Scam letter(s) from Lauren Ella Dern to Kevin (Canada)

Letter 1
Dearie, I can't wait to personally thank you for your help and support to get me home in time of need. Anyway that me when i was kept under intensive care while i was unconscious for hours in the hospital. Hospital personnel took the shot and it not really exciting. It such a freak out situation to run along with pics. Anyway Kevin... I just wanted you and the entire WORLD to know how much you mean to me. I know that in our current situation we dont get to talk as much as we like and we dont get to see each other as much as we want to. BUT, there is not one second or minute of EVERY day that you are not in my thoughts and my heart. I feel like I have already met you by the connection we have via emails and I just want a day when it's just you and I. I just want a day when my heart and soul will forever and for always belong to you. My heart NEEDS you, without you, there really is no point of my recent happiness. I want you like you'll never know. I want your entire heart and soul. I want to see your face. I want your love, I NEED your love. It hard to tell you how I feel, because you're pretty far from my reach. You have to know you're the one and only one I want, you're the perfect friend and I hope we can and be more than a friends. I could never ask for better then what we have had. I'm hoping you're feeling the same way because my heart is set on you and only you Kevin.. Anyway, I'll let you know as soon as im done with the booking, but it never gonna happen as quick as i thought, because im still awaiting the overall clearance requirement for passenger with recent related health issued. Lauren
Letter 2
Hi Dearie, I find this challenging and it was a huge inconvenience for reasons that requiring me to meet all requirements present in a certain amount of time. The airline mandate me having some considerable personal traveling allowance under self health-catering and voluntary imposed protocol. (SHCVP) It air transport protocol to make sure travel passengers with related health issue dont get stranded and become a liability, whereas when flight are delayed on air traffic disruptions regarding the weather issue and if the aircraft to fly on was stuck somewhere caused by severe weather or as of mechanical maintenance due on delays, like those have been facing or airport and flights impose upon airlines at the most capacity constrained airports is significantly. The require personal travel allowance of 2000 Euro is necessitated for health issued passenger. My ticket never get approved for boarding and is so frustrating and upsetting reason being without a traveler cheque neither a money order or an insured personal credit subject to a long layover/connect flight before my flight arrive Saskatoon.. I'm not paying the airline or anything and it personal pocket fare to travel with and I hope you understand it. They said it might not be require if i had travel health insurance on my plan. I'm not making use of it, it just something compulsory for safety health purpose. I'll return with all of it.. I dont have a clue of what u might think about this, just hoping for the good and the best to come. I can't stop thinking about you cause im dying to meet. Pls save my *** Kevin..
Letter 3
I'm so frustrating as I don't ever like asking u for further help because I don't want to admit to myself that I'll need it. At the same time, if I need help and once I can admit it to myself I will ask. The personal traveling in monetary amounts shown in dollars or euros are stated in terms of residual value used to determine the reissue booking of passenger with health related issue. For any given individual in US/Canada. The actual cash value or stated amount is 5,000 USD and European are 2000 Euros. Never bother to ask different out of curiosity. This might seem like a long amount of cash and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you dear, but it personal entity. I understand you want me back soon but the cash situation is out of my control now and been recently hospitalized here in critical condition making things strict as they are ensuring all safety measure is ensured before i can board. It was kind of tedious but I think the flight hours can soar out of control and the timing are brutal. I'm not spending it, nor meant for any payment or whatsoever and as you already know that I would return with it all. Could you please Moneygram the rest of the fund on time tonight... Lauren
Letter 4

Evening Sweetie, Firstmost, I wanna thank you for the understanding and most importantly the efforts you've been making to ensure i return home safe and sound. It really amaze me all time how fortunate I am at this period to have you there. Sorry for the inconvenience I've been causing between work and sending me funds because I understand you have to work, it a priority anyway. Well today has been good so far and im glad you atleast able to figured things out yesterday with the withdraw from the bank.. I wish by now im half way home because the whole situation got me nerve. I realized what might have happen if you have not been assisting me out. I thought about the stress i've been putting you through and I had to cried myself to sleep most nights. I felt i should always be grateful to you for ur understanding... I'm thankful though and i really appreciate for being there to assist me further. The items are with local custom and it duty has been paid for shipment on courier/plane or by myself.. Having done with that.. and I proceeds on booking up my flight, but you still got to western union 1250 E tonight took out of my travel fees for custom clearance payment.. I also wanna make a booking fee payment of 150 E. I'm pretty sure you gonna do it fo me Kevin which will finally put an end to the Athens chapter of my life. Thanks. Lauren
Letter 5
Sweetie.. I had a big break with the broker/custom agent today has regard the part of funds for my item clearance. I hope you can do this soon & solve this problem that we are in together. It been over a months since we started talking and I had put you through a lot of stress in covering up my financial instability. I'm proud of you and i know you'll be filled with jubilation once im actually on the plane home. I was starving through the whole of yesterday and today in tears not having eaten beyond 24 hours. I felt for the first time that I was truly in Athens adjusting to the way things were. Fear rushed over me like and I began freaking out. You really cant imagine the stress i had over convincing them with the advance payment, but the timely once again is a big set back. I guess it right time to update on this and seriously u just have to send me once more 800 euro after work.. I'd say it very unfair to let me down at this point and what goes around comes around always. But I can honestly say that a part of me wanted to be there with you.
Letter 6
Hi Sweetie, I couldnt get to email since last night.. I had a little feverish and some high body temperature which i have been expressing for past couple of days. Anyway I had to check in at a local hospital today and the doc advised me to stay away from the computer on late night basis. You know i have been keeping late night lately with u, so dear i just wish i can get over things here tomorrow and make my return home to be with u. So my dear just wondering how your day was? Mine was pretty much complete chaos at clinic today. It is all over me now that i need to just got home. There is not much more of my feelings that I want to express in writing I want to wait until we finally meet. Dearie as a matter of urgency dear. You could please westernunion me 500 euro at ur lunch break today. So I can clear things up with the airline as regard to my booking. Had incurred some little over time charges. Just left out of counter now.. I need it asap and I hope you having a pleasant and awesome day. Can't wait to hear back from you when you wake up in the morning.. Lauren.
Letter 7
Sweetie, I think of you all day long and I really dont wanna bother u with words of feeling cause i think we had shared enough. I just wanna see you and it all have been thinking about. I'm really looking forward to see you this weekend as i don't want to be lonely any more. I am fully ready to do anything and give our relationship all it takes to make it work and my greatest disappointment will be if we didn't get to get along. I want to start up a relationship with you Kevin.. and It's really fulfilling and breath taking writing you about some of my thoughts in the past weeks. Honey Have you ever walked along a beach or river and found a really cool shell or stone that was unique and different than any of the rest? It had that special sparkle or seemed to glow when you held and you just had to keep it? I guess that would be best describe me and what you have already found. I'm looking forward to a little simplicity of life with u. I believe in you because you are placed along the way to help and guide me. I have come to realized that we need each other and I will stand with you in the face of any adversary. Well, it feels like you are keeping a good mood waiting to hear how situation unfold here today. I hope this is truly the case over there with you dear. The airline is unsure and the uncertainty forecast of snows, mostly in USA and some part of Canada had every bound flight cancelled. So tell me what are your plans for the weekend? However, Dearie I had incurred little cash while having to visit the clinic and my upkeep nowadays isnt really fascinating. But I just want and if u can Westernunion 800 euros after work tonight because it so much needed on the last demurage payment and pls dont say NO. I just really need it and that why im asking for it. Pls make it happen dear.. Lauren.
Letter 8
Sweetie.. There go the flight itinerary for you. There was little issue for it delay which i was able to sort and it pretty good and im really grateful for your support and I really wish we can be more than a friend. Sorry it been a **** of day and i have to rest to prepare for my flight. Just a quick update.. I already did my items check in and have been issued a boarding pass. So everything is all good now with your antiques and all bumps in the road should be behind us. But you just gotta western union 1000 euros after work. I really need as substitute for personal travel fees.. Having paid used the initial on the custom clearance... I just cant do more further typing because it pretty late. I hope to get it from you before morning. See you soon Lauren.
Letter 9
Sweetie, I always have some soft of peace to message around this time here. You're the future awaiting me and im so sad im still in Athens with numerous problem. You know all I wanted was happiness. I took a chance with you and you have always been strong to make me happy. You've positively impacted me with enormous caring since we started talking.. It seems like a never ending cycle. We're both doing the best we can & that's all we can do. A few emails ago we spoke about having faith that eventually all this is going to work out. You have to keep your hopes up. I feel that we are very close to completing our goal & you should too. Remember all the beautiful words that we have had back & forth, keep the positive in your mind & we'll be fine together soon.. Have got a discount deal on the one way ticket home from Delta operation office. It may be a new ticket that I have to purchase relatively on discount.. Well have been on this since yesterday and could RIA me a 1000 euros tonight. I would definitely get a new ticket by morning.. I'll be happy to oblige and start this new friendship with you and build some trust enough to eventually meet and enjoy activities together. Pls get it to me asap cause I need to make an appointment booking. Lauren
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