Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgopolova to Andris (Latvia)

Letter 1
Hello, Andris! I am very pleased to be able to communicate with you.
In his first letter, I want to write you a small piece of information that will allow you to get to know me better. It's like a brief biography :) I hope you will be interested in reading it. So. Let's start :) My name is Olga. My surname Dolgopolova. My date of birth 29.05.1984. I was born and live in Ukraine, in the small town of Severodonetsk. My height is 1.70 in height. My weight is 53 kg. I was not married. I do not have kids, but I would like to have their children. I have a mom, dad and younger brother. I do not live with their parents, although they did not want me to leave them. Now I live in a rented apartment, in the same city - Severodonetsk. For myself, I decided to stop being dependent on their parents, because they have done so much for me in this life. Of course in my spare time I visit my parents. I have a high school education. By profession I am a manager, but I work as a cook in Ukrainian restaurant chain (Italian and Japanese cuisine). I really like to cook, this is a kind of art. I like different foods, not just national. I love to experiment with cooking.
To be honest, I regret that I did not go to learn cooking initially.
Sometimes I visit various master classes from professional chefs, so my knowledge in this area are increasing. Cooking gives me great pleasure. Even though I worked as a cook and I love to cook, I eat a little :)
Sometimes I stick to certain diets. Visit pilates. If possible, run in the mornings in the park. Generally lead a healthy lifestyle :) I do not smoke. I admit, sometimes I can afford to drink a good glass of wine (only for a great holiday or a romantic evening). I love watching romantic, educational and comedy movies. Read interesting books, play volleyball, listen to different music genres. As you know, I'm so uneasy registered on a dating site. I am serious, and most importantly a real relationship! Now, this is perhaps the most important task in life for me. Most of all I appreciate the honesty of the people. So let's be honest with each other! I wrote the basic information about yourself. I would like to know a little about you. Tell me, were you married? Do you have children? And the most important thing. You want a serious relationship? I would like to see your photos, of course, if it is possible. I look forward to your response. Perhaps in the future, your, Olga ;)
Letter 2
Hello, Andris! I thank you for your response to my letter. I was interested to read your letter. I am very pleased that you have shown interest in me! As you know, my intentions are more than serious. I wrote to you that I am in search of serious and most importantly a real relationship. My dream - to find the one person who in the future would be my husband, my soul mate. I'm looking for an honest, caring, reliable man. Who decided not just to flirt online. Create a friendly and close-knit family in the real world. I'm extremely fond of children, but so far I do not have their own. Andris, unfortunately I've never been in your country. Now I would like to tell you a story. Relatively recently, I was running in the park in the morning, very tired and sat down to rest on the bench. Not far from me sat a few girls. One of them told the agency which provides services dating with foreign men. When I got home, I started thinking. Perhaps in my life have the opportunity to change things for the better and try to find love on the Internet. I would like to get acquainted with foreign men. This is due to the fact that they are much more decent and more romantic than our men.
I'm really serious. If need be, I am ready to learn the language. I also decided to go to such agency and this is my first step is to get acquainted with you! They helped me to find you, and also help with the translation of your and my letters . In fact , I even thank them for that. At the agency , I heard that many men react negatively to such agency , due to the fact a lot of scams on the internet. But I'm not like that! The fact is that I do not know English. Of course I could use the service "Google Translate", for example, but I do not have a computer. I also know that Internet cafes offer free Wi-Fi, but I do not have a device that supports this technology . So this is the only way to keep our communication. Services that I use, I pay. So do not worry about it ;) Probably at this time to finish his letter. Andris, i look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps in the future, your, Olga ;)
Letter 3
It is a pleasure to chat with you. I'm really comfortable communicating with you! I think that I can fully open to you. Andris, I love bath :) Now I would like to tell you a story about his my mother and his father. I hope you will be interested in reading it. The fact that my mom and dad got to know about as well as we do. They also met in the mail, not by email :) It was a long time ago. My father was in the army. My mom is working at a grocery store, which was not far from the military base where military service is my father. One day my father went to the store and saw my mother. He hesitated to go and meet her.
Mysterious way he could know what the name of my mother and where she reside! After that, he sent her a letter in which he told about himself. In the letter he sent his photo. My mom liked that approach, and she responded ... After dad finished military service, he came home and gave her a marriage proposal. In the end, I was born :) They are now retired and still happy and everything and love each other. I would like to meet you in reality! I have appeared to you a special feeling that I have not once did not feel up to this point! Your letters make my heart beat stronger! It's incredible! Maybe it's love!
I understand that we're new, but no other explanation for this I have not. Maybe it's fate? Andris, tell me what you think of romance? Do you like it? When I look at men in Ukraine, it seems to me that they do not know what it is!
Personally, I think that the relationship should be a romance.
Evening, candles, a delicious dinner, and then the hot tub... and your girl in **** lingerie... What do you say about this? :) Every word in this letter is a truly sincere. I wrote it just for you.
I believe that you are a serious person and that you do not play with me! I look forward to your next letter. Please comment on my photos. I am very interested in your opinion ;) Now I can write with confidence.
Only your, Olga ;)
Letter 4

thinking about the words that I wrote to you. It is unthinkable, but I can confidently tell you that I really fell in love with you! Our letters - is the foundation of our relationship! I feel comfortable to talk to you. It is a pleasure to read your letters.
When I go to sleep, you dream of me. When I wake up, I think about just you. You're settled in my heart! I want to meet with you in a reality that I could hug and kiss you for real! In the end, I want to make love to you! We met a week ago or a year ago - it does not matter. The important thing is that I'm feeling right now! I do not want to lose that good feeling of love! Yes, we are a little familiar! But I have the feeling that I've known you all my life. I want to continue our dialogue, but most of all I want our relationship grew into something more... During this short period of time you become more to me than just a companion. I love you unconditionally! Except you me nobody is unnecessary! I very much hope that our love is mutual. I want to be with you! I want to fall asleep and wake up with you in the same bed ... I want to hug you, kiss, caress... I will try to do everything to make you happy with me! I have to tell you the bad news. It is important that you know that.
Now my financial situation leaves much to be desired. I am no longer able to pay for our correspondence :( After this letter, my account is empty. Please do not think that I have decided to stop to chat with you! Just do not have the financial capabilities :( I would ask you to pay for our correspondence, but it is a bit awkward. I want you to know that my love for you is real! You're awakened in me a feeling of love and I thank you for that! Andris, i want you to know that I can not imagine my life without you!
You're the best I've ever had in my life! I want to be with you. I recorded a short video just for you! Only yours, Olga :(
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