had problems with a pronunciation of many words. I carried out many occupations with it what to correct his speech. We were engaged in a current of 4 months. Results appeared not at once. It was difficult to child to study, but he tried. Passed time, Anton already spoke well :) His family was very grateful for me. Since then we adjusted good communication. Their family often calls me on a visit for a cup of tea, invite me in joint picnic outdoors or cafe. They are good people and it is interesting to me to communicate with them. I very much like to write for you and to learn many moments about you and your life.
I think that the more I recognize you, the I become closer to you. I hope our acquaintance will become closer. It is a pity to me because now you is far from me.
I think that if you in my city, then I would like to meet you already today or tomorrow! But in far from me. Nevertheless I hope that to me is possible to meet once you and to get acquainted in real life! :) I with impatience will wait your letter.
Letter 6
Hello my darling Laurence!
Excuse me, if not to be pleasant to you it, but after ours with you communication, now I would like to call you exactly so - my darling... :) I am very glad to read your letter, I very much waited it. Thanks for your compliments. I am glad to hear that you liked my photos. I hope your sons go well. You have a photo with them? I want to see it. I hope your younger son successfully will graduate from the university. Earlier I spoke to you that I can not use Skype.
Your birthday very soon. My birthday on September 1. In the first day of autumn:). Yesterday I spoke with the mother. She is very attentive woman. She told that during the last days my behavior exchanged.
I was a little surprised to hear it! As it became clear then, yesterday my sister and mother discussed me. They noticed that I constantly go with good mood, I smile, I joke, the smile does not descend from my person:).
My sister of the story to mother that I have communication with you on the Internet!
Mother says that my acquaintance to you positively to influence me and my mood. And it is valid, When I receive your letter, at me is cheered up, and that or is not capable to spoil my mood then the whole day:) And it very much to be pleasant for me!
Mother speaks that sees, ours with you communication for me very valuably and brings big pleasure. Yesterday I spoke with mother about you. About us as a whole.
We spoke about that that if at me with you everything is mutual, and we will want that or ****** than communication on the Internet is simple. Then she understands that we will want to be to meet each other.
Mother speaks that she wishes only the best for me. She speaks that if I is happy, she will be very glad. Mother for fun said that she already thought as with me will communicate. To be necessary to buy the computer.
And then she should learn to own the computer, to master programs for communication:) But all this will be for it the most pleasant efforts because she will know, her daughter is happy and is in reliable hands:) When we discuss ours of communication I tell to mother about any details which I learn from your letters. These details show me all your gravity and responsibility. I constantly think of you. And these thoughts do the world round me warmer... :) I Hope that it is mutual. I would like to speak with you by phone.
+79222437009-it is number of my phone. I know if my phone can accept trunk calls.
As I ask you to give your phone number for me. Then I will try to call you.
I hope that we can speak by phone already soon. With impatience I wait for your answer! Yours Irina.
Letter 7
Hello my darling Laurence!
I with impatience waited for your letter. Always I think of everything that you speak in your letter. I received your phone number. I will try to you in a current of the next several days. It is a pity to me to hear that your last relations were unsuccessful. I think that you are the strong man and can forget it. I am sure of that that you will cope with it! Thanks for your compliments. I am glad that you like my photos. I received a photo of your sons. I am glad to see it. I hope once you me will acquaint with them. You sent me the SMS? I did not receive any messages. Time difference between us 6 hours. My time earlier from yours.
When I wrote you for the first time, I was not of anything is sure and did not know, how everything will develop for us. But looking at things now, I can rejoice only.
I chose you is one of my best decisions! :) your letters give me pleasure and in my life leave only iridescent memoirs. Yesterday when I came back after work, then I decided to go through park.
There I saw some loving couples. I saw that they held their hands together, smiled and talked.
I presented as though as I could walk with you in park! :) I would like it. As you would like it?
If I once doubted, now all differently. Now I think that I did not want, to leave you and I will not allow you to leave. You are very cool for me.
I want that you knew about it. I do not argue that it is love between us. I think that the love demands more time. But I want that it there was a love between us in the future.
I forget about distance. It is pleasant to me to think that you think of me, wait for my letter. I try not to notice distances which as if the abyss separates us.
I want our meeting and I will continue to wait and hope that once it happens. Happen visit thoughts … «Why I chose you? There should be this my heart prompted me a right choice. :) I do not know as you will understand this letter. But if I did not write all this, then I would regret for it. I do not want to hide my feelings.
I want to speak with you openly about everything and the nobility that you understand me. In this letter I sent for you some photos from my last vacation. Then I visited Anapa. This Black Sea a resort in Russia.
I love the sea, the sun and sand. Probably once we will go for rest to the sea together? :) With big impatience I will wait your letter.
Kiss. Your Irina.
Letter 8
Hello my darling Laurence!
I am very glad to receive your letter. What weather there? How you feel? I hope that at you everything is good. You sent me the SMS? I did not receive any message. I gave you the correct my phone number. Probably simply my phone cannot accept the international calls and messages. I think that independently could call for you from public telephone booth of my city. You can give me the phone number?
As I am very glad that you speak with me openly. Honesty, for me it is very important, without honesty there can be no reciprocity.
Today I visited the sister. We drank tea and well talked. She asked me about work, as my affairs. Asked about my health and as ours develops with you communication. I told it about our letters, the feelings from our communication.
I shared with it a secret, about that that very much I want with you to meet. Marya completely supported me in this desire. The sister told that we with you deserve happiness and even if on our way there will be any difficulties, we should understand that all this only tests for ways to the big happy future! And these her words charged me strong positive energy and gave big hope for my heart. now I am not afraid of anything and I am sure that together to us is possible to cope with any difficulties. My darling, you agree with me? Also we remembered about my friend of Snezhanna. About it I wrote to you earlier. It found the love with the help the Internet. She got acquainted with the man and at them feelings each other flashed. It went to it to Poland. Already passed the whole year as they live together. Snezhanna will have a child soon! :) It is very happy.
Remembering Snezhanna, the sister told that will be possible at me a similar case. Probably you also are my half which I so long could not find! After that we sat still for a long time and talked. Remembered our childhood. In the childhood I constantly asked it for suggestions. It always helped me and that advised that. Marya as my best friend. I with it the same as with my friends, can share secrets. She will always listen to me, will help and will prompt!
After I sat and thought of you. I represented that you do, of what think. There can be during the same moment you thought of me. It would be very pleasant to me. :) Today I thought almost whole day of you. When woke up, I presented, as it would be good to wake up and see you as you smile to me as you look at me. All these thoughts fill my day with absolute happiness:) On the other hand I understand, you is now far from me. But it not strongly upsets me. Once, we will meet you, it gives hope!
I very much wait for your answer and I hope that it will be mutual:) I kiss you, your Irina.
Letter 9
Hello my darling Laurence!
I received your letter. How you today? I hope that at you everything is good. I was glad to speak with you by phone. I liked your voice:) I am glad to receive number of your home telephone number.
I received a photo of your sons. I liked to see it. I am glad that you have good relations with their girlfriends. I hope once you can acquaint me with the sons. The photo which I sent you, were made quite recently. You are surprised that in Russia by a lot of snow?
I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell to you in this letter. It is so strange and pleasant, when I waken in the mornings and I go to bed at night, then you suffice to me. I began to think of you constantly. When I walk in park, then I notice enamoured couples which go holding hands. I very much would like to present us together and to take your hand, and it is simple to go nearby. For me it already would be happiness:) At night I cannot long fall asleep. I think of you. I represent us together as we together walked, talked, as would look at each other.
Even colleagues on my work, started to notice that in me that that changed. One of them asked me, what with me happened, what occurred and why I look so happy in a current of these days? :). I told that I do not understand about what it speaks. She told that she started to notice that in recent days at me constantly good mood, I often smile, I joke. She asked what reason for all this?! I told for it that got acquainted with you. I told it story of my acquaintance to you, about ours communication. I told it that you very much are pleasant to me and that I managed to get used to you:) Svetlana told that is very glad for me and wishes me with you the good future. I thanked her from us two:) Caught yourself on thought that with each line of the letter our separation everything decreases and becomes closer that happy moment when you can embrace me. And then I can tell to you, how long I waited for this moment. On my work I learned that I will receive vacation already soon. I very much was delighted about it! I waited to receive my vacation.
Now when I will have vacation, then I think that it would be good time for us to organize a meeting. Of what you think?
You want to meet me and to spend our days together? You want that every day we could begin together and please each other? :) I very much would like it.
I hope that you feel about everything like me. I will wait your following letter.
Gentle kiss. Your Irina.
Letter 10
Hello my love Laurence!
How you feel? How are you? I hope that at you everything is good. I hope your work will well pass.
I cannot describe that I feel in relation to you. I cannot simply pick up word which precisely would give my feelings. It is difficult to explain everything in the letter that I feel for you.
I feel as the little girl who falls in love for the first time :) At me there are butterflies in a stomach. This similar feeling for you?
I as though for the first time that feel that, I do not know that with all this to do. I very much want that you were near me. But I understand that now you is far from me. I want to feel your warm embraces, to look in your eyes, to understand that I to you is necessary.
I have good news! Earlier already I did inquiry on my work for receiving vacation. Now I spoke with the chief and learned that they will be in 3 weeks! I will receive 1 month of vacation.
I will be very happy to visit your country and to be your guest. Certainly, if you is do not object?! :) my love, you are glad to it? You want that I would arrive to you on my vacation?
I consider that our correspondence, it only the beginning of the relations. The meeting in real life should be logic continuation of our acquaintance. I think that my vacation will promote advance of our relations. Our relations move ahead everything further every day. I consider that my vacation will promote improvement of our feelings to each other and to strengthening of our relations. About what you think of it? I love you. I always think of you. I will wait your letter.
Letter 11
Hello my love Laurence!
I am very glad that already very soon I can visit you! :) I cannot take pleasure in that feeling that soon you I will see that I will be in your embraces.
I as want to feel you nearby. I want that all our dreams came true.
My vacation will begin already soon. I very much would like to see where do you live, your house to get acquainted with your friends and a family. I would like to become a part of your life for the period of our meeting.
Then every day we can begin together, go where or and to do everything together! You would like it? I understand that probably you will continue to work when I will arrive. But it do not do a problem for me. I will be glad to any time which I will lead with you.
Now the "hottest" time begins:) It is necessary to manage to make a lot of things prior to the beginning of my vacation! It is necessary to collect all necessary documents. It is necessary to solve all incomplete affairs on work.
My vacation will last 30 days. I think that this time should suffice us for this purpose what to make the first impression about each other. It will be very useful time for development of our joint future. After all not for nothing say that one hour of live communication can give more than hundreds letters and a photo! :) We can see off at this time together, talk, do that that in common. I think we will find than to be engaged. I will see you and your life the eyes. As also you can recognize me in an everyday life. It will promote development of our further relations. I think that it will do only good, on improvement of our feelings.
You can show me everything about what told earlier in the letters. I can take pleasure in the same look that you see every day, it will allow me to be closer, to understand for you you more. I think that we very much will have a good time together. My angel, you agree with it?! :) I have some questions and I ask you you to answer me. What is the time I could remain with you? How is the weather there at this time? What does your family think of my arrival?
What name of the next airport international airport there?
I send you a big kiss! I wait your letter.
Letter 12
Hello my love Laurence!
I very much missed you. How are you? That you did today? Thanks to you because you answered questions of my letter. It was important for me to learn.
As I think that I can not wait that moment when I can be near you and will take pleasure in your love to me.
At me for you there are a lot of news. Today there was very busy day. At 16 o'clock I appointed a meeting in travel agency.
Therefore I had to transfer all occupations from the second half of day on the first half. So from 8 o'clock in the morning and till 14 o'clock I continuously worked. It was enough difficult to learn children of 6 hours:) After the completion of all occupations, I have dinner and hastened in travel agency. But also there everything was long enough. There was a turn and as a result of me accepted with delay 30 minutes.
But now I can tell with quiet soul to you about all good news:) I signed the contract on paperwork and from now on we can already begin a countdown to our meeting:) Approximately after 10 days I on hands will have all documents. It is the visa, the passport to trips abroad an insurance and some more references without which it is impossible to leave the abroad.
All package of documents costs 384 euros. Today I paid starting advance payment - 70 euros. In a current of the next few 5 days I should pay remained a part of money.
I will receive them as holiday payment. To me it will give out. As soon as I will receive it I at once I will pay the remained sum.
So already less than in 3 weeks I can enjoy your company. I am very glad to it. I am happy as the child, I am ready to jump, skip for pleasure. You are glad to this news?
You are happy with that news that absolutely slightly remained to our meeting. I cannot believe to these that it was necessary to wait a little.
I cannot wait our meeting any more. But the meeting is more joyful than subjects, the love is stronger than subjects, I am happier than subjects.
I will wait your letter.
Letter 13
My love Laurence...
I do not know as to begin this letter. Words do not go to me to the head, thoughts are confused.
But I should try to formulate my situation.
As you already understand, there are bad news. I was not given out holiday payment...
Today I came to work with intention to take away money and at once to carry them in travel agency and to settle an account for documents. But I was invited to itself by the chief. He told me that cannot pay now to me the sum which should make my holiday payment. He explained it to that now there is a recalculation and money did not arrive yet in accounts department.
For me it became shock, the tragedy... I cried directly in a director's office. I do not know what to do now... I planned all the money to spend for holiday for fee of travel agency. Now I have nothing to pay, and already tomorrow I need to go to travel agency. I cannot believe that in a flash everything so turned over...
My treasure, I very much ask you, do not turn away from me.
I will fight. Tell, you with me in this fight? You will not leave me at the first problem?
I will try to find the necessary sum to pay the visa. Now I will collect the thoughts and I will start to fight. I will ask all the acquaintances about the help, I will talk to all acquaintances. I never asked before nothing, but for the sake of our meeting I will forget about all the principles. I have now one purpose - to find this money and to close this problem.
Your encouragement is very necessary to me. I hope, you will not turn away from me because all that I do, all this for the sake of us. For me there is no any more a word "I". There is only a word "we". I am sure that together we will surely consult with all difficulties. At us everything will be good, I trust in it, native mine. I strong, and with your support am even stronger. Nothing can prevent to be to us happy. I trust that despite of everything we will be happy together!
Once again excuse for such letter. I understand that it not that that you expected to receive from me today. But I hope that will be farther better.
I love you! You are very necessary to me! I kiss you, Irina.
Letter 14
Hello my love Laurence. There is no letter from you today. At you everything is good? I worry about you. I hope that you will answer soon to me.
Letter 15
Laurence, really you think that I want to steal your money? I am not the little girl to play with you. I am 36 years old and I very much value my life. You know as theft in Russia is punished?
People who steal money here - go to prison. You think that I want to go to prison?? You think that I have nothing to make more as though to go on the Internet and to deceive men?
I look for my happiness. I want to find the correct man for me. Now when I met you, then I think you that man whom I want for my life. I am not going to deceive you.
I send for you a photo with my Russian passport as the proof of my honesty. It is the serious document in Russia. It is possible to learn a lot of things about me if you have this document.
But I trust for you and I am not afraid to show it. I love you and I hope that we can organize our meeting soon.
I will wait your letter.
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